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[IC] Rage Across the Delaware Valley- Werewolf: the Apocalypse

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  • "Last chance," she said, seething with rage as she glared down at Val. "Tell me who you are, or die."


    • Be prepared for an extraction. Move around to flank, get ready to try to tear some intestines out, just in case. I'm probably going to die. Here goes nothing...

      Jon took a deep breath. Then he took another. Once more, and then he strode out of the cover. The hulking beast of black fur moved towards Val, making eye contact with whoever he passed.

      "His name is Hadji Quest." Jon rolled his shoulders back and puffed his chest out, then turned once again to Val, "So, did you escape your cage, or did someone let you out?"

      Jon returned his gaze to the crowd, "I am Suffers-Fools, apparently. I assume Hadji here came with a message. Val, tell them the message." Jon brought his large, clawed hand and gripped Val by the back of the neck, "Second strike..." Jon started to return to his breed form, " more, Hadji, and I will personally gut you and feed you piece. by. piece to the Talons. Now tell them."

      Gift: Persuasion.
      Charisma (3) + Subterfuge (4) = Whatever gets rolled as Invisible Castle is on the blink again.
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      • Val gapes, staring at Jon.

        "What the hell are you..."

        He manages to reel his jaw in. Grimacing, he punches Jon in the arm.

        "You disgusting creature, what took you so long?"

        His face twists into snarl.

        "And I've already given her the bloody message. No one mentioned she was gonna be a lobotomy patient. Good lord, what the hell did I do to deserve this abuse? Ugh, next time Walks-The-Abyss can play messenger boy."

        Val looks at the irate woman, smiling sweetly.

        "This idiot was supposed to tell me how far behind the garou war party was."

        He nudges Jon in the ribs.

        "Can you believe this crazy chick? I come here, try to save her smelly hide, and she threatens to kill me! That's gratitude huh? I didn't dance the Black Spiral for this shit."

        His eyes go wide. Gasping, he clamps a hand over his mouth.

        "Oh, how rude of me, you wanted an introduction right? What is this, a Jane Austen novel? Ah, whatever."

        He bows deeply.

        "Narasimha-Vallabha, I'm from the same pack as Malakai, heard of him? He's pretty famous. This's Hollow Heart." He indicates Jon. Smiling, he leans in close to the woman.

        "We're dating," he whispers.
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        • Geoff looked at Scott and Echoes, then lowered his head toward the Red Talon, whispering. "Let's go around, find a way to flank them as he said. Work as a pack." He went back quickly to Scott, repeated himself, and looked for a way to attack the three Garous from rear.

          "And for my next trick" I said, "anvils!"


          • Scott isn't sure that this has anything to do with their objective, but it seems something to be concerned about. Still in lupus form, he follows Geoff quietly and cautiously.