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  • "It says its name is The Bug. It does not seem to want to answer questions about its master, but I suppose there is little we can do about it now."


    • *It's not that I don't want to, but I might get in trouble if I talk about The Creator. He is already mad at me.* says the little bug to Nahuel.


      • "The Bug.... That's not very descriptive name. Almost like a title. Would you like an actual name?"

        I write things.


        • *I do not think you could say my true name. It is K'rxx'zytl*tlz Mmv'babbukrevelal. Many cannot speak that language. I go by The Bug because my master calls me that to say it quickly.* This time, both Nahuel AND Flynn here it talking.


          • "Hmmm.... How about we shorten that a bit. Do you like Babbu? "

            I write things.


            • "Please understand I mean no rudeness, but is this some sort of local custom? Is this a lucky creature of some sort or is this a ritual? For example, are we right now thinking up names and observing how it seems to respond to them? Could I propose something like Xiaolong based on its appearance, or is there some other source or procedure for producing names? Do I need to do something else before I join in?"

              Unstated was the, or have you both gone crazy?


              • The Bug turns towards Splendor and telepathically says *I will not take a name from a stranger. The Creator would be very mad. Very mad indeed.*

                Moving back to Nahuel's hand, he says to Flynn and Nahuel *Baaabi, Baabu, Babbu. Babbu babbu babbu. I think that will work. I am Babbu.*


                • "Wonderful! Babbu sounds so much better than 'The Bug'." Flynn looks to Splendor. "Do you know what Babbu is?"

                  I write things.


                  • Nahuel waits to hear Splendor's response.


                    • I... am not sure.

                      He looked at the little thing more closely, muttering to himself some rhyming verse.

                      "Sing now the hymn of the well fashioned servants
                      Stone Lords the builders, makers of caverns
                      Men the fleeting, their every task urgent
                      Saurian keepers, growers of patterns..."

                      It wasn't something found in any serious tomes of lore, and most people would be embarrassed even to know, it, but it was a useful mental shorthand. The whole thing ran for more than a thousand pages, but even the most diligent tended to lose their recollection around the third page of fungi.


                      • After getting new clothes and settling down with Babbu, you get a ton more information. You all realize that he has been crafted. His master is of the course the one who made him and Babbu tells you he was made to the Northeast of the town. He still wished to stay with you for another month or so, while his Master cooled his head a bit. Babbu insists that the master is very kind, but just troubled sometimes. No matter how close you get to Babbu, he doesn't seem to say much more about his Master. You've also discover that his eyes also have a telescopic ability that could come quite in handy.

                        Meanwhile, The Servant had already begun his quest to create a new church in the area. As a few weeks have gone by, you begin to hear whispers of people on the path to enlightenment and the mysterious shaman priest who has come to stay just outside the town. The new "church" seems to be gaining a lot more influence and the priests of the towns temple have been trying to scare this shaman away, because he obviously only speaks heresay.

                        Inside the court, there have many talks about making contracts with the guild and the amount of tradesmen coming through have been very high. The town has been bustling and there almost seems to not be enough space in the town for them all. Several tents have been placed on the edge of the city to help secure areas for more people to sleep. As the month goes on, it begins to become a bit cooler in the day. which has been great for all of the workers that have now finally fixed the previously crushed bar.

                        Now, a month later, Nahuel has gained much respect among the soldiers of the town, and many whispers have been going around about the small band of strangers that seem to surround him and be included in the court; at least partially.

                        Finally, one night, a message painted in blood, dripping slowly down the page, was left on the door of the court room. Your time is short. You have decided the path of destruction by staying. You all will die. It seems that the attack may be coming much sooner than previously thought. The minute the note was found, the Confederation of Rivers decided to play a more active role in the court. There have been many dealings done behind doors, but now Anita has decided to bring you all in on it.... as obviously their army is not ready and they still don't have support ready in the area.

                        Anita goes out to find you all in your normal areas and tells you all to come with her to the court. "As you have been indeed helpful in the past, we have decided that we could use your help in our court. This will all to be to prepare us for the upcoming battle. Please come with me now to the court. The next session will be starting soon, so please very quickly finish anything you need to do in the next 30 minutes." Anita looks each of you up and down quickly. "What you are wearing should suffice for now. I forget that we do have amazing tailors in this city sometimes."

                        With that, Anita walks off toward the court house.


                        • Nahuel has spent the intervening month trying to get used to the ways of the town, with... rather mixed success. He is still more comfortable in the wilderness, which actually helps in his primary occupation; the training of the town's soldiers. His teaching has been as much focused on stealth and wilderness tracking as on direct combat, trying to pound into them at every turn the lesson that it is foolish to fight a stronger enemy head-on. In other words, he is trying to make them fight like the Yaxbalam.

                          On more than one occasion, Flynn has been dragged into these lessons. The musician has found himself used as a sparring partner for both Nahuel and some of the less advanced troops, giving the Lunar an idea of where he stands, so that real training can begin. Their private training sessions are... rather embarrassing for Flynn, at least at first, as Nahuel does not hesitate to show him just how far he has to go as a motivational tool.

                          He has also, whenever they have met, continued his attempts at seducing Anita, turning up the charm and playing on his successes as much as he can. If she is clearly disinterested after the first two weeks, however, he will break off and move on to easier prey in that area.


                          He arrives at the Court at the end of the month, dressed in the light cotton trousers (and nothing else) that he was in when the goddess found him training the troops.


                          • Flynn dreamed he was back in Yu-Shan, searching for Jericho. He went from shrine to shrine, asking everyone he met if they had seen a blond child of about five years old. Eventually he came to a large set of ornate doors depicting the Unconquered Sun in all of his glory. The eyes of Sol Invictus’ stoic face seemed to watch Flynn as he pushed open the doors walked into an empty teahouse. Flynn was deeply relieved to find Jericho, not the child he was looking for but the adult he grew to be, sitting at a table. “Father,” Jericho motioned for Flynn to join him at the table. Flynn was about to ask how Jericho came to Yu-Shan, when a loud noise woke him up.

                            Disoriented, Flynn discovered that he laying on a pile of cushions in an apartment of a fellow musician. They had performed together with a few others the night before at a Guild Party and the drummer let Flynn crash at his place. Flynn listened for a moment and realized that his host was still sleeping. The apartment was still.

                            Alone, Flynn closed his eyes and tried to dispel the dream from his mind. The happy dreams were always the worse than the nightmares. At least with the nightmares of that ill-fated Wyld Hunt, Flynn knew that Jericho was dead. In the Happy Dreams, he had to relive the realization that Jericho was dead each time Flynn awoke.

                            After finding no tea or coffee in the bare cupboards of the apartment, Flynn wrote a note, thanking the drummer for his hospitality. He gathered his Sanxian and bag and walked out into the bright sunlit afternoon. While Flynn had no set time for his martial arts sessions with Nahuel – Flynn is uncertain that the barbarian understood the concept of punctuality – the Lunar would soon track Flynn down if he didn’t show up before late afternoon.

                            Flynn ordered some tea (unfortunately coffee was an indulgence that did not fit with his poor musician persona) at the Perfect Petal Teahouse. His mind wandered to Splendor and hoped he could track down the Twilight. Flynn did not have any gigs scheduled for tonight and wanted to see how Splendor was doing with his scheme. Also pick the Twilight’s brain on any First Age music he might remember.

                            As he was musing about Splendor, Flynn noticed a large crowd of men gathering. Ah, the goddess must be about town, Flynn thought as he added a large amount of sugar to the tea. To his great surprise, the goddess entered the tea house and headed for where the Musician was sitting.

                            "As you have been indeed helpful in the past, we have decided that we could use your help in our court. This will all to be to prepare us for the upcoming battle. Please come with me now to the court. The next session will be starting soon, so please very quickly finish anything you need to do in the next 30 minutes." Anita looks you up and down quickly. "What you are wearing should suffice for now. I forget that we do have amazing tailors in this city sometimes."

                            With that, Anita walks off toward the court house. The crowd of men turn to look at Flynn, their expressions ranging from open mouthed disbelief to downright envy. Flynn sighs and downs his tea in a few gulps. He slams a few coins on the table and rises.

                            “Gentlemen! When a beautiful goddess is in need, would any of you turn away? We need defenders for the town walls. We need crafters for the town defenses. Go forth and protect the town! “ That should give them something more productive to do besides follow Anita around like stray dogs.


                            When Flynn reached the courthouse, he nodded at Nahuel and said “I may have sent some more troops your way.”

                            Getting crowd of men to be more useful - Charisma 3 + presence 3 + Gem of Grace 2 = 8 dice (5 successes) -

                            What has Babbu been doing this past month?

                            I've been busy these past couple of weeks. Things should be calming down now.

                            ​(I hope I didn’t overstep my boundaries as a player with the crowd of men. I can edit it out if needed. )

                            I write things.