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  • More details on what Flynn is doing:

    Flynn will continue to train in Martial Arts with Nahuel. I will let War Dragon come up with exactly how Nahuel is going about that.

    Flynn will be asking Splendor about any First Age music he happens to remember.

    The Bar
    Flynn will buy the land the bar is on. Flynn is thinking long term and is hoping to get a deal on the land (since the Deathlords are breathing down the town's neck)
    Flynn will design the bar as a House of Blues set up - a bar with a music focus. He will engage craftsman to build the bar, though he might not actually start building the bar yet. The craftsman will be needed for the towns defenses, but he will make friends with them.

    Flynn will offer his services as entertainment for the Court. His plan is to learn the various movers and shakers. Details he is looking for is who supports the Guild, who supports the Immaculate Order, who has the ear of the Goddess, who has money. He will also be looking for any rumors, secrets, and blackmail info he can get on these nobles. Any noble who would be "willing" to play a part in our scheme will be noted.

    Local Performers
    Flynn will integrate himself into the local performance scene. He wants to become known as a very talented musician with an interest in ancient music who is willing to show what he knows. He will make friends with the more respected individuals in the social circle. He is also looking for background information on these individuals. Who is open to new ideas? Who is a devout Immaculate? Who is settled in town? Who is just passing through?
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