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    So I did some thinking of possible chronicles for V:tM and came up with the following. Let me know what you guys think of them, or if you have any of your own!

    Slithering In: This is a chronicle in which the PC's are tasked with setting up a Followers of Set power base in the city. The chronicle details them establishing contacts, acquiring a Haven (which they use as a temple), and steadily expanding the cult as they drive the city deeper into corruption. The chronicle ends with the PC's either being granted leadership of the power base as a reward for their victory, or their operations are discovered and they are driven from the city, one way or another.

    Recommended for: Fledglings and Ancilla, Ghouls are also a possibility.

    Play Style: Coterie game in which all players are from the same clan.

    Family Feud: The PC's are all members of the Giovanni family line and have established a name for themselves in the business world, criminal enterprises and even occult circles. But now it's time for a promotion. The state's resident Giovanni are preparing a family gathering to decide who receives the kiss and joins the inner circle. You need to prove your worth, or dig up enough dirt on your relatives to smear their reputation and chances for being accepted! The chronicle ends with one of the PC's being embraced into the Giovanni clan.

    Recommended for: Ghouls and Mortals.

    Play Style: Free for all with the PC's competing against each other for the Giovanni's favor.

    Bloody Gang War: The Sabbat are looking for new recruits, and they've turned their attention to the city's gangs. Unfortunately, the gangs are currently engaged in a turf war. The Sabbat have promised the "gift" of vampirism to whichever gang wins the turf war and proves themselves the strongest. Immortality and super powers, what more could a middle school drop out ask for!? The chronicle ends with either the surviving PC's becoming a pack of shovel heads, or they get wiped out during the gang war.

    Recommended for: Mortals, possibly Ghouls as the chronicle progresses.
    Play Style: Crime war between local street gangs, with the Embrace as the reward.

    Vamps in Tights: The Camarilla rule the city like tyrants with the elders taking whatever the hell they want from their neonates, and the Anarchs have had just about enough of that. It's time for a little rebellion, Robin Hood style! The chronicle ends with either the rebels being put down, or the Camarilla being overthrown.

    Recommended for: Fledglings, Ancilla, possibly a couple Elders.

    Play Style: Anarch Revolt against the Camarilla authority.

    Sadly, I never got the chance to play the original Masquerade, as by the time I learned about cWoD, we were already on nWoD and Requiem was 2nd edition. Soooo yeah, I was waaaaay behind the veterans. Still, these would be entertaining V:tM stories for me.

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    Slithering sounds like it could be fun. Vamps in Tights could also be very cool, but I'd wait for the V20 Dark Ages rule set before beginning that one.