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    Meristoktrix returns his focus to Bardo. Even as he spoke, he seemed reluctant. “Shortly after receiving the cipher scroll, I noticed them. People watching me, cars following me, or parking near my home. Then I started to notice the same individuals turning up in different places. Sleepers, by their auras. It must be the scroll they want, but I have no idea why.”

    As Hannah Carlyle made her way over to the table with a small writing pad, the older Mage quickly shoved the scroll at Astoria, encouraging her to hide it under the table. The way he tried in vain to act casual once she arrived was almost comical. The girl appeared to be in her twenties, wearing a blue sweater and jeans. Her light blue eyes were friendly, as was the brilliant smile she flashed the entire table. “Hey guys, glad to see some warm bodies out and about tonight. I mean, brrrr, right?” She physically held her arms around herself and shook her body in a mock shivering motion as she said this. “So what can I get everyone?”
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      "There's always time for pleasantries, but I suppose you're right." Astoria muttered just as much as she spoke through half-frozen lips, both her nose and fingers slowly turning a flush red from the warmth of the bar. Meristoktrix's erratic behaviour was certainly strange, but not something that rang every bell and whistle available; if there was one thing that she had learned, it was that those who walked the Path were at best erratic, at worst delirious, and generally somewhere between the two.

      She reached into the breast pocket of her coat, pulling out a pair of wire-framed glasses as she looked over the scroll. There's something you don't see every day, isn't it? "I don't suppose there was a return address, or anything that would trace the correspondence back to wherever it came from? Or did someone just have a bow and a stamp on it? Or did you-..." She was immediately cut off in her retort by Hannah's approach, clearing her throat at the tail-end of her incomplete sentence. "Hot tea or cider, whichever you have, preferably the first. Nothing with alcohol." While the wine had certainly warmed her up, she wasn't in the mood to have her head muddied by more drinks.
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        "Hot tea it is hun. Sounds pretty great right about now, let me tell you." Hannah said as she scribbled the order on her pad. "And for the boys?"

        Once she left to get everyone's orders, singing under her breath what suspiciously sounded like "the boys are back in town", Meristoktrix would answer Astoria's question by leaning in for a quiet response. "It did, but it was Fell's address from prior to his disappearance. The Mysterium has beenover his residence with a fine toothed comb, as have I personally, only to find nothing significant suggesting his whereabouts."

        As he spoke, you all began to feel...something. Some physical reaction to the ephemeral, indefinable energies of occult phenomena. For some, this might be a shiver up the spine, while for others it could be goosebumps, or the hair on the back of your neck standing on end. You had already felt this in the presence of Bardo's Life Spell, and whatever enchantments Meristoktrix had upon himself, all of which you had already adjusted to. This was something else. Something new. The lights in the Lower Depths grew dimmer. Not by much, just enough to be noticeable, but not enough to concern the Sleepers.

        Phoenix was the first to see it. The mural on the of the people was...moving. The painted figure of a clean shaven, white haired man in a blue coat. He turned and fixed his gaze squarely on Phoenix, an insane grin on his face. Astoria saw it now too. Then...nothing. No movement at all, and the Sleepers too busy socializing at the bar to have noticed.


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          As Phoneix and Astoria open their senses, the Resonance of the local Tapestry reveals itself. At a glance, most of the Resonance in the Lower Depths is nothing you wouldn't expect for a bar. A general mixture of revelry along with hints of depression. Andrei, Hannah, and the couple at the bar appear to have the relatively dim auras of Sleepers. With Phoneix's knowledge of mind, their emotional states shimmer around them. Hannah's the vermillion of cheerfulness, Andrei's a calm light blue with a few threads of bitter brown. The dark skinned young man pulses with desire and love, while the brunette's aura is mostly an even, dispassionate balance. The Mages, of course, all radiated the brilliant aura of the Awakened.

          But the most striking revelation is that of the painting. Through the eyes of Mage Sight, the light grows dimmer as it approaches the canvas, as if the paint were drinking it in. The surface of the mural writhes and twists like a thick viscous fluid. The white haired man who was moving seems to have an aura all his own, a writhing mass of darkness that congeals into a shadow whose shape is nothing like the person depicted. It is tall, and weirdly thin, with very long limbs. As you look at the painting, you feel a wave of nausea overcome you.


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            Phoenix muttered a bastard's opinion of basements under his breath as they went down to the bar, waving off the comment as "Nothing," if the others queried about it. As they entered and sat down, a tinge of suspicion of this Merisktokrix and the meeting itself hung over him like a dense cloud. A little paranoia is part and parcel of the Awakened condition, but this guy was clearly on overdrive, and that in and of itself was worrisome. Also, if this guy was worried about Sleepers so much, why chose a death-trap rendezvous that also happened to be a public bar where any Sleeper could enter? Why not a more secluded area, or at least a more tactically advantageous one. Phoenix was about to voice his concerns when Hannah came over to take everyone's orders.

            "Tea is fine for me, too," he answered. As the crazy man immediately returned to babbling once she left, Phoenix would find a good spot to break in. Well, that is if his blood didn't quicken, and he knew exactly what that meant. Completely ignoring the conversation, he went into full-on alert mode as he scanned the surroundings. That's when he saw the painting twist with a wide grin as it gazed right at him. Well isn't that just dandy?

            Considering that Sleepers were apparently chasing Merisktokrix, he widened his senses to encompass both to concepts of the surroundings and the minds of the Sleepers. Okay, the Sleepers seem normal and none of them seem to be watching us, that's good. That painting on the other hand...

            A hand of leather instinctively came up to his mouth as nausea struck him. Seeing the glove reminded him of his Tool, so he took them off to put on the magnetic pair. Stuffing the leather ones in his pocket, he scrutinized the resonance of this...whatever this painting thing was.


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              As Phoenix focuses his perception on the painting, the nausea grew worse, and now it was accompanied by another familiar sensation. It was the same sensation Phoneix always felt whenever the taint of Paradox corrupted his Magic. It was the feeling of the Abyss. Never exactly the same, but always somehow identifiable. Like most things experienced through Magical senses, it was often different for the individual. But the result was, for Phoenix, unmistakable.

              Even as this went on, Meristoktrix seemed far more concerned with the fully material world, and for all appearances hadn't even noticed the bizarre activity with the painting. Meanwhile a few more Sleepers had filtered in, or at least a passing glance at their auras would suggest as much. Two men sat near the entrance, one in his twenties with dark hair, the other bald, possibly in his forties, with tattoos poking out from the collar of his shirt. Another man, late thirties to early forties, Indian maybe, also with dark hair. Hannah gave them a polite "Be right with you" as she delivered everyone their beverages, offering "If you need anything else, you guys let me know okay?", then she left to tend to the other customers.


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                Meristoktrix, having been diligently watching the entrance, was quite intent on the newcomers even as Bardo asked him if they were familiar. "I'm afraid so...I think I've seen these men in other places, following me." Although the old Mystagogue's demeanor would cause anyone to question his sanity, the mystical senses employed by Bardo seemed to justify his paranoia. You saw in your mind a small metal cylinder, extending outward into a weapon, carried by each of the newcomers. Extendable batons, like the kind used by police and the military. To Phoneix's eyes, their auras were lit with the colors of aggressive determination, caution, and a wisp of fear.
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                  Noding to Meristoktrix, Bardo whispers the bad news to his colleages.-"It seems those three gentlemen are no gentlemen at all, I'm afraid. They are carrying batons and something tells me they wont hesitate to use them. Luckily, they are not guns but I suggest we protect ourselves in case things escalate. Be ready, son" -he adds to Phoenix.

                  Leading by example he starts to mutter a spell to himself, the air growing denser and thicker around him under the influence of Stygia.

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                    Astoria closed her eyes tightly for a few seconds, opening them as the vision flared into the extra spectrum and becoming awash with colors. She saw the painting as the room grew dim around it, feeling the firm knot build in her stomach and begin to coil like wire around her insides. She instinctually put a fist against the stomach, immediately shaking her head. She could see the flares from both of her companions and feel the air stirring from magic, and it set the hair on the back of her neck on edge.

                    The wave passed as she heard Barto speaking over her shoulder, pushing the nausea down with a hard swallow. "Meristoktrix, we may have to cut this short." She slid a hand into her sleeve, pulling the silver wand from the brace on her arm. "It seems you're the talk of the parts tonight, aren't you?"

                    She tapped the wand twice on the table, making a slashing motion against the top while muttering a spell under her breath and causing the temperament of Arcadia to swirl in the air around her.


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                      Feeling the crawling rot of the Abyss from the painting, he pushed his thoughts away from it and directed them towards the newcomers. Their aggressive determination suggested they're the ones the kook mentioned, and they were willing to use force. An Abyssal's around, the Sleepers have shown up, and we're in a fucking basement. Fan-fucking-tastic! The gloves gave a whispering moan as anxiety tightened his hands. As if responding to his thoughts, Bardo mentioned that they had batons. That made Phoenix feel a little better, at least they didn't have knives or guns. If they did, he might've had to use magic, as it stood now, he could possibly get away with not using any at all besides some armor.

                      "Thanks for the heads-up on the weapons, pops," he nodded, "Looking at their auras, they're ready to fight. What's worrying though is their caution and fear. That suggests they know who they're dealing with, or at the very least, they have a good idea. And something tells me they're not alone, either..."

                      By controlling his breaths, they formed a conduit for calling down the might of Aether to swirl around him in a protective embrace. With the spell finished, he took a sip of his tea. He was ready.
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                        Meristoktrix shifts even more uncomfortably in his chair, then slides the briefcase across the table towards Astoria. "Well, this is just...this is unpleasant." Phoenix would notice that the old Mysterium Mage's aura was fairly erratic, paranoid, and frightful.

                        Suddenly, the tan skinned man at the bar, who had been engaged in flirting with Hannah, turned his attention to the four of you. As his eyes locked with Phoenix's, his aura pulled in tight, as if steeling himself for what came next. He walked away from the bar, giving a subtle nod to the other two men, whose auras followed suit. Along the way he grabbed a chair, and sat it down at the edge of your table, a glass of scotch on the rocks in his hands. "Gentlemen. Sweetheart." He rose his glass to Astoria and flashed her a charming smile, the ice clinked against the glass as he threw back a swallow. His hand slammed the glass down on the table in front of you. "Let's cut through the bullshit, why don't we? You have a document. We want that document. And we are all highly motivated to acquire it by any means necessary, no matter what you all might be...into. So I think it would be in everyone's best interest for you to simply...set it down on the table, and leave the bar. Go home, snuggle up in some nice warm blankets, and forget that any of this ever happened. I think that would be best for everyone, don't you?"


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                          Astoria looked taken aback by the outburst, but seemed to collect herself rather quickly when the attention had turned to her. She didn't flinch at the man's pointed remark, adjusting her glasses as they sat at the bridge of her nose.

                          "Very well, here is my counter offer." She cleared her throat, one hand on the briefcase while the other gripped her wand. Astoria still spoke with a warm tone despite the threatening undercurrent to her words. "In turn, I would suggest you and your friends return home to find a better climate and leave us be. I'm sure your dedication is unwavering. So is mine." She placed a hand on the table, inches from the briefcase handle.

                          "You can test my resolve if you wish, but I don't think you'll like what comes of it."


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                            Phoenix chuckled at the Sleeper's outright demand. Who does this guy think he is? He let out a warm sigh after he gulped down the rest of his tea, practically slamming the cup down.

                            "Besides," he added, "Batons aren't gonna protect you from what we're into." His eyes directed a sharp gleam at the man to flourish his words.


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                              After all these years, Andrei could practically smell trouble, and he always knew who was causing it. He whispered a few words to the couple at the bar, who turned to look at your table before they hurried out the front. Grabbing her by the arm, he practically threw Hannah towards the back. Andrei was a big guy, and he held himself with the confidence of a man who had thrown groups of rowdy assholes out of his bar single handedly. When he came over to the table, he towered over everyone, and would even if you were all standing. He fixed the tan skinned man with a glare that looked like it could cause physical pain all its own. "Get out of my bar."

                              The dark haired man's response was a sharp whistle. The other two men by the entrance immediately got to their feet and were standing behind him in a flash. "I wish I could. But not until I get what I came for." Instantly he was on his feet, chair tossed behind him. A flick of his wrist opened his weapon with a loud crack! He made his move for the briefcase, reaching out with his free hand.


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                                Bardo tried his best to remain calm. He was mostly an strange to this kind of violence but he didn't want any of his cabal mates to get hurt, nor the briefcase that was so important to Astoria to get stollen right under his nose. He had some time to look at the bar while those very rude men tried in vain to intimidate Astoria and Phoenix, clearly they didn't know who they were messing with, he had a plan.

                                Focusing all his will and intent on the nearest wall socket and the feet of the three thugs, he called the laws of Stygia down to this fallen world. In his mind eye, he saw how the floor from the wall transmuted from base materials to the finnest silver, gold and copper as if veins from a circulatory system. The electricity coursed trough them and into the bodies of their assailtants, shocking them, the smell of ozone and burnt flesh and hair polluting the air of the room.
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