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Rules for the Play by Post forum

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  • Rules for the Play by Post forum

    You can host your own play by post games in this forum. All of the normal forum rules apply, including that you may have only one account. Please keep in mind these additional rules:

    1. Recruit for games in the Conventions and Gatherings parent forum.
    2. Each game may have one In Character thread and one Out of Character thread. Please prefix these [IC] and [OOC], and add the game name. As in "[IC] [Vampire: The Requiem] Never Say Die".
    3. Please only post in a game's threads if you are a member of that game. Interfering in a game will lead to moderator sanction.
    4. Unless agreed otherwise by the players, each game has its own world and continuity. No game here represents an "official" storyline.
    5. Storytellers are assumed to have control over who does and does not play in game they're running. The staff does reserve the right to make rulings in such disputes, but no party has a right to moderator intervention.

    XX. As with the main site rules, we may take additional action at our discretion to ensure an enjoyable forum experience for everyone.

    Happy gaming!
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