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[OOC] Werewolf 2nd Ed PBP OOC Prep with Dusksage & Co

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  • [OOC] Werewolf 2nd Ed PBP OOC Prep with Dusksage & Co

    This is the OOC room for the game started here: game's full, we're just chatting.

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    Aliza Carter is a Bone Shadow Cahalith who is all about being a font of knowledge and direction for her pack. She may not be the Alpha, but she'll still be the mother, telling her tales and delving into darkness to find the truths she can return to them to help grant direction and strength. She has deep and abiding respect for the unity of pack and the various roles and burdens her brethren must carry, but her strength is also her weakness -- if her pack is fractured and cannot share its responsibilities, she will reach too far, and too quickly, taking the weight upon herself, collapsing and dragging the others along with her as she falls apart under the strain.
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      Here would be my concept, planning on a Cahalith Blood Talon, so without further ado, my backstory.

      Simon is an event organiser with a focus on the musical scene and in community integration, seeing the division between different racial and social groups as key to many current issues and tensions. He's a vibrant, focused man, but has little subtlety and his actions are extremely good at being noticed and having an overt response.

      Politically speaking, he has a few low level connections, though a number of people in office find him a nuisance and sometimes even a threat. That would be his human side.

      As a werewolf and a hunter of the Blood Talon tribe, he's even more loud and noisy. His targets tend to end up dead in very brutal, very visible ways and have a tendency to end up in the papers, which is just how he likes it.


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        Very nice start guys,

        This brings our Pack to two Cahalith's, one Blood Talon and one Bone Shadow, and two Irraka, one Iron Master and one Storm Lord. It's looking more and more like this will take place in a city so keep that in mind when choosing your merits and designing your Pack's totem. Also it's certain that this is going to be a mixed Pack so keep in mind which of the Tribes will have the majority since that will determine which prey will be more often called on for Siskur-Dah.
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          Just gonna go ahead and add that my character is an Ithaeur Bone Shadow, little backstory blurb to follow soon.

          Joseph is a werewolf who devotes himself to his study of the Shadow and as one who is called by Luna to know the spirits. Beyond this work however the Uratha has found himself adrift in the werewolf community like the flotsam of his old coastal home. Already he has shifted between three separate packs, each one unable to take the place as his family. To him this is only a natural process that will take time, something that is inevitable as he tries to find his place and not a result of any true failing on his part or that of his former packmates.

          He is nonetheless devoted to each pack he becomes a part of, preferring to resort to claw and fang when managing the Hisil only when binding and negotiating with a spirit have already failed. Like many of his tribe Joseph places a high value on the knowledge spirits possess, seeing acquiring it as more important than outright destroying prey. He must grasp what he can about the spirits that his packmates cannot, and if that means calling out their behavior as unwise and foolish than so be it.

          Before his First Change Joseph grew up in an adopted family. He and his new sister had some talent at singing and at the urging of their parents began performing and as they grew into their mid-teens were even picked up by a small record company. They were never popular outside a small amount of followers in the musical community, performing ballads mostly with a few accompanying instruments. The piano and occasional guitar featured most often and they kept around what could be considered the folk genre of music. Joseph knows he was not the only one to change, but in the chaos of that night he lost his sister and has yet to see her. What he does know however is that the territory where he first changed was hotly contested by the Forsaken and Pure. He knows very well he couldn't draw his claws against his own sibling, but whether or not he would receive the same curtesy is a fear that is always on his heels.

          (This is feeling pretty cardboard/stereotypical to me right now. I've just got done working so I'm a bit burned out and that might be why. Will likely revisit this later).

          (By the by, whats our current feel on the state of the pack? Have we known each other? Are we new? How long have all of us been Uratha? Is this meant to be soon after First Change? etc.)
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            Nice! Looks like Bone Shadows are pulling into the lead by one.


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              To answer your question Okami this pack is indeed new but the Uratha in this Troupe are at least one year after their First Change. They can be Uratha for longer if you want to play more knowledgable Werewolves but I wanted to leave a minimum option for those who do want to play shortly after their first Change.

              As for Pack feel this Pack is newly formed so the group will have known each other for at least several months and share at least one common goal/aspiration. This is also going to be the largest Pack in the city in recent memory among the Forsaken and as such will be kept a close eye on by your fellow Werewolves and possibly others...


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                Amravanti: My irraka is going to be more of a scout/spy. If your concept was playing up the assassin nature of the auspice there probably won't be much overlap between us, especially with different tribes. Vi is more of a social character and thanks to her job has connections all over the city from drug dealers to local business owners to secrataries and security guards. She's not angry by nature, so the rage that's become an intergral part of herbeing since her change is something she constantly struggles with.

                I'd personally like the pack to be less than a year old and still feeling out their territory, Violet herself is only about a year and a half out from her First Change.

                Are we making wolf blooded and human packmates as well? Any specific questions you want us to answer in our backstory?

                Here's my initial concept from the recruiting thread, this will be fleshed out more as we hammer down the details:

                Originally posted by soonmot View Post
                Just a quick flavor post for the character I've decided on. I'm holding off on a full background until we find out what Dusk wants us to include and if this type of of character is appropriate to the game setting.
                Violet Caravell Iron Master Irraka

                “Just cut through the alley between the Starbucks and the artisanal candle store, ride down the stairs and hang a left at the fountain sculpture. You'll beat any car by five minutes. Guaranteed.”

                Violet is part of the city. Her bicycle streaks through the streets and alleys like a half glimpsed ghost as she navigates shortcuts that even longtime residents are unaware of. Her face is known by the secretaries of small local offices and the security desks of huge office buildings and multinationals as she delivers packages from on to another. Even in her free time she travels the city, running, climbing, exploring, and watching. She's seen weird things before, things she convinced herself were perfectly normal but then the Change came on a night with no moon.

                Now her urban exploration has taken on a new urgency. She looks out for the weird. She knows that the pale people who receive night time packages through the service she works for probably aren't human. But neither is she. As fun as biking through the city was, as exciting as running through could be, neither compares to the thrill of racing through the shadows on four legs.


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                  That's the general idea at least. With luck and skill the Pack will hopefully come into their territory by the end of the Chronicle.

                  I also have no problem with your concept, live the city flavor so much that it helped me with my city design a little.

                  In regards to the wolf blooded and mortals/supernatural Packmates I'm willing to have each character make one to two NPC's to add to the pack. Cannot have more Wolf Blooded than the Werewolf number +2. Supernaturals need to be oked bye first and mortals are unlimited.

                  I'm currently working on the lay of the land right now so by tomorrow I'm hoping to have a more clearer picture of where this is going to be taking place. Thanks everyone who have such rich back stories, that will reflect the region this Chronicle will take place in.


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                    I'll write a full background once I have the time, of course, but I've revised the tribe. She's now a Hunter in Darkness Irraka. I've wanted to make an Irraka for a while do why not go all the way with it. Here's a quick idea before I go to bed. Her name is Indiana (Indy).

                    "There's an urban legend around these parts. They call her the Ghost of Stowe Bridge. Some kid was the first to see it. He was tagging the wall behind the old church when he felt it sneak up on him. He couldn't see it, of course, but he could feel it. Just out of sight. Circling him. He felt it drawing nearer and nearer. And then it spoke. It was a young girl's voice. Hearing her speak was like being dropped in a bucket of ice. All it said was "run." So he did. He hightailed it out of there, but the thing followed him for two whole blocks until he made it home. He locked the door and the he looked out the window onto the street and he saw it. Two yellow eyes staring in at him. He swears it was just the eyes. There was no body. Just the eyes. They blinked once and then they were gone. He doesn't go out much anymore. Neither do I."

                    Well, that ghost is Indy. She's not much for words since the change. If you want to protect the things you love from the things that want to destroy them, you have to move faster than they do. You have to be stronger. She spends most her free time padding through the city in urhan, weaving through back alleys and broken fences. It's all probably a bit reckless, considering there's bound to be more than a few calls to animal control if she's ever spotted. She hasn't been yet, though. The truth is, she feels more like herself on four feet than she ever did in sneakers.


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                      There's a saying among librarians, that 'three moves is a fire' - that is to say, if you have to keep moving and shifting and unpacking the stuff you try to keep in order, you are going to wind up with a whole lot of it being destroyed by good intentions.

                      Aliza was pretty sure that saying should apply to people as well. She was in her second year of school trying to get her Master's to be a librarian, in her third apartment since she had started, looking for a fourth nearby temp job to help the bills since setting out.

                      Bad luck just kept on following her now. The things she saw in dark corners were bad enough, but these days it was like the weird shapes and ghosts were noticing her. And when things started noticing, things started breaking. Water mains, contracts, favorite professors' backs when they slipped on ice. And then classes were canceled and Aliza started to work on transferring credits again.

                      When the hallucinations progressed to nightmares - of black pools and hot flesh and frantic chasing and the taste of blood in her mouth - Aliza figured that the fire had happened, and one extra move or change was just one too many. That third apartment never had a chance as her first howl shattered glass and stone and plaster while she savaged the dozens of spirits of misfortune that had settled around her, scattering them to the winds.

                      At least now she can name her problems. Describe them and laugh at them and make them an easy pill to swallow so others learn from her mistake. She wanted to be a librarian to help guide other people to what they needed to know. Now she listens to the Moon and the whispers in the shadows, and does the same.
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                        So, in terms of merits I'm assuming we're only dealing with those available in 2e core? I imagine the adjustment to GMC would be difficult for some, though I admit I will be sad to see aspects (Totem-Bound is too cool) go. Also speaking of totem's where do we see our new pack in that respect? Do we have a totem or will our first Siskur-Dah be chasing one down through the spirit wilds? What kind of totem do we think we want in the pack? Should we roleplay that out through the characters to figure it out (that actually sounds pretty fun)? Finally, what's our packs territory like? I'm for the urban setting so I think we've definitely settled there. Knowing this will help with the totem a bit I feel since characters would want one that can relate to their place, especially with the Irraka. So, (I know I'm full of questions, please bear with me :/) First, what kind of city do we live in? Is it growing, shrinking, or stagnant? In good times, bad times, perhaps holding its own against recent downturns but more than one threat, spiritually and otherwise are weakening these walls?

                        With the larger picture out of the way, whats our specific territory like? Is it in the bad part of town? Did its former pack recently die? Has it been unclaimed thus far? Is it in the art's district? Maybe it contains the cities old park, which could be your usual artificial nature setup or, due to a number of 'activist' groups be a bit larger and more wild than your usual park, even a copse of real trees here and there. Maybe one edge runs along the old tracks no longer in use, letting the old ravine and ecosystem come back.
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                          /\/\/\/\I'm good with either already having one or going out in search of one.

                          Beginning of character sheet here:

                          First Change:

                          Violet's Background:

                          Contacts are gangs and gatekeepers (basically the front desk/ secretaries/ security guards that she interacts with when delivering packages), werewolves (she passes through the territory of many packs in the course of her job and has at least introduced herself), and cyclists

                          Grace Whitman, Wolf-Blooded:

                          Derek Pope, human pack member. Snoop and messenger:

                          Ally is Devon Holt, he's a vampire that can turn into a wolf! Ally might even be too strong a word. Friendly rival? Frenemy? Basically Violet and Devon got into an altercation, he turned into a wolf to flee and she did the same. Now they meet up every now and again and race as wolves through the city before gossiping about weird bullshit. I'll actually be writing a about their first meet up.
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                            I would love to hunt our totem. Totems are cool. :-D


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                              I'm liking the notion of hunting one as well, that said when it comes to deciding on what one we want do we want to hash that out in character? Though I'd prefer to know a little bit about the setting first for that. Also, as I'm digging into the nuts and bolts of character creation I have to ask (yet again). Do we as a group want some kind of 'soft cap' on skills at character creation? It states of course you cant raise above five, but five dots is also a form of mastery, which feels weird to me with any 'newish' character (plus when one thinks about going that hard makes a character much less versatile but thats another side to it). Anyway, are we as a group ok with four and five dots in something at character creation?