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  • [IC][Mage: The Awakening] [4: The Black Dawn

    In the aftermath of the New York disaster everything was changing. The nuclear detonation has sent shock waves around the world. The center of the blast had clearly not been one of the cities nuclear power stations, raising the first, and perhaps biggest question, where had it come from? The sleepers suspected terrorists, top secret weapons of mass destruction, and they had responded as they saw appropriate. The full might of the American military bore down upon any, and all suspects in the international community. Only a lack of a defined target had staved off the seemingly inevitable war.

    For those who saw past the lie, the truth was something far more horrific.

    The blast had been supremeal in origin, and its casting was something far beyond the abilities of even entire cabals of master force mages. Whispers spoke of invisible masters and secret wars, wars that were suddenly becoming far to unsecret. Had the attack been a pre-emptive first strike in a war between virtual gods, or was something far more sinister a foot?

    Even now Consiliuems around the globe fractured in a series of seemingly unrelated and yet simultaneous disasters. The entirety of China was quaking in a civil war among its sleepers, while super advanced military groups made tactical strikes against bulking Consilieums. A virus, likely an engineered weapon, had swept through the population with deadly effect. In Spain, dark monsters still lurked in the shadows, impossible hybrids that should not have existed and yet so painfully did.

    The Prophets around the world predict conflicting, and yet equally agreeing messages of darkness and doom. One thing is clear. Something is coming, and the entire world will quake in its shadow. We know this, because it already has.

    This is Epistolary Chronicle #4.

    This is,
    The Black Dawn
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    To whom it may concern,

    This is Brutus, Heirarch of the Consilum of Christchurch. This is to warn that Talon Phoenix has gone rogue and is not to be trusted. She has failed to make an oath of allegiance to myself and the newly appointed ruling council and can no longer be trusted. Any connections to the ministries are being investigated but I am unable to comment further while this investigation remains on going.

    I believe she is headed to America with the intent of saving Alicippe, the one time ward of the now deceased Thunderbolt Guardian Mystic. I've attached what I believe to be her flight planes and wish the local consiliums the best of luck in picking up this now wanted felon.

    In other news the disasters effecting Christchurch appear to have died down. The undead invasion appears long over and the Adamantine Arrow is taking this opportunity to refortify its rule, now that the Silver Ladder overlords have been removed.

    (Week #1)


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      Heirarch Brutus and those others it may concern:

      I freely confess that I am quite flattered to learn that Phoenix might be coming to America to save me. I do not think that I merit such aid, but I am pleased that it might be offered nevertheless. Despite all this, I am in the happy position that I do not need saving, at least at the current time. Roland, Mankato's Heirarch, has rethought his position toward me and has restored my liberty. In return, I am aiding him in whatever ways present themselves. We have an arrangement that pleases us both.

      If Talon Phoenix should reach Mankato, she will find welcome. While I write from Mankato rather than Rochester, I find your Consilium demanding the return the return of a fugitive rather ironic. I should also write that I owe the late Mystic a great debt. Indeed, my very life. To the degree that I can, I plan to repay that debt to her memory. What Mystic owed you for actions toward her, I now consider my own obligation. If I were you, Brutus, I would take that as a warning. My lost lover Azura has told me much about you, and not much of it was flattering.

      With warmest regards,




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        Dear Brutus and Alcippe (and anybody else who was acquainted with Mystic the Godslayer).

        I'll be brief. Mystic is missing since nuclear fire blasted New York. It's generally accepted that she is dead. But Mystic is alive. I can't reveal my source, but I'm almost sure that it's true. Her assumed location explains to me why she hasn't been found so far. It probably doesn't sound great to you, but I am willing to bet my life on it. In five days I'll begin my search for Godslayer.

        Let me know if you are willing to give me a hand. First of all, I need help in establishing sympathetic connection with Mystic. So I need her photos or personal objects and last but not the least her real name. Something like her tooth would be ideal but I am not that optimistic. It would also be great if you could introduce me to current New York Consilium (or to whoever is in charge there). A bit of financial aid would be welcome too. I know you have no reason to trust me, so I, as Magister of Mysterium, am open to negotiating an exchange for your help.


        P.S. Alcippe and Brutus, I'm aware that this is not my business. But please, remember that our real enemy is Lie. Hierarch Brutus, you have no love for Alcippe and Phoenix. But ask yourself: is it really necessary to pursue them? You became Hierarch in a difficult time for your Counsilium. It needs your help in rebuilding from its foundations after the storm. Can you really waste your time on your former political enemies however bitter was their deserting? Alcippe, you are not fond of Brutus as well. But now you have new life in Mankato. Why waste it on your old enmity? New York was a severe strike against American mages. I'm sure that you, an Arrow, have much better things to do now.



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          This is a warning Orpheus to stay out of matters that do not concern you. It is of grieve importance that Mystic remain unfound. She is or was armed with an artifact weapon better off lost. And her actions have caused great destabilization. While its true. She has fought honorably in the name of the Arrow and the Pentacle, her return would herald a wave of disasters the likes of which our Consiliem is not prepared to handle. Let her di a heros death and forget her. I realize my words sound cold, but I am a realist.

          Very well Alcippe, I see your point. I am willing to grant Phoenix leave to live in your hole of a Consilem. In return she had best understand that she is banished from New Zealand. Oh and I'll be seeing what I can do about having her exiled from the Order. I am her superior commander and she is refusing a direct order. But as I say, I am a generous man. If she stays out of New Zealand I am willing to let this matter slide.

          Also I feel a strong need to warn you that there once again seems some degree of trouble a foot. We captured a mage attempting to sneak into the Consilum archives. At first we thought him a Seer but under intergation hes song a different tune. He appears to be the member of a group calling themselves the Black Dawn. He was attempting to access one of our grimores about the spuremal realms. Why I dont know yet. I get the feeling this group isnt entirely local, So I'd keep your ears to the ground.

          Brutus Thunderbolt Guardian and Heirarch of Christchurch.


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            Heirarch Brutus, Orpeus, and those others it may concern:

            Orpheus, if this reaches you before your departure, I wish you the best of luck with your quest. While I have taken your advice on sparing no more hosility on Brutus, I do not think you should abandon your quest just on his say so. You must answer to yourself, not to him. I have learned to a great cost one must never let what is expedient silence the voice of our conscience. We must make the right choices, even if they are not easy ones.

            Brutus, we have never heard of this Black Dawn. However, given that they sound like the group that has so devasted Mankato and our Consillium, Roland and I agree that we will do all that we can to investigate them. If I discover anything of note, we will most certainly share it. I have little doubt that the asorted troubles that we faced a few months ago are far from resolved. I know for a fact that Guardian faction I was involved with is still working hard to create the future that they want. For this to be so, there must still be threats looming that they wish to prevent.

            Roland also request that I ask if anyone reading this letter knows if there exists an artifact called the Crown of Wasps. He has been suffering from recurring nightmares about this crown and wonders if it really even exists. Any infromation that any of you might have would be appricated. His nightmares are becoming worse and worse, and might become a threat to his health and even sainity in time. Thank you in advance for any help any of you might be able to offer.

            With warmest regards,



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              To all involved,

              This is Ng Mui of the Shanghai Consilium, or what is left of it in any case. I am sending this because I am aware some of you were friends with a woman named Bai Hua. For the rest, perhaps this can be a cautionary tale for your own consiliums.

              As most should be aware through news, recently China has had a rash of terrorist attacks and an virulent epidemic that has swept all the major cities. While damaging to China's infrastructure, the Consilium was more concerned with Seer infighting, including rumors that agents of the Dollmaker had returned to the city after being forced out roughly 10 years ago. While some of our members fell ill, life magic cured them and we thought little of it. However, one week ago the unthinkable happened. A concentrated strike against the members of the Consilium was perpetrated by an unknown group of awakened supported by strange monsters the likes that we have never seen.

              Those of us in the Arrow(and a few more martially inclined from the other orders) who survived regrouped and using magic, tracked the creatures back to their lair. We engaged the creatures, which seemed to be guarding something. The rest of the story is from the account of Adamant Sage Nagendra. He, with the help of Hao Han, managed to portal past the monsters while we kept them busy and reached what they were guarding, something that Nagendra described as a ritual, one that focused the death and fear resonance of the city through a wild haired Awakened. Nagendra said that when he arrived he found Bai Hua there, and the three of them encountered something using Bai Hua's daughter as a puppet. He claims that attempting to look at her with mage sight nearly drove him mad, and that the thing's power was immense.

              Nagendra said that the wild haired Awakened was transformed into door made of bone and lead, and Bai Hua's daughter and whatever was using her disappeared through it. He then said that those mysterious paramilitary commandos showed up and he barely escaped alive. Both Bai Hua and Hao Han are unaccounted for, and I regret to inform you all, most likely dead.

              What's left of the Consilium is now currently retreated to Kyoto, Japan with permission of the Consilium based there. Orpheus, if there was anything I could do to help you with your search for Mystic I would. She trained with my father and he considered her a treasured student. Sadly I have no items of hers for you and I did not know her nearly long enough to be intrusted with her real name. I am sorry I could not aid you.

              May you all have wisdom and good fortune in you futures
              Most honored daughter and Herald of the Adamant Sage Ng Mui

              (Week 2/3)


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                Greetings, brethren,

                I will be brief because I am currently very focused on twarting my son's plans whenever I catch wind of them.
                I have some piece of information regarding those so called "Black Dawn". This group is an old acquaintance of us Guardians, having shown an interest in some of our actives over the last months. Some key figures have been attacked or sadly eliminated and several of our Hallows and Sanctums have been sacked and destroyed. It seems that they plan to weaken our intel gathering resources in preparation for an attack to the rest of the Orders, or so indicate our last investigation.
                As a curious note, for those in the know, there were a group of Black Dawn mages as part of Savy's bodyguard up until the last moment when the final strike was dealt, when they were suddenly absent.
                Could it be that Savy and he New York incident are nothing but the greatest smoke screen in our recent history? What is truly the aim of this conspiratory group? Wich are their ultimate allegiances?
                I wonder.

                Stay safe, brethren,

                Brother Sable.

                I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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                  Hi All,

                  Sorry its been so long since I post. i had... unexpected difficulties. Coming off the plane I was picked up by a group of mages, to be honest I thought they where members of Brutus's group or like minded mages wanting to return me to him. Unfortunately, I was mistaken on all accounts. They took me into "custody", and it turns out they have artifacts that shutdown spellcasting. The only thing that kept me alive was there intense desire to rip my mind wide open and read any and all secrets I possess. I'd like to say I fought the good fight and that they learnt no secrets but unfortunately i'm pretty sure I broke. I dont know what they learnt all I know is they kept coming back for more.

                  So how'd I escape? Well they underestimated my training as an arrow. Eventually I was able to psychical overpower one of my guards, take his key, slip the restraints and make my get away. Im' sorry I dont have much more to add, I sent this letter as soon as I could following my escape



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                    To any that might read this:

                    The news that come to Mankato has not been good. We are concerned about the crisis in China and the other matters that confound us. Since there might be link between Black Dawn and Savvy, I sent Alcippe to the nearby city of Rochester to investigate. She will have a full report soon. I also wanted this chance to extend my sympathies to the Shanghai Collusium. Forgive the briety of the letter, but there is much business this demands my attention.

                    With the utmost respect,

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                      To those it may concern

                      I am not dead, although for the time being it's probably for the best if Ng Mui and the remnants of the Shanghai Consilium believe this to be true. I have taken steps to ensure the Ng Mui is unable to access the network, and I humbly ask that the participants keep this secret, if not for me, than for the good of the Shanghai Consilium.

                      You see, Ng Mui gave a fairly accurate account of the events, but not being actually there, the retelling by Nagendra left out a few crucial details. I, like the rest of the Consilium, was attacked by the aforementioned monsters, which I believe are the hybrid creatures that Sable encountered some time ago. The ones that attacked me were led by the wild haired mage, who referred to himself as an emissary or herald I think. Unfortunately his dialect of Chinese is different than my own, so translation was a bit sketchy. I'm sad to say that unprepared as I was I should have been among the fallen. However, they were not there for me, but rather for my daughter, or whatever is controlling her at this point.

                      I keep beating myself up over not noticing my own daughter possessed, and for some time I now believe. Regardless, they left me bleeding out on the floor, hurrying to their ritual. I managed to grit through the injuries and used a spatial tracking spell to follow the connection between me and the blood of mine left on one the creature's claws, where I, as Ng Mui mentioned, I got to the ritual where Hao Han and Nagendra had portaled to. We were unable to stop the ritual, whatever was controlling my daughter was too powerful. The ritual had some similarities to a Feng Shui cleansing ritual, although I think it's purpose was to attune my daughter(or the thing in her) to the death resonance of the city. For what purpose I cannot quite say.

                      Now, the reason for why I want to keep my death secret. When the paramilitary squad showed up, Nagendra betrayed Hao Han and myself, leaving us to die by their hand. Claimed that it wasn't personal, but that he had to do it. Hao Han sent me away with his mastery of space as I blacked out from my previous injuries. I'm unsure as to his fate, although the last thing I heard was gunshots, so I suspect he is gone.

                      I awoke in a hospital in Europe, where I was for some time. And now I have a confession to make. After I left the hospital, I went to see Mark Thomas, who was in the city. You see, I have had a semi-serious relationship with the man ever since the whole List of 13 affair, kept secret because I knew deep down it was wrong of me to do so. When I found out he was in town, my grief and desperation at losing my daughter drove me to get drunk and see him, demanding him to help me get her back, in any way necessary, even a deal with the devil himself.

                      He refused and I remember getting angry, yelling at him. I remember pleading, but the whole time he stayed resolute, until I broke down crying and becoming exhausted. I remember waking up in the morning and he was gone. He left a letter, where he told me that when we first met, the attraction I had felt for him was not genuine, and that his courtship had simply been an attempt to get access to the the key I had at the time. After I was no longer in possession of the key, he continued the relationship in case in became useful to him. He claims that in time he truly did develop feelings for me, that he lied about continuing to worship demons because he knew I wouldn't approve. He said he left because he wasn't a good man, and that I deserved better.

                      I'm not sure how to feel about this. I'm hurt about him lying to me, but I still care for him, although are those feelings even real? And I endangered all of you, and my duties to my Consilium with my lies. I will answer for this in the future, but for now there is no time.

                      I can offer some information. I believe the Black Dawn is behind the events that transpired in Shanghai, given some of the Herald's comments about the ritual being the "rising of a reborn sun." Furthermore, our belief that Savvy had possession of the Accursed Necklace of Amordci was wrong, perhaps the very smokescreen Sable mentioned in his letter. The necklace had been in Shanghai under my very nose, in possession of my daughter. I recognized it from some of your descriptions on the neck of my daughter during the ritual.

                      On a final note, using time magic I believe that trying to find my daughter is a futile effort for the time being, as much as it pains me to say it. For now I will attempt to make up for my actions by investigating the Black Dawn. If one of your paths crosses that my daughter, I can only pray that you are able to help her without harming her. It would be unfair for her to pay for my mistakes.

                      May you all have good fortune and safety
                      Bai Hua
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                        As Rolan wrote, I was in Rochester, Savvy's hometown. I have only now returned to Mankato. My investigation there have yielded some results. I can confirm what Bai Hua wrote. Savvy did not have the AccursedNecklace of Amordci at the time of the New York incident. It should be noted that she most certainly did have the necklace at one time. It was given to her by Mystic, Cire, and the infamous Void (albeit in the ShadowKitten) a bit over a decade ago. With a great deal of effort, I have discovered that Void later stole back the necklace from Savvy and used her formdible magic to make believe that she still had it. How the necklace went from Void to Bai Hau's daughter I cannot yet say. I plan to look into it as soon as possible.

                        When I got back to Mankato, I discovered Phoenix waiting for me. The two of us are going to start making plans. Bai Hua and Brother Sable, my heart goes out to you. I have only recently learned what it is to be a parent. I will do whatever I might to aide you two.