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  • [OOC][Mage: The Awakening] 4: The Black Dawn

    I've created this as the new home for the Black Dawn game and am moving the posts across. Now. For anyone interested in joining you hsould find more detailed instructions below, but I have seta starting chars exp at 300 points with an addtional 100 Arcane Exp (its a high level game). Focus should go on Arcana and merits, Attributes and Skills are not required.

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    Real Name: Ashley Marshal Shadow Name: Mystic
    Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
    Path: Acanthus
    Order: Adamantine Arrow
    Virtue: Temperance (Always calm, always cool Ashley never cracks under pressure)
    Vice: Gluttony (Ashley struggles with alcohol addiction)
    Arcana: Fate: 4, Life: 4, Time: 4, Prime: 1, Forces: 3, Space: 2, Matter: 1, Death 2
    Gnosis: 7
    Legacy: Perfected Adept

    Merits: FS: Defensive - 5 (Wing Chun), FS: Aggressive – 5 (Muay Thai Kickboxing), FS: Grappling - 3, FS: Control - 2, FS: Light Sword (Aggressive) - 3, FS: Staff - 2, FS: Combat Marksmen - 1, FS: Adamant Hand (Life) - 3, Adamant Hand (Fate) 2, Iron Stamina – 2, Artifact – 3 (Gauntlet), Allies – 3 (Legacy Students), Allies - 2 (Police), Status – 4 (Adamantine Arrow), Status – 3 (Consilium), Barfly, Resources - 2, Fame – 3 (Hero of the City, Godslayer), Contact – 2 (Crucible Network), Contact – 1 (Arms Dealer), Mentor - 5, Hallow - 2

    Strongest Attribute: Strength 7 (fit, well trained and a natural athlete), Presence is also high reflecting an intimidating nature and the glare only a teacher can cast
    Weakest Attribute: Manipulation is her weakest attribute, her straight forward nature makes her terrible at conning others.
    Strongest Skills: Athletics (sports), Brawl (Marital Arts), Firearms, Intimidate

    Backstory: Mystic has had a tough life. A long time ago she use to be a school PE teacher, but a series of disaster events devastated the Christchurch Consilium, and the City, as natural earthquakes leveled the city an Abysaal entity ravaged what remained of a Consilium. Mystic sacrificed the souls of strangers and family members, originally harvested by demons, to send the Abysaal Avatar back into the Void.

    Her victory sent Ashley into a state of depression and she took up heavy drinking. Soon after a Seer invasion hit New Zealand hard. On top of this other major events were effecting the world from the Bound Zoutlal awakening and the Horn of Ending returning from the Aracida. Mystic sought herself spiritually in a journey to China where she trained with the legendary Adamant Sage Roku just before his unfortunate passing. She also fell in with the rogue Seer and double degree Master Void, potentially learning darker techniques.

    As fate would have it the horn of ending was passed into Mystic's hands. The Seer invasion, while not stopped, was forced out of Mystic's city and an angered Ochemata of the General attempted to reclaim the horn. Mystic, with the aid of Sable defeated the god incarnate and earned the title Godslayer.

    Since then Ashley has served on the Consilium council, has assisted with retraining new Arrow recruits and has embraced a number of experienced mages into her legacy of the Perfected Adepts. She has found employment as a combat instructor for the cities police force and has earned a degree of respect in the sleeper community. Many mages view Mystic as a living legend, and so a great number pilmarge to Christchurch just to meet and train with her.

    Latest Backstory Update: Mystic had been in New York at the time of detonation, combating Scelestus aligned with dark forces behind the attack, one of which included her half sister. When the blast went off, her accompanying companion, Azura was able to attempt teleportation magic while Mystic tried to raise some sort of a barrier. They failed to completely avoid the blast, which scrambled the magic and catapulted them into the Underworld.

    Neither possessed knowledge of the Death Arcana, and they were forced ever deeper after confrontations with a Death Lord had turned violent. While they have survived in the depths below, it has effected their minds and identify of self has been slowly eroding away.

    Remaining Exp:
    Exp: 1 / Arcane Exp: 38

    Purchases from last game.

    The Underworld has proven a great combative training ground and Mystics arts of war have grown greatly.
    Aggressive Striking 5 (10 points) 10
    Defensive Striking 5 (10 points) 20
    Light Sword Aggressive 3 (6 points) 26
    Adamant Hand (Life) 3 (6 points) 32
    Adamant Hand (Fate) 1 and 2 (6 points) 38
    Iron Stamina 2 (4 points ) 42

    1 Exp remaining
    Continuous exposure to death has taught Mystic many of its basic mysteries. Her understanding of time has been slowly developing for years and has finally reached its next plateau.
    Time 4 (24 Arcane Exp) 24
    Death 1 and 2 (21 Exp) 45
    38 Arcane Exp remaining


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      12-11-2013, 03:40 AM

      Real Name: Meili Fong Shadow Name: Bai Hua
      Location: Shanghai, China
      Path: Obrimos
      Order: Adamantine Arrow
      Virtue: Fortitude(Bai Hua is very goal oriented, and will go to great lengths and sacrifice to achieve them, sometimes even to her own detriment)
      Vice: Wrath(While it can take quite a bit to raise her temper, she does not easily let go of grudges)
      Arcana: Forces 4, Prime 4, Time 3, Space 2
      Gnosis: 5
      Legacy: None

      Merits: Allies 3(Chinese Military), Contacts 2(Security Contractors, New York Consilium[or what is left of them]), Danger Sense, Destiny 5, Fighting Style:Combat Marksmanship 3, Fighting Style[Defensive Unarmed 3], Fighting Style:Grappling 2, Fighting Style:Kung Fu 4, High Speech, Language(English), Order Status 2(Adamantine Arrow), Quick Draw(Firearms), Resources 2

      Strongest Attributes: Dexterity 4(Bai Hua is still a great shot even after years out of the military), Resolve 4(She can be a bit of a hardass), Composure 4(Extremely calm under fire)
      Weakest Attributes: Intelligence(Bai Hua didn't have much schooling growing up, and even now prefers action over contemplation)
      Strongest Skills: Firearms(Pistols), Brawl, Investigation

      Backstory: Meili was born and raised in a small rural village in China. While she admits that she is grateful to her parents for raising her, she was unable to accept the idea of simply getting married and having babies as the point of her life, and she left the village to her parents disappointment to move to the growing cities of China under the socialist government at the age of 16. With little education, she joined the People's Liberation Army's military police. It was there she discovered her talent for marksmanship, and a great deal of success as she moved up the ranks, eventually even achieving the rank of captain.

      Unfortunately, things changed when she awakened when she was leading a detail doing security for a high level government official. An assassination attempt by a political dissident through the use of an explosive device prompted her awakening, and allowed her to survive jumping on the explosive to save the official and her fellow soldiers. Shanghai's Consilium found and explained her new situation. Given her mindset she joined the Adamantine Arrow, and was trained under Adamant Sage Roku, who requested she did so.

      She had a falling out with Roku for a time after she fell in love with a sleeper, and she pursued a relationship with him despite his objections. Their marriage was short lived, as the stress of her hiding her awakened life from him put a rift in their relationship, and finally it broke when Bai Hua got pregnant with a girl. He divorced her and moved away just before the baby was born.

      Bai Hua left the military soon after to have a more flexible schedule to be with her newborn daughter, and ended up taking a management position at a security firm in Shanghai. She specialized in helping clients from the consilium with security, mostly mundane although she could handle setting up wards as well. This was her life until she was placed on The List of 13 10 years ago, a hit list made by the Seers for potential future "problems."

      Needing help, Bai Hua reconnected with her former mentor and his daughter, Ng Mui, as well as other members of the list. During this time Bai Hua performed a number of remarkable feats, including the exile of a powerful Seer from Shanghai called The Dollmaker, helping to capture the leader of a Banisher movement called the Lotus Oracle, and ultimately stopping Blackhorn, a powerful Scelesti from performing a blood sacrifice on his own daughter and another innocent child to gain the power of a god. However, she was unable to stop the death of Adamant Sage Roku at the hands of a rampaging abyssal entity, a death that sent the Consilium into shock and eventually led a virtually unknown outsider named Nagendra gaining the title.

      Recently Bai Hua discovered that the Lotus Oracle had tricked her into taking a powerful destiny involving a dark future which was kicked off by the city of New York's destruction. Hoping to avoid this fate, she traveled to New York to try to stop it. Her efforts failed, but she was saved from death herself by a friend of her's named Sable, returing to Shanghai with only a powerful artifact spear to show for her efforts. Since then, China has been in a state of turmoil, suffering a political uprising supported by a mysterious paramilitary force and biological weapon attacks. All the while, Bai Hua's own destiny has been blinding her to the fact the something has claimed her teenage daughter from the much sought after Accursed Necklace of Amordci.

      Remaining EXP
      EXP 19/Arcane 11


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        12-16-2013, 12:17 PM

        Name: Emily Just / Alcippe.
        Location: Mankato, United States, North America.
        Path: Acanthus
        Order: Silver Ladder
        Virtue: Charity Vice: Lust
        Arcana: Fate 4, Life 1, Matter 1, Space 2, Spirit 1, Time 3.
        Gnosis: 3
        Wisdom: 7

        Backstory: Emily Just was born in 1993 in Gladstone, Michigan. In 2010, at the age of seventeen, she went to Los Angeles, seeking fame and fortune. She found neither. However, she did Awaken. She became part of a cabal led by a member of the Silver Ladder named Borromeo. It was from Borromeo that she got her shadow name. She and Borromeo became lovers, and he mentored her.

        In November 2011, Alcippe's cabal traveled to Mankato, Minnesota to search for a Scelesti named Midnight. Midnight manged to kill Borromeo and use a magic dagger to perfectly impersonate him. Even in moments of intimacy, Alcippe failed to see through Midnight's magical guise. When she learned of this deception and Borromeo's death, Alcippe became despondent. Seeking revenge on Midnight, Alcippe and her cabal mate Becket returned to Mankato.

        In short order, she decided to stay permanently while Becket returned to Los Angeles. From Borromeo, she inherited enough wealth that she no longer needed to work. In early 2012, Alcippe was part of a party hunting a dangerous cryptid troubling the Mankato area. During this hunt, Alcippe and the party she was part of was attacked by Dollmaker, a dangerous Seer of the Throne. The Dollmaker turned Alcippe into a living doll.

        She spent about six months in this awful state until Cire, another mage from Mankato, managed to turn her back to normal. When she was back to normal, Alcippe discovered that she was now in Shanghai and that Cire had suffered a stroke in his effort to save her. As a result, Cire was in a coma. Alcippe elected to remain in Shanghai to help care for Cire. Alcippe made several friends in Shanghai.

        Unfortunately, she also fell under the influence of Midas, a powerful member of the Silver Ladder. At the bidding of Midas, Alcippe did a number of things that can only be considered crimes. She even carried out an assassination for him. After Midas suffered a strange death, Alcippe repented of her crimes and returned to Mankato. It was shortly after this that Ivory started mentoring Alcippe.

        For the past ten years, these two women have shared many remarkable adventures. One of these first adventures took Alcippe to Taipei in Taiwan in early 2013. Since May 17th, 2009, the Awakened of Taipei started to periodically catch glimpses of strange, inhuman blue faces in reflective surfaces. These faces invariably had three rather two eyes. These bizarre visages were seen only by the Awakened and, from what they heard, the occasionally vampire. In 2012, years of investigation has finally led them to discover that these three-eyed faces belong to creatures that lived in a previously unknown plane of reality similar to twilight. They devised a ritual to allow individuals to enter into this newly discovered realm. A cabal was organized to use this ritual to go investigate the odd blue creatures and their realm. Sadly, the cabal failed to return. With this cabal had been Hamurabi.

        Like Ivory, Hamurabi had been on the List of 13. At Ivory's request, Alcippe had traveled to Taipei to see if she could discover Hamurabi's fate. Using the ritual, Alcippe went to newly discovered dimension herself. It took weeks, but she managed to ultimately rescue Hamurabi and the others. For this, Alcippe won the lasting respect of the Taipei Consilium. It also won Alcippe the love Hamurabi. However, Alcippe broke up with Hamurabi in 2014.

        Late in 2016, Alcippe discovered that her hometown of Gladstone, Michigan was under the control of a Seer named Regina. In the first days of 2017, Alcippe went to Gladstone to try to vanquish this seer. Alcippe failed miserably in this effort. However, Regina did not kill her, revealing to Alcippe that she was her mother. Regina Geased Alcippe never to return to Gladstone. She also gave Alcippe a soul stone as a gift. Alcippe later discovered that the Soul Stone that Regina gave her belonged to Aerial, a very powerful Seer from New Zealand. Alcippe has not yet discovered why Regina had Aerial's soul stone nor as she yet made any contact with Aerial. Alcippe is aware that Aerial most likely would not follow the usual conventions about soul stones. Thus she was not exactly sure how to make use of her mother's gift. In addition, being a gift from her mother, Aerial's soul stone had great sentimental value to Alcippe.

        Over the years, many of Alcippe's other adventures had related to the consequences from her actions during her brief time with Midas. Her tryst with Midas has hurt her standing with among the Silver Ladder, especially due to the great influence of Midas' widow. She has taken on many challenges for the Silver Ladder to try earn a better a status, but with little luck. Alcippe has also been forced to work for the Guardians of Veil on several occasions. The Guardians have found out about the assassination that Alcippe had carried out and have used this discovery ever since into black mailing her into undertaking missions for them.

        Early in 2022, Alcippe started dating Ruben Peck, a mage who goes by the name of Lazarus. In short order, the two of them had become rather serious, despite somewhat of an age difference. Also recently, Alcippe has been contacted by a fellow Acanthus calling himself Domingart. Domingart has started to advise and help her, but his agenda for doing so is totally unclear at this point. Ivory has advised Alcippe not to trust him too much.

        Merits: Contacts 3 (Shanghai Consilium, Los Angles Consilium, Taipei Consilium); Mentor 1 (Domingart); Mentor 2 (Azura); Mentor 3 (Ivory); Resources 2; Sanctum (4 size); Striking Looks 2
        Strongest Attribute: Manipulation. Alcippe has learned to get what she wants most of the time.
        Weakest Attribute: Composure. Alcippe often becomes upset.
        Strongest Skills: Subterfuge. Her work for the Guardians has made her excel at deception.


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          12-17-2013, 01:46 PM

          Real Name: Roi Castro Grandal
          Shadow Name(s): Sable, Brother Sable, Vancian.
          Path: Achantus
          Legacy: Ahl i Batin (Subtle Ones)
          Order: Guardians of the Veil
          Faction: The Faceless

          Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 2
          Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
          Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 3

          Mental Skills: Academics 3 (Criminal Psychology), *Investigation 2, Occult 3
          Physical Skills: Brawl 1 (Grappling), Larceny 1, *Stealth 2, Weaponry 2 (Improvised, Knife)
          Social Skills: Empathy 3, Intimidation 1, Persuasion 3, Streetwise 2, *Subterfuge 3

          Merits: Sanctum (Size 1), Occultation 3, High Speech, Language: English, Dream 2, Status: Consilium 2, Status: Guardians of the Veil 3, Allies (Guardians of the Veil) 3, Resources 2, Fighting Finesse (Knife), Quick Draw (Melee).

          "The Avenging Son" (Uniform and token from its family. +1 Stamina/-2 Subterfuge)
          "Brother Smoke" (Self designed clothes with trinkets of its visions and indulgence of choice. +2 Occult/-2 Empathy)
          "The Heretic" (Clothes that identify its beliefs and a symbol of those beliefs always on display. +2 Intimidation/-2 Socialize)
          "Eye of Mars" (Practical clothes and a well maintained weapon at hand. +2 Brawl, Firearms or Weaponry/-1 Manipulation)
          "Good Death" (A token from its last victim. +2 Stealth/-1 Wisdom).

          Willpower: 5
          Wisdom: 5

          Virtue: Faith
          Vice: Wrath

          Initiative: 6
          Defense: 3
          Speed: 10
          Health: 8

          Gnosis: 5

          Arcana: Fate 5, Life 3, Mind 5, Space 4, Time 4
          Rotes: Winds of Chance (Fate 1, DP:13), Exceptional Luck (Fate 2, DP:11), Body Control (Life 2, DP:6), Memory Hole (Mind 2, DP:10), Finder (Space 1, DP:9), Ward (Space 2, DP:9), Scrying (Space 2, DP:8), Destroy the Threads (Space 3, DP:8), Shield of Chronos (Time 2, DP:9)

          1) "The Subtle Dance" (Sybil´s Sight + Incognito Presence)
          2) "False Presence" (Imposter + Alter Aura + Transform Aura) Optional: (New Threads)

          Mana/per turn: 14/5

          Experience (Total/Current): 288/0
          Arcane Experience(Total/Current): 204/0


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            MysticJackal, are you planning on writing an openig letter, or are we to start? Either way, thank you for continuing a great story.


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              Real Name: Ignat Brit Shadow Name: Orpheus (earlier known as Hermes)
              Location: Moscow, Russia
              Path: Mastigos
              Order: Mysterium
              Faction: Bricoleurs
              Virtue: Fortitude (Ortheus value some thing highly. Everything else is of little consern to him.)
              Vice: Pride (Orpheus tend to think of himself as being more clever than other people and more talanted than other mages. However, he is aware of this flaw.)
              Arcana: Mind 5, Space 3, Death 5, Prime 1
              Gnosis: 5
              Legacy: Tamer of the Cave
              1) Etheric Communion (Ectoplasm + Aura Perception)

              Merits: Language (English, native Russian), High Speech, Mystery Initiation 4, Status (Mysterium 4), Sanctum (Size 2, Security 3), Athenaeum 3, Library (Mind, Soul), Scriptorium (Death, Depth 4)

              Strongest Attribute: Resolve 5 (Orpheus simply don't stop if he strongly want something). Intelligence and Composure are also high.
              Weakest Attributes: Presence 1 (Seemingly uninterested in other humans, he usually fails to create good first impression.)
              Strongest Skills: Occult (Soul), Investigation, Science (Psychology), Empathy, Subterfuge

              Backstory: Ignat was born in 1989 in Dubna, small town north of Moscow. This town is one of the main research centers in Russia, but Ignat's parents were not scientists but simple office workers. The 90s were a time of multiple economical crisises in Russia. Scientist were especially affected and it happened that most of Ignat's chilghood friends left Russia along with their families. Even his mother left, prefering to live with her wealthy lover.

              In 2004 Ignat moved to Moscow and rented a small room there. He spent his time doing various odd jobs at evenings and sneaking into Moscow University to listen lectures at mornings. At one of this lectures he met Mary, young physics department student. They quickly falled in love with each other.

              Three years later on Ignat's birthsday he planned to sneak into the University once again and spend this day with Mary. Security guards, however, were really vigilant this day. Ignat was forced to run into dark underground passages of Univercity and to hide there. He spent whole day introspecting. As hours passed, dark maintenance passage was growing darker until Ignat couldn't see or hear or feel anything. Ignat don't now how much time he spent in sensory deprivation, but in the end the shackles of the Lie falled and the Watchtower of the Iron Gauntlet was revealed.

              Ignat chose for himself shadow name of Hermes and studied for two years under Surfer, powerful Silver Ladder mage. Then Mary fell victim to terrorist attack. Unwilling to part with her, Hermes appealed to Michael, old Hyerophant of Mysterium. Dying legacy of Tamers of the Cave was known for possesing secret of ressurection. Atonement --- a powerful spell that return dead person to life at the expense of life of the caster. Michael agreed to perform this miracle. But only if Hermes joins the Tamers of the Cave. Ignat cut his ties with Silver Ladder and was initiated in Mysterium.

              In 2013 Hermes obtained his first Attainment. Michael died. Mary was reborn. No longer a Sleeper, she Awakend as Obrimos. Mary was considered dead for three years so she couldn't return to her normal life. She chose for herself shadow name Lyss and became an apprentice to archivist of Mysterium. Lyss and Hermes married and for a few years they lived a happy life.

              Their happy life ended in 2019 with fire. A whole apartment building perished, bodies were burnt beyond recognition. Lyss was lost this day. Hermes changed his shadow name to Orpheus and secluded himself in his sanctum on the outskirts of Moscow, leaving it only to obtain another piece of forgotten lore.


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                Welcome to the game Daimon. Interesting character, be fun to see how he gets involved in all this.


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                  This should be a great game.


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                    Sigh, finally posting something. Would have done it sooner but a combination of real life and writers block kept me from doing that.


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                      Is everyone still keen for this? I know my last response was pretty late.


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                        I am at least. I hope to have my letter up soon


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                          I'm still here too. I've been meaning to post a letter this whole week, but stuff just kept coming up. I plan to have one up sometime today.


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                            Great letter, Shadowedeyes! I loved it.


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                              Well, I kinda wish I had expanded a bit more on the Nagendra betrayal thing, but frankly the letter was running long enough as it was. On a side note, if anyone wants to use Yue(Bai Hua's daughter) feel free. If not, it's obviously going to come up later on my end. If you want to know more about the whole ritual thing/possession, send me a PM and I'll send back what I know about it from when me and MysticJackal talked about it.