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IC [Exalted 2.5] Forging a Nation

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  • How infuriating. The creature has retreated. Far less drama to that than if it had advanced and given them a last-stand ending. Saffron supposes that he'll make up for it with his most beautiful weapon-- one of his jeweled knives. He lunges for the beast and, with an expert flourish of his blade and a mesmerizing whirl of flame-colored silk, slashes the glittering edge of the blade across its underbelly like a ship's prow parting water.

    (Spoiler mechanism is glitching so here goes: move action on first attack. Hungry Tiger Technique used (1 m) and Second Melee Excellency (6 m) to add 3 suxx. Counts as 6 extra suxx I think. (6+1=7 m of personal essence expended). Roll of (Dex+Melee+Specialty) is (4+2+1) is 7 dice for 2 suxx. Bracers allow him a 2 die bonus for 1 success. 9 in total. Base damage of 4L (weapon damage+Strength.)