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  • (OoC)(Exalted 2.5 Gunstar) To Boldly Go...

    Here's the OoC thread for my Gunstar thread. Keep things excellent, and all that, please.

    When you have your characters up and ready, post them here, along with a short summary.

    Thanks, and I look forward to seeing what y'all have.

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    Note: Pretty much finished, but might tweak a few things before start of play.
    Pellias the Voyager

    Problem-Solving Scout and Explorer

    Caste: Night
    Age: 30
    Anima: At higher essence spending progresses, a bonfire of ghostly white beings to show two large golden and greyish eyes. At totemic level, a large purple owl swoops out of the fire and spreads its wings full-wide.

    Motivation: Expand the Realm and its influence beyond Autochthon.
    Intimacies: Deliberative Army (pride), Solar Deliberative (obligation), Maker's Golden Stare (ownership), Autochthonia (concern), Lunars (secret jealousy)


    Strength: ●●
    Dexterity: ●●●●●
    Stamina: ●●●●

    Charisma: ●●
    Manipulation: ●●
    Appearance: ●●●

    Perception: ●●●
    Wits: ●●●
    Intelligence: ●●●

    Willpower: 10/10 (Recovery: 1 per day + sleep)
    *Compassion: ● ● ●
    Conviction: ● ●
    Temperance: ● ●
    Valor: ● ●●
    Virtue Flaw: Red Rage of Compassion
    Limit: 0/10

    Essence: ● ● ●
    Personal: 19
    Peripheral: 24 (41)
    Added Peripheral: 10 (Refill Condition: Magnitude/hour working on organization)
    Overdrive: 10 (Fill Condition: 1/ action when out of engagement range of enemies, max 5; can enter and exit enemy engagement range to restart fill)
    Normal Recovery: 13/hour (Cult 3, Elemental Core 5)

    *Archery ●●●●● (+1 at long range)
    *Martial Arts ●●●
    War ●●●

    *Integrity ●●●
    Presence ●
    Resistance ●●
    *Survival ●● (+1 when tracking)

    *Investigation ●●
    Lore ●
    Occult ●

    *Athletics ●●● (+1 when leaping)
    *Awareness ●●●●●
    *Dodge ●●●●●
    *Larceny ●●●●● (+1 when infiltrating locations)
    *Stealth ●●


    • Archery (at long range);
    • Survival (tracking);
    • Larceny (location infiltration);
    • Athletics (leaping).
    Languages: (Old Realm: Native)

    Artifacts (5 background)
    • Artifact 5: Armor of the Unseen Assassin;
    • Artifact 5: Elemental Core - The Thousand-Watchful Eye Bauble (Panopticon Stone Mimic);
    • Artifact 3: Orichalcum Godcannon - Maker's Golden Stare; and
    • Artifact 2: Folding Automated Servant - WESLEY.
    Backing 4 (Deliberative Army)
    Class 4
    Cult 3


    • 1st Archery Exellency (Core, 183);
    • 1st Awareness Excellency (Core, 183);
    • 2nd Larceny Excellency (Core, 184);
    • Graceful Crane Stance (Core, 222);
    • Spider-foot Style (Core, 225);
    • *Trance of Unhesitating Speed (Core, 187);
    • *There is no Wind (Core, 187);
    • Storm-Gathering Practice (Ink Monkeys: Archery);
    • Surprise Anticipation Method (Core, 226);
    • Shadow Over Water (Core, 227);
    • *Seven Shadow Evasion (Core, 227);
    • *Immanent Solar Glory (Core, 218);
    • Elegant Dance of Bow and Blade (Ink Monkeys: War).
    * Denotes Specific Errata

    Combat and Equipment

    Natural: 4/2/0
    Armor of the Unseen Assassin: Soak: +8L/+12B Hardness: 4L/4B Mobility: -0 Fatigue: 0 Attune: 10
    Combined: 12L/14B/8A Hardness 4L/4B/4A
    Dodge DV: 7
    Parry DV (Exceptional Fighting Gauntlets): 6
    DMDV: 7
    Join Combat: 10
    Move/Dash: 5/11

    Health Levels: ~0 x 1, ~1 x 2, ~2 x 2, ~4 x 1, ~Inc x 1.

    Orichalcum Godcannon - Maker's Golden Stare (The Thousand-Watchful Eye Bauble in Heartseeking Focus Lens)
    Spd: 6 Acc: +4 Dmg: 11L/3 Rate: 1 Range: 550 Ammo: 15 Attune: 7 Other: 2, O (P with armor-piercing rounds)
    Exceptional Blaster Pistols x2 (acc, dmg, rate)
    Spd: 5 Acc: +2 Dmg: 6L Rate: 5 Range: 50 Ammo: 50 Other: -
    Holdout Blaster (Hidden)
    Spd: 5 Acc: +1 Dmg: 4L Rate: 3 Range: 10 Ammo: 20 Other: +2 to Larceny rolls to conceal
    Exceptional Fighting Gauntlets (acc, def, dmg)
    Strike: Spd: 5 Acc: +1 Dmg: +6B Def:+3 Rate: 2 Other: M
    Clinch: Spd: 6 Acc: +0 Dmg: +3B Def: - Rate: 1 Other: C, M, P

    Fiction Sample

    "Try to have a sufficient camp set up for us when I get back. I'd like to treat the flush out team to a bit of on-site R&R if we can." He hoisted Stare over his shoulder and checked his armor again, a ritual more than anything, to ensure that his sidearms and ammunition cannisters were ready. Making the last adjustment to his fists, he tapped the side of his suit's collar making the metal helmet enclose his head an instant after, and turned back to WESLEY.

    His voice came out with a slight texture of lightning crackle as it filtered through his visor. "Not sure if I say this enough, but your services are appreciated. More than that, you're expensive, so I hope you don't mind if I leave an eye to keep watch on things here" he said as he pointed vaguely towards the top of a nearby crystal structure (strangely reminding him of home) common to the planet. "No hard feelings."

    "Of course not, Sir" the automated servant replied as he began to unpack the large DelArm bag. "Shall I prepare the embalming kit as well?" The Solar paused for a moment before shaking his head, almost sadly. "No trophies today WESLEY. Besides, I didn't bring the kit this time. This is purely duty." Not pausing to nod, the servant went back to preparing a basic camp in this middle-of-nowhere location on this middle-of-nowhere planet.

    'Beautiful' thought Pellias as he began to run off into the crystal forest. 'Absolutely a beautiful place. Such a shame...really.' The roar of a Lunar comrade harmonised and vibrated through the crystals, belying the true (and lengthy) distance away their common quarry was. With a flicker, Pellias vanished from sight and leapt up into the canopy. The eyes he'd sent ahead already mapped the scene for him and he knew the perfect place to wait.


    Pellias is the pride of the common man of the Deliberative Army. He's been played up as a hero before his exaltation, but his story has been carefully editied to keep hism relatable. Work hard, watch your fellow soldiers' backs and take the right risks when they count for the most. Any man or woman has the potential to do great things, even if it's within the scope of the mortal lifespan. DelArm: because not every threat has the courtesy to come directly in front of the Voidfighters.

    The Night caste himself bears this with minimal grumbling. In truth, he feels as if his mortal life story has been exaggerated to the point of utter fiction. Yes, he was born a soldier, eventually part of the Expeditionary force, supposedly volunteering young at the first opportunity for the chance to take the fight to where it counted and where risk for life was greatest. In truth, Pellias harbored the secret desire to escape the confines of the Maker so badly that he took up with the suicide forces.

    He'd been bred and brought up to live inside Autochthon and had nothing but gratitude for his life and the civilization he lived in, but he never felt fulfilled in the tunnels and amongst the cogs of the great Maker. Drilling on plains of metal with ceilings so high that they were out of sight was never quite enough; Pellias felt the claustrophobic-breaking desire to see what it was like on the other side of the Maker and what it was like to walk under strange skies. It was enough for him to train hard, get into the right drillsquads and eventually earn a ticket on the DelArm accompanying legion of Admiral Leviathan's Expeditionary Armada.

    Years later, Pellias found himself infiltrating an underground burrow on some gods-forsaken rock nearby Autochthon was mining on where he slunk and shot his way to rescuing several cocooned members of his platoon. The Dragon-Blooded commander was more than a little surprised to see the freshest member of the team lead ten men and women back to camp, and even more surprised by the new gold ring mark on the youngblood's forehead.

    Brought back to the Deliberative more than a little bashful, Pellias found himself the centre of both study and a few raised eyebrows. For one, the new Solar seemed more than a little disinterested in the celebrity attention thrust upon him and, curious to even Lytek, proved that mortals even slightly outside Autochthon could exalt under the right circumstances.

    Now, the Deliberative puts him to good use even if Pellias seems little interested in command or influence outside the DelArm. They've turned his story into useful propaganda and the pride and love he feels for the DelArm (no matter how shadowed it is by the glory of the Realm Defense Line) into opportunity. The Expeditionary forces have seen record-breaking transfer requests in the eight years since Pellias' exaltation.

    It was only natural, at the motioning vote of Crown of Gold and seconded by Raanei the Astrogater (and disturbingly, supported by the Magnus), that the mission to finally make a permanent settlement outside of Autochthon have an accompanying division of DelArm Expeditionary Marines, complete with the perfect motivating hero to support them and the Patropolis.

    Pellias wanted nothing of course more than a chance to get out of Autochton for a while.

    BP/Exp Spending
    Bonus Points spent: 18
    • WP 5-10 (5 bp);
    • Valor 2-3 (1 bp);
    • Backing (Deliberative Army) 2-4 (3bp);
    • Archery 3-5 (2bp);
    • Dodge 3-5 (2 bp);
    • Larceny 1-5 (4 bp); and
    • Awareness 4-5 (1 bp).
    Starting Exp spent: 49/50
    • Essence 2-3 (16 exp);
    • MA 1-3 (4 exp);
    • Resistance 1-2 (2 exp);
    • Survival 1-2 (1 exp);
    • Investigation 1-2 (1 exp);
    • Stealth 1-2 (1 exp);
    • 1st Awareness Excellency (8 exp);
    • 2nd Larceny Excellency (8 exp); and
    • Immanent Solar Glory (Larceny) (8 exp).
    Exp: 19/19
    • Remainder starting (1 exp);
    • 4 June 2014 per OOC Dietaku (18 exp);
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      Looks good, Jotun. Are WESLEY and your Lunar Mate allies you're taking? If so, do you have any ideas for their competencies?


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        WESLEY is going to be an automated servant, though I'm not sure if I am going to put him on the level of folding servant or give him some more juice.

        The identity of the Lunar involved I left as purposely blank because this is a bit of flavor fiction more than anything. This might be Pellias' previous mission or one he took years ago. Rather than setting in stone a host of allies that travel as a retinue, I'm giving a substantial backing rating in the Deliberative Army and letting the cast of 'allies' and 'comrades' rotate around that.

        The Lunar mentioned could be another PC character if it makes sense for someone's background, by all means, but Pellias would not be in any one permanent troupe for very long. He's a Solar who would be wasted commanding a small-sized group on a permanent basis when that could be delegated to a Dragon-Blooded. As such, I will avoid taking allies unless something truly sparks.

        Of course, while allies are not in the cards, the idea of having a robot butler/helper was too good to pass up.


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          Harmonious Voice Virtuoso
          Diplomat and Ace Pilot

          Caste: Eclipse
          Age: 25
          Tall and slim, with long brown hair and deep emerald green eyes. He is clean shaven and wears his hair up in a variety of styles. Harmonious Voice Virtuoso, or simply 'V' to his friends, prefers robes and togas when in session at the Deliberative or on official business. He keeps a fit military uniform at the ready for when he is on duty, allowing himself a half-cape for ornamentation. He will often drape part of his robe or cape over the stump of his right hand; not to conceal it, but to accentuate it. He always wears a smile but a closer look reveals the tired eyes behind his laughter.

          Keep the Realm a Cohesive Whole; Focused on its Destiny

          Humanity (Pride)
          Voidspawn (Terror)
          Flying (Boundless Joy)
          Testing Himself (Eager Passion)
          Opera (Adoration)
          Lectors ( Professional Respect)


          Strength: ●●
          Dexterity: ●●●
          Stamina: ●●

          Charisma: ●●●●
          Manipulation: ●●●
          Appearance: ●●●●

          Perception: ●●●
          Intelligence: ●●
          Wits: ●●●●

          *Archery: ●●●●
          War: ●●

          Integrity: ●●
          *Performance: ●●●●
          *Presence: ●●●●

          *Investigation: ●●●●
          Lore: ●●
          Occult: ●●

          Awareness: ●●●●
          *Dodge: ●●●●

          *Bureaucracy: ●●
          *Linguistics: ●●
          *Sail: ●●●● (●● In the Cockpit)
          *Socialize: ●●●● (●● Diplomatic Relations)

          Willpower: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
          *Compassion: ● ● ●
          Conviction: ● ● ●
          Temperance: ● ● ●
          Valor: ●
          Virtue Flaw: Heart of Tears
          Limit: 0/6

          Essence: ● ● ●
          Personal: 19
          Peripheral: 34 (41)

          Artifacts 1
          -2 (Orichalcum Starcaster)
          -1 (Orichalcum Breastplate)
          Backing 3 (Realm Defense Line)
          Followers 2 (handpicked Lectors to accompany me)
          Mentor 2 (Sidereal advisor and political ally)
          Class 4
          Cult 3

          Missing Hand (+2 bp)
          Nightmares (+4 bp)
          Greater Curse (+4 bp)

          Languages: Realm, Seatongue, Skytongue

          • 1st Archery
          • 2nd Awareness
          • 2nd Investigation
          • 2nd Performance
          • 2nd Presence
          • 2nd Sail
          • Trance of Unhesitating Speed
          • Panoptic Fusion Discipline
          • Reed in the Wind
          • Judge's Ear Technique
          • Sagacious Reading of Intent
          • Heart Compelling Method
          • Phantom Conjuring Performance
          • Irresistible Salesman Spirit
          • Fleet Outrunning Flagship
          • Mastery of Small Manners

          Harmonious Voice Virtuoso is a symbol of unity to the people of the Realm. His beautiful voice and clarion call to stand united can be heard throughout the Eight Nations. He can be heard in the Deliberative chambers and the Lector-sponsored operas; asking for the people to stay the course, and stand vigilant against the forces of the Void and the Titans. He knows the dangers of letting your guard down all too well. An attack by voidspawn when he was a child in Nurad left him crippled. Losing his right hand haunts him to this day, but it also inspires him. He joined the Lectors young, passionate to help others in doubt or despair.

          He grew popular among the Lectors for his gifts as a storyteller and performer. He loved to sing and invent fantastic tales of the wonders of the Spiral. Inspiring Populat and Exalted alike with his songs and plays. He was invited to perform before the mightiest of the Exalted in the capitol of Hadal. The story chosen was a popular propaganda piece, something safe and plain. Voice's superiors thought it best not to be too fantastical with the Realms most important Deliberators. and so his performance was largely ignored as the Exalted relaxed. It was no surprise that a few of the politicians rose into heated debate. Few expected a pair of rivals to draw blades. None expected Harmonious Voice Virtuoso to sing again. This time a soaring ballad. One of peace, calling to the hearts of the Exalted combatants. They wept at its beauty and threw down their blades. In another surprise, Voice found that he was burning with bright golden essence. The Solars had a new brother to welcome.

          Harmonious Voice Virtuoso has spent the years since his Exaltation much as he did in his mortal life. He works closely with Lectors to spread the word of the Deliberative. He has recently taken up a call to action. He drives recruitment for the Realm Defense Line. It turns out he loves flying even more than singing. He tells the people that everyone has a part to play in the War effort. Even politicians like himself. Voice hates fighting, but loves to fly. When he heard about the plans to scout the Spiral, Voice remembered all the murals from his home of Nurad depicting the beauty of its worlds. He jumped at the chance to explore his ancestral home. And maybe he can help avoid any interplanetary incidents while he's there.

          XP: 51
          Spent: 50
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            As a hint Albz, the you get a 3:1 trade for Artifacts in this setting as long as what you buy is cumulatively 3 or less (1 bp/background point for 4 and 5 too). You also get Cult 3 for free!


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              Looks good, guys. Lookin' very good!


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                Commander Amelia Blitzfire
                Dawn Caste Solar Exalted
                Officer and Pilot of the Gunstar Defense Line

                Bit of Background

                Raised in Estasia, Amelia grew up surrounded by soldiers and machines of war, she almost worshiped the Dragon-Blooded pilot of the Gunstar Defence Line dreaming of being in the cockpit of a voidfighter fighting monsters in space. As the years past she realized that she could not be one of them so she vented her frustration and she got in trouble with the law and was given a choice to join the army or forced labor as penance, she enlisted. As fate would have it she was good at being a soldier maybe even made for it , she graduated from military boot camp with high grades and honors. Her first postings showed her little action but steadily honed her skills until she was accepted as a Gunzosha commando, then the real fun began. Hunting voidbringer cells and apostates in the cavernous deep of the great maker, not only did she enjoyed it she always wanted more violence and conflict. Until the tyrant sun boarded the great maker leaving death and destruction in his wake only for the survivors to be killed by monstrous creatures that came from the twisted mind of the primordials. Ironically she exalted as one of his chosen in response to his attack on the great maker, unleashing her new found powers upon her enemies long enough for reinforcement to reach her, she black out soon after, only waking up in the a medial center the next day.

                During the time she spent in the medical center, various people came to explain what she was and told her that as Solar she could chose to do what she wanted as long as it benefited the realm.
                Unsurprisingly she joined the joined Defense Line and went for an accelerated flight training in the Steel Crucible of Dragons Academy, but now she was the one they worshiped. When word of an exploration mission into the spiral came to ears she volunteered to go.


                Motivation: To protect humanity and the Great Maker by destroying their enemies.
                Anima: Great Golden Dragon with purple eyes that exhale Blood red smoke from it's mouth
                Limit Break: Berserker Anger
                Age: 23
                Height: 5,10
                Weight: 145 lb
                Skin: Caucasian
                Hair: Blond
                Eyes: Red

                - The Gunstar/Autochton (Loyalty)
                - The Gunstar Defense Line (Admiration)
                - The Deliberative Army (Respect)
                - War (Love)

                Strength: 3
                Dexterity: 5
                Stamina: 3

                Charisma: 2
                Manipulation: 2
                Appearance: 3

                Perception: 3
                Intelligence: 3
                Wits: 3

                Archery: 4
                Martial Arts:
                Melee: 5
                War: 3

                Athletics: 3
                Resistance: 2
                Awareness: 5
                Integrity: 2
                Sail: 4

                Lore: 2
                Occult: 2
                survival: 2

                - Archery Firearms +1
                - Melee Autoklave +1
                - Awareness Sight +1
                - Sail Voidfighter +1

                Merits and Flaws
                - Ambidexterity 1 pt


                - First Archery Excellency
                - Trance of Unhesitating Speed
                - Essence Arrow Attack

                - First melee Excellency
                - Hungry tiger Technique
                - Perfected Battle Array (Ink Monkeys p.15)
                - Dipping Swallow Defense
                - Bulwark Stance
                - Heavenly Guardian Defense

                - First War Excellency

                - Panoptic Fusion Discipline (Ink Monkeys p.23)
                - Surprise Anticipation Method

                - Essence Gathering Temper
                - Ox-Body Technique (-1x1, -2x2)


                - Class 4
                - Cult 3
                - Artifact 5
                - Orichalcum Celestial Battle Armor (Artifact 5)
                - Essence Wings
                - Panoply of the solar hero
                - Orichalcum Shellcaster (Artifact 2)
                - Orichalcum Autoklave, The maker's Edge (Artifact 3) (Shards of Exalted Dream P.139)
                - Aegis Inset Amulet (Artifact 1)
                - Orichalcum Elemental Power core (Power Node) (Artifact 1) x2
                - Folding Servant (Artifact 2)
                - Backing (Gunstar Defense Line) 4
                - VoidFighter Gunship (Artifact 4) (Given as part of Backing)
                - Savant 2

                Essence and Willpower

                Essence: 3
                Personal: 17
                Peripheral: 23/39
                Overdrive: 10 (Refills when she takes damage)
                Committed Essence: 16

                Willpower: 8 (3)
                Compassion: 2 Temperance: 3
                Valor: 3 Conviction: 2

                Bonus points and Experience log

                Bonus points - 18
                - Backgrounds - Backing from 2 to 4 (2 point)
                - Essence -raise from 2 to 3 (7 points)
                - Merits (1 point)
                - Willpower - raise from 5 to 8 (3 points)
                - Virtue - temperance +1 (1 points)
                - Abilities (4 points)
                - Melee +2
                - Archery +1
                - Sail +1

                Exp Log - 50
                - Raising Awareness from 3 to 5 (12 exp)
                - Surprise Anticipation method (8 exp)
                - Panoptic Fusion Discipline (8 exp)
                - Essence Gathering Temper (8 exp)
                - Ox-body Technique (8 exp)
                - Purchased Savant at 2 (6 exp)
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                  Magnusar! Deliberative Army! Don't leave me hanging mate :P


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                    I don't need to be in Deliberative Army you're already there beside it's a Dawn I'll come to the rescue anytime :P


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                      No worries, just joking! Though I do like the prospect of an on-call Spacemarine that can drop down. Love the ambidextrous gun/sword combo in giant powerarmor idea.


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                        Valiar Jintus Tertius, AKA Jin, The Eye of the Storm
                        -Junior Vice-Adjunct to Towering Falcon of the Gunstar Defense Line General Staff
                        Sidereal Chosen of Secrets

                        Motivation: Capture and Reclaim the Celestial Exaltation Shards
                        Essence: 3
                        Personal: 14
                        Peripheral: 30 (36+8)(14 Attuned)
                        Willpower: 8
                        Compassion 1, Conviction 4, Temperance 2, Valor 3

                        Intimacies: Realm (Nationalistic Pride), Gens Valiar (Filial Piety), Circle (Camaraderie), Maidens (Worshipful Respect), Autochthon (Respect), Gunstar Defense Line (Camaraderie), Towering Falcon (Wary and disgusted subservience), Akuma (Hatred)

                        Limit: 0/5 (Flawed: Conviction)
                        Paradox: 0/10

                        Prodigy of Martial Arts
                        +1 to all Martial Arts rolls, can raise Martial Arts to one dot higher than age cap, Martial Arts costs (rating) EXP to raise, and receive a -2 EXP discount on all Martial Arts Charms.

                        Greater Curse (5)

                        -5 to Limit pool's maximum size
                        Obligation (5)
                        Jin owes an enormous debt to Towering Falcon who backed him in joining the Gunstar defense Line

                        Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
                        Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2
                        Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 4

                        Investigation 3, Larceny 3, Lore 5, Occult 3, Stealth 3

                        Bureaucracy 4, Dodge 4 (+2 When Unarmed), Martial Arts 5 (+2 Throne Shadow Style), Ride 3

                        Athletics 2, Archery , Awareness 2, Craft (Fate)2, Integrity , Linguistics 1 (Old Realm, High Holy Speech), Medicine , Melee 1, Performance , Presence , Resistance 2, War 1

                        House of Secrets
                        Key 2, Sorcerer 2

                        House of Endings
                        Corpse 1, Sword 2

                        Icy Hand
                        Absence (x2), Duck Fate
                        Avoiding the Truth Technique
                        Methodology of Secrets, Of Secrets Yet Untold, Of the Shape of the World, Of Horrors Best Unknown
                        Mark of Exaltation, Telltale Symphony
                        Yellow Path
                        Martial Arts
                        Throne Shadow Style
                        Lion Mouse Stratagem, Sifu’s Useful Fingers, Lotus Eye Tactics, Throne Shadow Form, Clear Eyes Defense
                        Throne Shadow Expansions
                        Horrific Wreath, Crimson Palm Counterstrike, Fateful Lotus Insights

                        Artifact 5
                        - Starmetal Celestial Battle Armor (Typhoon Resurgent) (5)
                        Basic Features: Filtration Baubles (+2 bonus against poisons and diseases), Sensory Augmentation Visor (+2 to awareness, For 3m/scene: Essence Sight), Exomuscular Fiber (+2 to strength), Peripatetic Greaves (2x Movement rate), Reinforced Gauntlets/Boots (add natural weapons), Active Camouflage System (+2 stealth when moving, +3 when stationary)
                        Additional Features: Integrated God-Machine Matrix (Allow Alchemical-equivalent charm installation), Enhanced Healing (1B per tick, 1L per hour), Essence Flight (20 yards per tick movement for a scene for 5m, 100 mph for [Essence] hours for 6m)
                        Soak +12L/+12B, Hardness 9L/9B, Mobility -0, Fatigue 1, Attune 10, Reduces minimum damage of attacks by 1
                        Three Hearthstone slots [Steam Speed Apparatus, Auspicious Protection Apparatus (providing power), Empty]
                        - Meticulous Form Augmenter (Starmetal Core: Precision of Form Gemstone Analogue) 3
                        Reduces the cost of all Martial Arts Charms by 2 motes if the Style’s form is active, but can only use Martial Arts Charms of that Style
                        - Auspicious Protection Apparatus (Starmetal Core: Guardian Gem Analogue) 3
                        Allows you two re-rolls on any roll per story, as well as allowing you to force any two dice rolls made by other characters to be re-rolled.
                        - Transcendent Enlightenment Array (Orichalcum Core: Seven-Leaping Dragon Stone Analogue) 4
                        +4 dice to all Martial Arts Rolls

                        Artifact 2
                        - Starmetal Skin Mount Amulet (2)
                        - Add twice socketed stone’s rating in Peripheral Essence, +1m recovered per hour [Socketed: Transcendent Enlightenment Array]
                        - Jade Hearthstone Bracers (2)
                        - -1 speed to all attacks, +3 dice to dodge attempts [Socketed: Meticulous Form Augmenter] Attune 4
                        - Steam Speed Apparatus (Starmetal Core: Jewel of the Flying Heart Analogue) 1
                        Add 1 to calculated DDV. If set into a weapon, weapon gains +1 Accuracy.
                        - Starmetal Fivefold Harmonic Adapter (1)
                        Allows resonance with an artifact of the wrong material without forcing attunement (attached to Hearthstone Bracers)

                        Backing 3 (Gunstar Defense Line)
                        Class 4
                        Cult 3
                        - +1wp gained per day, +3m gained per hour
                        Savant 2
                        - +2 dice to any roll regarding Magitech
                        Familiar 3: Pattern Spider “Tiny Weaver” serves as a familiar

                        Join Battle: 6 (8 in Armor)
                        Punch: Speed 4, Accuracy 14 (16), Damage 3B, PDV 7 (8), Rate 3
                        Kick: Speed 4, Accuracy 13 (15), Damage 6B, PDV 6 (7), Rate 2
                        Clinch: Speed 5, Accuracy 13 (15), Damage 3B, PDV -, Rate 1

                        Gauntlet: Speed 4, Accuracy 15 (17), Damage 13B, PDV 8 (9), Rate 3
                        Boot: Speed 4, Accuracy 14 (16), Damage 14B, PDV 5 (6), Rate 2

                        Soak: 16B/14L/12A (Hardness 9B/9L)
                        Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/I
                        Dodge DV: 9

                        BP/EXP Log
                        Greater Curse (+5bp)
                        Obligation (+5bp)
                        Prodigy of Martial Arts (5bp)
                        Essence 2-3 (10bp)
                        Conviction 3-4 (1bp)
                        Willpower 5-8 (3bp)
                        Lore 3-5 (2bp)
                        Dodge 2-4 (2bp)
                        Larceny 2-3 (1bp)
                        Occult 2-3 (1bp)
                        Stealth 2-3 (1bp)
                        Bureaucracy 3-4 (2bp)

                        EXP Total 68 (50 base + 18 Earned)
                        Martial Arts 3-5 (7 EXP)
                        Lion Mouse Stratagem (6 EXP)
                        Sifu’s Useful Fingers (6 EXP)
                        Lotus Eye Tactics (6 EXP)
                        Throne Shadow Form (6 EXP)
                        Clear Eyes Defense (6 EXP)
                        Horrific Wreath (6 EXP)
                        Crimson Palm Counterstrike (6 EXP)
                        Fateful Lotus Insights (6 EXP)
                        (55 EXP SPENT= 13 EXP BANKED)

                        Born to a respected, if somewhat small, Terrestrial gens, Valiar Jintus Tertius showed many aspect markings that pointed him out as a future Air Aspect of impeccable breeding. Alas it was not to be, as Tertius failed to exalt well past his fifteenth birthday, which caused him to be marked as having ‘lesser’ breeding. This was until Peerless Ocelot, an Elder Chosen of Endings and inventor of the Five Directional Animal Styles, came and revealed that Tertius was destined for Sidereal Exaltation.
                        Ocelot took the young Sidereal to be under his wing and trained him (often using Strange Universe/Battlefields conjured by his Sidereal Martial Arts charms). Jin learned a great deal from his Sifu, such as changing his preferred address to Jin (to separate himself from the Terrestrials) but primarily that Elder Exalts were completely, totally broken as people. They were walking, talking Weapons of Mass Destruction. This opinion was only reinforced as he watched Peerless Ocelot fly out into the Gunstar Defense Line and intercept two-battle carriers full of Terrestrial Akuma that had slipped past the Void fighters. He stopped the transports, slaughtering the tainted lesser Exalts within with almost contemptuous ease, before being batted aside himself by a pair of Titanic Exalts. Ocelot died that day, but it caused Jin to realize something. The Celestial Exalted are the most powerful weapons of the War. Even with them, the Incarnae didn’t win earlier. Therefore to have any hope of success, as many of the Celestials must be in the hands of the gods as possible.
                        Jin didn’t realize how to do this, until a possible breakthrough was revealed to him by Jupiter (or perhaps, that was merely how his mind perceived its own subconscious revelation; he had been awake for over a week). The Seal of Five Divinities, the Ward placed on the Loom of Fate by the Maidens to prevent any Celestial Shards within Fate from fleeing Autochthonia could be weaponized. By placing an enemy Celestial within Fate and then slaying them, the shard would travel to Lytek and the Maidens, not the Primordials, thus reducing the Enemy arsenal while increasing their own.
                        Jin convinced one of the Gunstar General Staff Commanders, the Dawn-caste Towering Falcon (who had commissioned the Directional Animal Styles ages ago), to bet on his gamble. Thus did Jin get assigned to Gunstar duty. He has yet to encounter an enemy Celestial in battle and prove his concept, but he longs for that day. Now he waits, biding his time and growing stronger, for the days he can wield the Secret Powers of Fate as a blade against the haughty servants of Theion.
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                          WORK IN PROGRESS

                          Righteous Common Enterprise
                          Starmetal Caste Alchemical Exalt
                          Engineer-Priest of Autochthon

                          Character History

                          Many Alchemical Exalted are created when their city or nation face a particular problem and feel they need a particular Champion to be the solution, and this time was no exception. Faced with crippling overpopulation and rampant disease, Gulak chose out an appropriately heroic soul and crafted a new Champion of Autochthon from starmetal to help them solve their problems. They did not create a doctor; though disease was their problem, doctors they had in abundance. They created someone who could help them engineer their cities and societies to reduce the problems without changing their identities in the process. What they got was Righteous Common Enterprise.

                          Righteous Common Enterprise (or just "Enterprise" for short, as she thinks just "Righteous" sounds too pompous and just "Common" sounds too... well, common) was not quite what they had in mind. Of course she was equal to the task, and immediately set to work, but they did not expect her to take such a... holistic approach to her goal of bettering society. Enterprise, from day one, viewed the architectural changes, urban planning and social engineering in Gulak as a side project. Important, of course, and worthy of doing, but also tangential, just one small part of what she wants to do with her existence. What does she want to do? Make everything better. For everybody.

                          Ambitious, to say the least.

                          Enterprise is no soldier; she was not built to be, and has no desire to be. She trusts the Solar Deliberative to prosecute the war. She has no desire to suit up and link with a voidfighter. She is technically a Commander in the Engineering Division of the Gunstar Defense Line, but she only bothered joining up initially because her work on the infrastructure of Gulak required her to travel through every part of the country making changes, including the various Immaculate Dragon Aeries and other military installations. Much easier to simply make the necessary arrangements to formally join up (as a reservist, of course) than have to go through the "10,000 Military Checkpoint Prana" every time she needed to come and go from a base. No, Enterprise is more interested in what comes after the war. When the Titans lie broken and imprisoned beneath the feet of the triumphant Exalted Host... what then? Enterprise looks around her and sees a society almost entirely focused on winning the war, with no concern for what comes after. So, she chose to concern herself with it. As far as she is concerned, the war is merely a means to an end, and that end is a better, safer life for all where everyone can flourish according to their merits. Exalted. Human. Spirits. Even Autochthon, once the Titans have been defeated and the need for the "Gunstar" has passed. Indeed, Enterprise feels that this should be a goal for all of the Champions, as the Solars can be remarkably... single-minded at times. She has frequently espoused this belief to her fellow Alchemical Exalted, with varying degrees of success.

                          Perhaps because of this focus on the betterment of life for all, Enterprise is deeply religious, feeling a strong reverence for Autochthon and his remaining Divine Ministers. She feels especially close to Noi, Divine Minister of Curiosity, Research, Exploration, Innovation, Rebellion and Progress, God of Sleep, Recreation, Toys, Children and Non-Procreative Sex, going so far to be ordained as a priestess of Noi. While many of the qualities that Noi represents are important in Autochthonian society, like research, exploration, innovation and progress, Righteous Common Enterprise feels very strongly that the people of the Realm have lost the joy of these activities. Yes, it is good to have purpose, but what is wrong with curiosity simply for the sake of curiosity, learning for the love of learning? Enterprise believes that the focus on the war for its own sake has lead to the stagnation of Autochthonian society and feels that the rekindling of these values in all people is a necessary first step to ensuring a good and equitable post-war society. Noi agrees with her, considering her one of his favored priestesses. He has sent her occasional dreams, and even a familiar, Trip, to help her on her way.

                          Champion though she may be, Righteous Common Enterprise is still just one woman (and a young one at that, having just celebrated her tenth "birthday"). She has, of necessity, largely focused her efforts on Gulak thus far, though she has taken the time to tour all the nations of Autochthonia and even raise her concerns with some members of the Deliberative (many, though not all, ofwhich did not take her entirely seriously) and every Alchemical Exalt who will listen to her. Gulak, however, is where she has focused her efforts thus far. In addition to her progress on the overpopulation and disease program (incidentally, disease linked to overpopulation has decreased 2.6% since she began her reforms and is still trending slowly but steadily downward), she has worked hard to spread her values and the values of Noi throughout the society. She works hard to ensure that the people she works with are both happy and connected with one another, and is a strong proponent of the polyamorous relationships that are increasingly common in Gulak. She feels that, by connecting with large and diverse family groups, sometimes including Exalted of various types, all people will feel more connected with each other in general. Having lives outside of work that include steady, stable relationships with multiple people of different backgrounds and of different professions and classes not only increases equality and the meritocratic nature of society, it encourages those people to involve themselves in recreational activities unrelated to their job functions. Righteous Common Enterprise is herself part of such a polyamorous relationship, cohabiting with six others- a chef, a soldier, a pediatric nurse, a lector, a mechanic and a Terrestrial Exalt pilot. The seven of them get along very well, love each other equally and are in a stable, committed relationship. Enterprise considers this a model for others in Autochthonia and has worked very hard to increase consideration for such arrangements among the leaders of Gulak. Some detractors comment that Enterprise has simply become addicted to the physical parts of such relationships, but she does not bother to dignify such accusations with a response. She also spends much time in the creches, knowing that it is just as important to pass the values she is trying to instill on to the next generation than it is to inculcate them into the current populace. Besides, she likes children (and so does Trip). Finally, Enterprise does much to encourage the arts in Gulak, working to ensure patronage and support for artists of every stripe, and is herself a skilled artist, mostly in the medium of acid etching on metal, glass and crystal. She has an excellent relationship with many lectors throughout Gulak. She is also supported in many of these endeavors by the High Celebrant of Gulak, herself a former lector, with whom Enterprise has an excellent working relationship.

                          As important as the work in Gulak is, though, soon an opportunity came that Enterprise could not ignore. The Solar Deliberative decided to send a mission back to the Spiral to scout a location for and, if possible, establish a permanent secret base for scouting and, eventually, the return of the Gunstar Autochthonia to prosecute the war. When she learned of the mission, Enterprise knew that she had to be a part of it. It was all well and good to work within Autochthonian society, but this mission would be establishing the first Realm presence in the Spiral since the exodus. It would set the tone for all future efforts, and Righteous Common Enterprise had to make sure it was done right. While the mission is to establish a military base in the Spiral, Enterprise's plans revolve more around creating the nucleus for a colony. It will fulfill its immediate primary function as a foothold for the invasion, of course, but it will also be the seed of infrastructure from which a true home can grow on this world. She plans to do everything in her power to ensure that humans are involved in the construction and operation of the facility from day one as an integral part, particularly humans from Gulak (which should also help with their overpopulation problem). She consulted with her partners, and the seven of them agreed to volunteer to be a part of the mission. Of course, there were many thousands of volunteers from across all of Autochthonia, so Enterprise had to take things a step further. Making a personal appeal to Radical Mendicant Zekka, the elder alchemical who will serve as the starship for the mission, Righteous Common Enterprise made the depths of her desire to be a part of the mission known to him. He kept his own counsel on whether he agreed with her reasons and goals or not, but agreed to help her. He personally interceded with the Deliberative to have her assigned as the mission's Chief Engineer and Primary Architect, and the rest of her family assigned to roles suitable for their skills, in exchange for a major obligation to him from Enterprise.

                          Character Description

                          Righteous Common Enterprise has 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes and some other stuff. Details to follow.


                          Motivation: Build a safe, prosperous home for humanity and all the inhabitants of Autochthonia where each person can advance and contribute according to their own merits.

                          Strength: ●●
                          *Dexterity: ●●●●
                          Stamina: ●●

                          *Charisma: ●●●
                          *Manipulation: ●●●
                          *Appearance: ●●●

                          Perception: ●●●
                          *Intelligence: ●●●●●
                          *Wits: ●●●

                          Archery: ●
                          Awareness: ●
                          Bureaucracy: ●●
                          Craft (Air): ●●
                          Craft (Earth): ●●
                          Craft (Fire): ●●
                          Craft (Magitech): ●●
                          Dodge: ●●
                          Integrity: ●
                          Linguistics: ●
                          Lore: ●●
                          Medicine: ●●
                          Occult: ●●
                          Performance: ●
                          Presence: ●●●
                          Resistance: ●
                          Ride: ●●●
                          Sail: ●
                          Socialize: ●●●

                          Archery (Pulse Cannon): ●
                          Craft (Earth) (Architecture): ●
                          Craft (Magitech) (Utilitarian Artifacts): ●
                          Medicine (Public Health): ●
                          Linguistics: Autochthonic (Native), Old Realm

                          Allies: ●
                          Backing (Gunstar Defense Line): ●●●
                          Class: ●●●
                          Contacts: ●
                          Cult: ●●●
                          Eidolon: ●
                          Familiar: ●●
                          Followers: ●
                          Savant: ●●●

                          Compassion: ●●●●●
                          Conviction: ●●
                          Temperance: ●●
                          Valor: ●●

                          Essence: ●●●
                          Willpower: ●●●●●●●●●●

                          Improving Life for all Autochthonians (Unswerving Dedication)
                          Autochthon (Reverence)
                          Noi (Reverential Admiration)
                          Gulak (Proud Desire to Improve)
                          Deris Amathera (Love)
                          Horobu Deled (Love)
                          Faran Jana (Love)
                          Griyun Kevan (Love)
                          Asal Lira (Love)
                          Proxen Celek (Love)
                          Trip (Exasperated Love)
                          Solar Deliberative (Trust)
                          Children (Protectiveness)
                          Radical Mendicant Zekka (Wary Respect)
                          Humanity (Hope)

                          Enchanting Features (2 pt Social)
                          Priest (1 pt Supernatural)

                          Obligation (3 pt Social, Major Obligation to Radical Mendicant Zekka)
                          Vice (3 pt Spiritual, Sex)

                          Charm Slots
                          Dedicated: 6
                          General: 4

                          Augmentations: Dexterity (2nd, 6th [Dexterity + Craft]), Charisma (2nd), Manipulation (2nd), Appearance (4th), Intelligence (2nd, 6th [Intelligence + Craft])

                          Dexterity: Accelerated Response System [Dodge], Precalculated Evasion System [Temperance Flaw]

                          Stamina: Strain Resistant Chassis Modification [3 -2 HL], Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit

                          Charisma: Patriotism-Provoking Display, Synergy-Promoting Upgrade

                          Manipulation: Pheromone Regulation Systems, Unobtrusive Repartee Baffles

                          Appearance: Thousandfold Courtesan Calculations

                          Wits: Omnitool Implant, Transcendent Multimodal Artifact Matrix [Essence Pulse Cannon]

                          Background Descriptions

                          Deris Amathera: Called "Thera" by her friends, Flight Lieutenant Deris Amathera is a Fire Aspect Terrestrial Exalt, and a skilled voidship pilot of the Gunstar Defense Line. A young graduate of the Steel Crucible of Dragons Academy, Thera advanced rapidly in the ranks at first, her natural skill and flair for piloting carrying her far. Her meteoric rise has stalled, however, and she has yet to make Squadron Leader. Skilled as she is, her superiors are uncertain that she is leadership material. She is impetuous, hot-headed and often insubordinate. She has begun to temper these qualities, especially since she entered a relationship with Righteous Common Enterprise. Dedicated warrior and pilot that she is, Thera agrees with Enterprise that part of the focus of the war must be on its aftermath and wants to be a part of building that better society. Enterprise and the rest of their lovers have been helping Thera to cool her temper and channel her passions, and she hopes that her place with the mission of the Radical Mendicant Zekka will give her the opportunity not just to do some good, but to get her career back on track. Besides being a highly skilled pilot of her voidfighter, the Radical Dreamer, Thera is a warrior of no small skill with her beamklaive and red jade Immaculate Dragon Armor. She is tall and muscular, with bright red hair, which she keeps cut short, and flaming red eyes.

                          Precision Essence Visor (●●●)
                          Defiant Voyager Windblade-Class Personal Transport [Starmetal] (●●●)
                          Void Defying Force Belt (●●)
                          Trinket of Dignified Conduct [Adamant] (●●)
                          Transformative Armor (●●)

                          Backing (Gunstar Defense Line)
                          Initially a reservist in the Engineering Division with the rank of Commander, largely to facilitate her work on the infrastructure of the Line's facilities in Gulak, Enterprise had her commission switched to active duty so she could be a part of the mission of Radical Mendicant Zekka.

                          Enterprise lives more or less at the normal standard of living for a young Alchemical, though the members of her family combine their resources.

                          Enterprise has some contacts throughout Gulak society, many of them lectors or members of the building trades. Her major contact is the High Celebrant of Gulak, who agrees with many of her goals both for Gulak in particular and post-war Autochthonian society in general in addition to being a former lover.

                          Enterprise benefits from the normal level of worship accorded to the Celestial Exalted, though she is not entirely comfortable with it.

                          Though she does not consider herself to lack for human companionship, Enterprise has made some effort to connect with the memories of her past lives and considers them a valuable part of her life. She means to work on this further, when she has the time.

                          Sent to her by Noi, Enterprise's familiar is a small clockwork creature resembling a ferret. He is adorable, cheerful, kind, funny and loves playing with children. When with Enterprise, he divides his time between her shoulder, the top of her head or a deep pocket the sets aside for him in every outfit. Though it is not obvious to a casual observer, one of his legs is a few micrometers shorter than the others. He, and Enterprise, see this as part of his personality and would not think of "correcting" this "defect." It has, however, led to his name- Trip.

                          Enterprise's "followers" are actually the five mortal members of her polyamorous family (along with the Terrestrial Exalt Thera, described above), and all seven consider themselves equal within the relationship. The decision to come on the mission to the Spiral was made by the family as a whole. The family is stable, but sexually open, and might even be open to including another person- if all seven agreed, of course.

                          Horobu Deled: The eldest member of the family at 52, Deled is a talented cook and has been assigned as the chief chef of Radical Mendicant Zekka. When he is not at home, he can almost always be found in his kitchen. He has a photographic memory, and the first thing he did upon coming on board was start memorizing the names, faces and birthdays of everyone on the ship. He considers it part of his job to learn everyone's food preferences and to make sure they get something they like on their birthday. He is white-haired, rotund, jovial and always friendly, never frowning except when a dish doesn't go quite right. In his view, a cook is as important as a lector when it comes to keeping morale up. All that aside, he's looking forward to cooking with exotic ingredients the ship picks up in the Spiral. Above all, he makes sure every member of the crew, from the lowliest crewman janitor to the mighty solar exalted know that his kitchen is always open to anyone who needs an ear to listen, as long as they don't mind helping to chop some vegetable or stir some soup while they chat.

                          Faran Jana: A Gulaki lector, Jana, a tall, lanky but pretty blonde woman in her early thirties is an accomplished musician, playing a number of different stringed instruments and singing along with them. Assigned to the Radical Mendicant Zekka to help minister to the crew, she works hard to keep morale up and makes sure there are plenty of musical events in all corners of the ship. She spends her free time in various observation decks, watching the stars while she works on original compositions, often staring out the windows, strumming her electroharp and singing softly to herself. She often has a far off gaze and a small smile even when talking to people, as if hearing music no one else can.

                          Griyun Kevan: Short, muscular, hairy and thickly bearded in his early twenties, gruff Kevan is not the image that comes to mind when one thinks "pediatric nurse." Despite his appearance, Kevan is instantly disarming to children, who treat him just like a teddy bear. He is a talented nurse, but given that his specialty is pediatrics, Kevan will be working outside his normal area of expertise in the Radical Mendicant Zekka's infirmary. He will come into his own when the base is finally established, where he will be part of the staff of the creche when children start being born there. Kevan is deeply committed to Enterprise's goals and, while he tends to be abrasive (to say the least) when interacting with other adults, the members of his family see that as part of his charm.

                          Asal Lira: A voluptuous brunette in her early twenties, Lira usually hides her attractive body in a bulky utilitarian jumpsuit and can more often be seen with oil or grease on her face than not. A voidfighter mechanic with the Gunstar Defense Line, Lira is often more comfortable with machines than people, though Enterprise and the rest of her family are slowly drawing her out of her shell. In her spare time, she enjoys making toys and other small gadgets for children, and looks forward to a day, hopefully in her lifetime, when the war will be over and she can focus all of her efforts on that. Until then, she remains one of the most talented human mechanics in the Gunstar Defense Line, and many of the pilots speak highly of her, knowing that when she says something has been done, however shyly she may say it, they can trust that it has been done right.

                          Proxen Celek: The youngest and newest member of the family at 17, Celek is a Private in the Deliberative Army. Having just completed his military training, Celek had to get special dispensation from his superiors (smoothed along by Thera and Enterprise) to live in the family's quarters aboard ship instead of in the barracks (at least most of the time). The mission of the Radical Mendicant Zekka is his first assignment, and he is eager, though nervous. He spends most of his time with his fellow troops, trying to pick up some pointers. He is in excellent shape, tall and handsome with closely cropped black hair and green eyes that look striking above his crisp military uniform, with a shocklance slanted over his shoulder. He hopes to show enough skill and promise to be chosen for the Gunzosha Corps eventually. He views his role as a soldier to protect the people of the Realm and help them reclaim their homes and find a peaceful life for themselves. He is in awe of the Exalted, in particular the renowned hero Pellias the Voyager, and in his heart of hearts he harbors a hope that one day he will be found worthy of exaltation himself.

                          Righteous Common Enterprise is a skilled engineer.

                          Bonus Point/XP Expenditures

                          Bonus Points- 24 (18 base + 6 flaws)
                          2- Enchanting Features Merit
                          1- Priest Merit
                          5- Willpower
                          2- Compassion
                          1- Eidolon
                          2- Familiar
                          1- Allies
                          10- Charms

                          Experience Points (Unspent: 0 Spent: 50 Total: 50)
                          18- Essence 3
                          3- Followers 1
                          3- Savant 3
                          4- Dedicated Charm Slot
                          4- Dedicated Charm Slot
                          2- Ride 2
                          2- Lore 2
                          2- Occult 2
                          2- Craft (Magitech) 2
                          2- Craft (Earth) 2
                          2- Bureaucracy 2
                          2- Dodge 2
                          4- Ride 3

                          OK, character history done, pending ST approval (of course). Also provided a more detailed explanation for the various backgrounds, especially Allies and Followers. These are all supposed to be NPCs, obviously, so I built them with the intention of giving our dear ST something to work with. If you'd like me to change anything about any of them, Dietaku, please let me know. All that's left is the character appearance, which unfortunately I just don't have time for right this minute. I'll get to it as soon as I can (hopefully tomorrow).

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                            They look good. I feel sorry for you, though, Noodle. You owe Towering Falcon of all people a favor.

                            For those not in the know, Towering Falcon was the previous incarnation of a Slayer I played once, who had this raging man-crush on the Sun Dragon, better known as the Infernal General. He was a paranoid, flamboyant individual who loved fine clothing just as much as he loved swordplay. Not a person I'd want to owe a favor to.


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                              Nice character Noodle looking good, but there is something bothering me flight is not specific to orichalcum celestial battle armor because if we can take option of other magical material I'm gonna modify mine just wanted know ^^