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  • (IC)(Exalted Gunstar) To Boldly Go...

    After receiving the communique from Admiral Invictus Gladians Hime, you all enter Radical Mendicant Zekka's bridge. The viewscreen is filled with the forward fleet of the Gunstar Defense Line, as it prepares to transit into battle. All around you, you see crew members busy at work preparing for flight themselves.

    An attractive, green haired woman, her name plate announcing her to be Cynis Lydia, Commissariat Division, approaches you with a pict-caster, and announces, "My lords, the Factory Cathedrals are loaded and stored properly. However, Fire Control is announcing that the storing of the shells is taking longer than projected. Rest assured, I will ensure that all explosives are stored properly prior to our transit."

    "Lords,Captain Kana Kleiner of the Mercury's Delight is announcing her readiness, and Admiral Invictus is announcing that Fleet Transit will occur in one Standard Day's time. If you'd like to tour the ship, now would be the time, " a white, haired, gaunt man, his nameplate and epaulets marking him as Ledaal Sato Hoshi, Comms Divison, said, saluting crisply.

    What will you do now?

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    Pellias returned the salute and forced a weak smile in response to both Cynis Lydia and Ledaal Sato Hoshi. He was, at the moment, only half-heartedly interested in the ship they were on and more piqued by the forward fleet shown on the viewscreen. He assumed this would be the last he would see of the those travelling to the South Spiral for quite some time, if ever. It wasn't as if he'd ever really fought alongside them before, or knew many members outside of the Celesials that were there, but he admired the bravery of the feint they were about to undertake on the Zekka's behalf.

    He turned back to lock eyes with Ledaal Sato Hoshi after a moment. "How are my boys and girls in the DelArm attachement settling in? Not often we get a trip aboard this size of a vessel. I'd very much like to see where they've been stowed away."


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      "The Deliberative Army detail is stationed on deck 14-A. They're currently running through drills, I believe," Sato Hoshi replied, giving Pellias a pict-caster with a map of the ship, and the Army's location.

      After a short elevator trip, Pellias finds a group of Dragonbloods going through combat drills. At one end, is a mountain of a man roaring orders to the others, as a short woman with cropped red hair laughs at the unfortunates as another line of soldiers enters the fray. The giant notices Pellias, and barks an order to the detail, who all snap to attention.

      "Milord, It's an honor to meet you. I am Granite-Boar Feiyan, Shield Division Commander," he says, as the woman hops from her perch and delivers an airy salute herself.

      "Haze-Cobra Airi, Siege Division Commander," she says gruffly.

      "Is he here? Welcome, sir! I am Polestar Ryuka, Scouting Division and Intelligence," a wispy voice say behind you. Turning around, you find a white-haired young woman in jade power armor. With that, another two individuals rush in. One, a stocky man with frazzled blue hair and a young man, barely a boy, with long, green hair salute as well.

      "Sorry, Sir! We were assisting Fire Control in stowing the shells. I'm Still-Jelly Toki, Aquatics Divison, and this here is Shine-Archen Hyui, Medical Division," the blue-haired man says, as his comrade waves.

      "Pleased to meet you, sir," Hyui manages, cracking a wide grin.

      Well, now that everyone's acquainted, what next?


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        Standing on the bridge in full combat gear Amelia was an imposing figure despite her small frame, listening to both dragon-blooded while watching the crew working with her cold stare to make sure that everything was in order.The crew was already falling behind on one schedule.She sighted and turned towards both dragon-blooded .

        "Thank you Miss Cynis, I'm sure you will but these delays will be unacceptable once we have departed the fleet, keeping to our schedule will most likely mean life or death on our mission, is that clear ? I expect you to pass this warning to all the different departments of the ship, Mr Hoshi"

        Giving them a few second to assimilate her words before continuing.

        "Now to the matter at hand I will need a full report of our offensive and defensive capabilities as well as the average time for the crew to respond to emergency situation, before we leave the fleet. I would also like to meet with the flight leaders of fighter squadrons, now"
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          Lydia mumbled a rushed apology, and then went back to her work, as Hoshi saluted and barked orders over the intercom.

          "Your Wing commanders are coming, Lord. In the meantime, all weapons are powered up and serviced. Fire Control is indicating that they've stowed the last of the shells, and their small arms and armories are all checking out. We have proper kit for an Imperial legion, but the projections, according to what I know, isn't to arm the populace, but to maintain fighting ability until the Fleet can catch up with us, once we touch down," Hoshi said, as five individuals arrived at the bridge.

          The first was short, made of muscle and poorly shaven. He reeked of cheap liquor, but also had sharp eyes, like a hawk. He glared at Amelia, as though she'd interrupted something far more important.

          " Cathak Toven, Sir, Call-sign is Maniac," he said, " Wing Leader of Wood Squad,"

          (Note: Unless someone seriously objects, I'm going along with the Anglosphere military custom of treating "Sir" as a gender-neutral term.)

          "Nellens, Sir, Nellens Jenna, Call-sign is Angel," his companion, a thin woman with auburn hair, continued," I command Fire Squad."

          "I'm V'Neef Czasi, Call-sign is Big Boss," another of the five, a woman of average build but with long bluish-black hair tied back into a braid called, " My squad's Earth."

          "The name's Ferem Max, Sir. My Call-sign is Reaper," the youngest of the five said, an effeminate man with bobbed sky blue hair, " I command Water Squad, and this here is Royhanz Fokker, Call-sign of Majestic. commander of Air Squad. I apologize in advance for him, Sir, He's a little..." Max said, motioning at a grizzled blonde man leaning back on the bulkhead, chewing a blade of grass.

          Fokker looked up at the glaring solar, and bowed deeply, "Grretings, Sir. I'm Fokker, called the Majestic. I have fifty confirmed kills, and I command the meanest sumbitches this side of the Gunstar. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

          Well, that was a lot. What will you do now?


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            "I'll try to live up to the hype" he replied to the youngest member. "At ease everyone, I'm not here to interrupt. Hell, as far as I'm concerned this is the best thing to be doing right now. Let the crew do their thing, and help out where you can," he said giving a nod to the blue and green-haired boys, "but remember that it isn't our job to fly this thing. Our job is for when we get off again, and I don't want any of you feeling less than ready. As far as I'm concerned, warm-up time started when we got on board and doesn't end until our first touchdown."

            He looked to Feiyan and gave a knowing nod. "Keep them all trim and ready. This is our big shot people, the stuff everyone back home has dreamt of for centuries: time to take it to the enemy on their turf." With a salute, he looked to the group. "As you were. I want to watch for a while before I have to take my place on the bridge again."


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              CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! As the Wing Commanders were reporting in, three loud, reverberating clangs echoed across the bridge, seeming to come from an open access hatch in the ceiling overhead. A few moments of silence, then a loud BANG followed by a trickle of purple smoke. "OK, try it now, Hoshi," a clear feminine voice called down through the hatch, unaffected by the smoke. "That ought to clear up the problem with the comms and get us back on schedule. Good thing, too; I hear the Air Group Commander we got stuck with is a real hard ass. Nothing worse than a bad first impression," the voice continued, oblivious to Amelia's presence.


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                "Very good, Sir. Engage the Jylis field, let's show him what we can do!" Feiyan barked, as his troops lined up. One the other side was Airi's heavily armed troops. The two sides were still for a moment, then madness. Airi's siege troops pummeled the Shieldbearers with shellcasters, bombs, and essence weaponry, but sure enough, they held strong. Slowly, the Shieldbearers advanced towards the siege line, and engaged them, while the siege division tried to scatter, to a degree of success. Several siege soldiers began to produce flame gouts out of their palms that exploded when they came into contact with their opponents. However, the Shieldbearers' advance was inexorable, until Airi leapt into the air.

                "Secret Attack: Smoke Cobra Sheds Its Skin," She says calmly, as she tugs on her back, seemingly producing a dummy out from behind the back of her neck, and tossing it down at the Shieldbearers below. The shieldbearers, clearly aware of something Pellias isn't, finally break ranks at this, expanding their column as they try to get away. However, this is to naught, as the dummy explodes as it hits the ground, blasting everyone to the ground.

                "You win again, technically, cousin," Feiyan says, getting to his feet, " If this had been real combat we'd have you court martialed for killing your own troops."

                "Maybe so, but if it came to that, I'd have the Shieldbearers to assist," Airi grumbled, as the soldiers picked themselves up, waves of Wood essence from the Jylis field rapidly healing their injuries and renewing their kit to working order. Up next, stepped Toki and Ryuka's troops, and the tests continued.

                (Meanwhile on the bridge)

                Hoshi grimaced, as his eyes darted from Amelia to Enterprise.

                "Thanks to you, Milady. The Comms seem to be operating at peak efficiency. I--uh, the main relay dish. I'll go and ensure that it's in working order, " he says, and excuses himself, as Fokker cackled to himself. However, a hand slammed Fokker onto the ground, and laughed. The hand belonged to a tall man in black leather, with expressionless, pupiless eyes, with steely skin and hair not unlike the cables Enterprise had been fiddling with before.

                "Kyahahahahaha! THAT was funny. What have I told you before, Fokker? If you laugh, make sure no one can kick your ass while you do it! Ah, hey, sweet-cheeks,, how's it going?" the Alchemical new-comer aked, as Lydia turned bright crimson.

                "U-um, Lord Zekka, w-well," she stammered, as he frowned.

                "No, no, no, not you, Cynis-duckling, I mean the little girl in the armor playing like she's a tough shit. You're gonna protect me, eh? What's your name?" Zekka asked, grinning a shark-toothed grin.


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                  "What would your Sifu say, Airi?" Jin says. He arrived on the deck during the drills, and had not yet spoken, "Valiar Jintus Tertius, Director of the Operations Stealth and Security division. Now, Airi," Jin affects an imitation of Peerless Ocelot, his old, regrettably deceased, Sifu, "What is the philosophy of the Smoking Cobra?"


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                    Airi, abandons her earlier gruff demeanor, and snaps to attention, "The essence of Smoking Cobra is reckless action. You become the double edged sword that both strikes down your opponent, while striking yourself down, Sir."

                    At this, Feiyan and the other division commanders quickly run towards Jin and bow deeply.

                    "Senior, It's good to see you. How goes your journey along the Lotus of Understanding, "Feiyan asks.


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                      "Thank you Mr Hoshi, you do not have to worry, I have no intention to wage war while we are on this mission, but if we have to fight I want to know what we are capable of"

                      Going into the Spiral with only a fraction of the intended personnel was bad enough not say that the idea of waging war was almost unthinkable, almost... Lost in her thoughts she barely noticed the arrival of the flight leaders and Hoshi's words made her snap back to the present, she listened to them present themselves and she was about to introduce herself when one hell of a racket came from the ceiling followed by a woman's voice, as she walked to the hatch in the ceiling from where it came from.

                      "Yeah she is, I assume that you're unaware that I am on the bridge, why don't you come down so that we can talk face to face"

                      Before she could hear a reply her attention had shifted to the tall alchemical that had arrived on the bridge. Radical Mendicat Zekka in the flesh well so to speak. His way of speaking lack some finesse but warship where entitle to some quirk she assumed.

                      "So big bad alchemical need little me to protect himself hein ? But I digress I am Amelia Blitzfire, commander of the air group. Flight leaders now that the presentations are made I will speak to you later, dismiss !! "
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                        "That is correct," Jin says, "Now, how can you strike yourself down when you cower behind your men? Ponder this, and you may take another step towards mastery of your Style."

                        Jin returns the division commanders' salute, "My journey goes well, cousin. Don't let my presence disturb you; continue with your demonstration. Your commander," he waves to Pellais, "will need to know what you're capable of."


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                          Originally posted by Magnusar View Post
                          "Radical Mendicat Zekka "

                          I know that'a a typo, but that put a smile on my (And Zekka's) face. I may have to draw Radical Cat Zekka later.

                          ‚Äč(On the bridge)

                          Zekka chortles in his baritone voice, "I was waging war and burning planets when your mother's mother was a twinkle in some courtesan's eye. If anything you need protecting, but be that as it may, Amdiral Hime won't let me fight this on my own. Something about "Not enough strategic firepower." Bullshit, I say. I'll show her some firepower. Anyways, well met, little Bronze Tiger. Hopefully you do well. I'd hate to have to drag your corpse to Hime with a "Told you so," and with that, Zekka walks off, cackling to himself.

                          The Wing Commanders all salute to Amelia and walk off, save Fokker, who Max has to bodily carry off, knocked out cold by Zekka's blow. This leaves Amelia and Enterpise with Lydia and a handful of mortal technicians on deck at present.

                          (in the DelArm Bay)

                          The Division Commanders all salute at Jin's words of wisdom and return to their drills. This time, it is Ryuka and Toki are up to their drills. Ryuka and her scouts are blindingly fast and they bring with them a deep chill, while Toki and his troops seem to possess unusual flexibility and incredibly long range with their ability to clinch opponents. Despite their speed, Toki's forces win out the day, as they manage to incapacitate the majority of the scouts.

                          The final exercise is Hyui's medics, as they rush to the fore, and all four of the other commanders approach them. The ensuing battle is a brutal affair, as the Division Commanders all let into the medics, while the medics all coutnerattack with reckless abandon, the attacks of the other Commanders being sloughed off like so much dead bark off a tree. In the end, all of the Commanders are tossed out of the battle area, and the exercise is called.

                          "Bloody Immortal Archen. It's damn near impossible to put them down for any amount of time," Airi grumbles.

                          "Is there anything else you'd like us to do, Sir?" Feiyan asks Pellias, with an eye on Jin.


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                            Pellias shakes his head with a satisfied look on his face. "Don't stop your training schedule" he says plainly as he looked around the drill room. "I will critique you later after I've had some time to watch." With that, he flexed his hand and concentrated for a moment, a small shimmer in the air precipitating soon after in his right palm and vanishing. Smiling, he slowly closed his hand a short moment later and gave a parting salute.

                            Turning to the Sidereal, Pellias gave a simple and small bow of his head. "Master Valiar, a respectful hello. Do you know what provisions have been given to onboard security? While I realise this isn't a usual vessel, I doubt that even Zekka himself has every corner and nook covered. Maker help us if we're caught with our pants down and get boarded without a plan on hand."

                            (Anyone with dematerialized vision on, just set out an eye via Thousand-Watchful Eye Bauble).


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                              Watching the Alchemical leave the bridge Amelia sighted a breath of relief "Well I'm never gonna get along with that guy that's for sure, Miss Lydia could you have someone show me to the DelArm detachment is stationed, I would like to have a few words with their officer's before we leave for our mission and have my quarters prepared I have a few thing coming on board for me could you make sure they arrive at the right place" (Mostly furniture and other stuff)

                              She needed to move a bit stretch her leg and something about Zekka made her nervous maybe because he was very old or just the fact they are standing inside of him she couldn't tell right now that and she didn't want people to know that the old alchemical got to her more then he might have wanted "that's why I hate old exalted always think their all that and shit..." she mumbled to herself on more about things like that.