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[Recruitment Thread] [MtA] [CtL] Active Homebrew Site Looking for Interested Members!

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  • [Recruitment Thread] [MtA] [CtL] Active Homebrew Site Looking for Interested Members!

    Hidden deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, lies the sleepy town of Columbiana. A quaint college town, Columbiana seems to all the world to be a safe little town where students and residents alike go about their lives in peace. Beneath the surface there lurk numerous secrets however, a secret both wondrous and terrible. Magic is real and those who can work it are drawn to Columbiana University where they learn their craft unseen by mortal eyes. Creatures from outside of our reality find the walls between worlds thinner in the Valley and prey upon the locals. Conspiracies, some older than civilization, control the flow of information into and out of the town. Worst of all, deep in the caverns below the valley, something ancient and terrible stirs in its slumber and dreams of the havok it will unleash when it finally awakens...

    Columbia welcomes you! Come open your mind to the ways of magic and see what lurks in the shadows...

    That said, we've been open for about a year and a half now, we have ongoing site wide plots which are run by the ST for players to move the story along, but we also welcome personal storylines among players because...that stuff is what really puts the world together.
    We welcome homebrew conspiracies and entitlements, everything has a bit of a Twin Peaks/Gravity Falls/X-Files feel with a heavy Eldritch horror vibe.
    Now the one thing I'm certain might turn off a few die hard players is that while the Changeling system is mostly unchanged, the Mage setting is more homebrewed mixing what we liked about Ascension with what we liked about Awakening. Feel free to check it out, and I'm open for questions at any time!