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    "Well obviously" said Alice, her little brow wrinkled in thought "that temple can't be very important otherwise we'd have heard about it already... but it has to be a little bit important, otherwise it wouldn't be worth putting in a book. Or taking something from" Alice being looking on the nearby pages for more information.
    Originally posted by MCN View Post
    Alice, Ainsley, would you hapen to remember hearing anything about this? Is it going to hatch or something? What do you think?"
    Alice glances up, "Oh, 'cloudy above a sunset', it's a Storm Dragon's egg. They hatch easy if you keep them indoors. I'd best make sure it's looked after".

    By "I", Alice of course meant a servant should do the actual work. She tugged on a rope to summon one.

    My dicerole revealed that it's a storm dragon egg, that it will hatch next spring, and that it needs to be kept at comfortable tempreture by human standards. So unless we want to invest in an magical tempreture controlled box (or that glass case is one) it's probably best to leave it here.

    Besides, we do not want to be caught outside a stable zone with a storm dragon

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