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IC [Werewolf: the Forsaken] The Price of Redemption

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  • IC [Werewolf: the Forsaken] The Price of Redemption

    21 March 2014, approximately 10:30 P.M.

    The Vernal Equinox brings a time that all the Forsaken packs look forward to on the Olympic Peninsula, the seasonal moot. This equinox is the one most packs look forward to most. It is a time of celebration and unbridled revelry. All Alphas lead their packs to the location in Sequim, Washington. A small town just north of the Olympic National Forest located on the Strait of Juan de Fuca looking at Victoria Island, British Columbia.

    The moderate temperatures of the day have cooled slightly under a waning Gibbous Moon, as you walk with your pack to the meeting spot. You round Washington Street and head north on down a minor road off the main road, another turn and you see the location: It looks like a run-down warehouse that has been recently gutted. The walls still contain the shell of the building. Outside it is a still calm night in an older community. The chain link fence offers little in the way of deterrence for trespassing. The fence has been moved at the sign that reads, “Bertrand Construction, future home of the Maxmart” and has the imagery of several cogs in the lower left had corner.

    Slipping past the gate, a young but formidable wolf sits as lookout, he stands to an astounding 6’08” and opens the door for you. The predator is blatantly obvious.

    As you go to enter a more studious looking wolf exits and goes to the big guy, “My turn.” The big guy moves into the club as the young wolf perches himself on some pallets of bricks and plugs his headphones in.

    The atmosphere of the club is completely different. Inside you feel the heat of all the bodies moving in unison. Sweat is soaking through clothes and pheromones are flooding the air. There are easily 50 Urathra in here comprising everyone from the DJ to the bartender and easily three times the amount of Wolf-Blooded have already arrived. The sexual energy is barely contained and creating a temporary locus, though a lot of packs are more or less sticking within eyesight however, even more eyes seem to be on the Lone Wolf, a man who claims no pack and has been going at it on his own.

    Music: Beast Within by In This Moment

    The locus garners more power as the night continues and a few totems even start to manifest. The night is young and so are you.

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    Mesmerized by the raising spiritual energies, Alex slowly makes his way to the bar, watching the dance floor, one eye peering across the gauntlet, clearly a deep indigo spotted with stars. This is Alex' first moot as one of the People. His brother sticking close by his side. Alex didn't dress up as much as he normally would, just in case he decides to shift for anything. No point in ruining the good clothes when decent enough shorts and a tank top would work.

    He really felt his height this time. DAMN! Uratha are usually tall! Being 4'5" tall, even his brother was a foot taller than him! Dad said they could drink, the boys were hoping the bar tender would agree. Getting to the bar, he motions for two drinks, not really caring what they got, just that they got it! Shortly after, Alex hoped he actually had motioned towards someone actually on the right side of the gauntlet to bar tend. His brother Lan guiding him so he doesn't run into things.

    Alex starts scanning the crowd for any guys his age. Every couple heart beats he has to remind himself which side is which. He reaches down and makes a petting motion where Wolf-The-Bones-Whisper-To sits beside him, no longer certain which side his totem is on. It doesn't matter though, he's just happy to have his twin and his totem there by him. His little sister already rushed into the fray of dancing limbs. Neither of the boys knew where their parents had gotten to, but knew that their parents could still see them.


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      Stephanie arrives with her latest pack. Her alpha, a tall gentleman pushing 30, is saying something as they all walk in, and while Stephanie isn't blatantly blowing him off, she is certainly not paying attention. A smaller Asian woman between the two of them puts out a hand on Stephanie's arm as he finishes talking and the two women look at each other before the hand drops off. Stephanie turns, and walks towards the bar, having spotted a Wolf-blooded she knows from her area. A good segue away from Clark...
      Priorities. She wants to talk to the Lone Wolf, try and figure him out. There's a strength in him that appeals to her. But then again, there's this wonderful... passable, construction worker right in front of her. After a bit of small talk she lures him out onto the dance floor.
      Better hunting, and a bit more space between Clark and me. She hopes not to ruin the form-accentuating business suit tonight, but recognizes that the stilettos probably won't survive.

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        Grant walks inside, not really knowing what to expect.

        "I mean, bars I get. No problem. But the first rave I ever go to, and it's filled to the brim with werewolves? Shit man, as long as I don't get fuckin' paint in my fur or nothin'." said Grant, biting back at Great Stone's riff on Grant's nervousness.

        Immediately spotting the bar, he sees someone, a little on the shorter side, trying to chug down a shiner while his totem spirit sits close by. Grant's never seen a totem before, Dougan never getting around to how they even work, so his curiosity is piqued.

        Grant goes up to the bar, orders a budweiser, and looks to the guy petting his totem spirit. "Pretty chill with your spirit there. Bone Shadow too, I'm guessing?"

        But that would be *shudders* fun!


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          Meanwhile, "This is ridiculous..." Lynn mumbles to herself, sipping her drink at the far end of the bar. Sheepishly, she avoids social interaction, even trying to avoid eye contact. She glances over at a tall, slender figure dancing blissfully in the crowd. "Maya..." She sighs... This was her fault! Some friend indeed. She knew how much Lynn detested social gatherings. This whole trip was Maya's attempt to help Lynn "Come out of her shell". She sighs again, resting her forehead gently on the bar. "Please just let this night end" as she continues to sulk uncomfortably in the corner.


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            "Oh, um, ya." Alex takes a moment to look at Grant, switching focus from one eye to the other to determine which side the guy is on. "Hi, I'm Alex, this is my brother Lan, and this beautiful guide here is Wolf-The-Bones-Whisper-To."

            Alex extends his hand for a shake, not timidly, but a little unsure if that's appropriate. Alex appears to be around 18 or so, as does his brother. His hair is short, brown, and spiked up. His right eye is deep brown, his left, clearly under the use of a gift. His features smooth, and he doesn't look to weigh more than 95 lbs.

            "A bit warm in here, isn't it?" Alex appears to be a little bit more nervous. He hadn't had enough to drink to start talking to new People.

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              After a few minutes of dancing, and then some terrible kissing, Stephanie manages to pull herself away. "I'm going to get a drink." She whisper/yells into the construction worker's ear and snakes her way through the mash of bodies. She can feel his eyes following her, but she pays it no mind and sits in the first unoccupied stool at the bar, next to a girl with her head down.
              Either too much or not enough. Stephanie sidles into the seat, making noise as she pulls it out to snap the person up, waves at the bartender as she turns to the girl.
              "Hi. You don't know me. Pretend I just said something funny, laugh, casually. Good, helpful. We're suddenly the best of friends. No, scratch that. Make it friends who haven't seen each other forever, because if Face-Sucker looks over here I need coverage."
              Stephanie's navy blue dress is trying to pull the ice out of her blue eyes but it doesn't work, her blonde-and-brown hair is in a loose bun behind her head. She's pretty, but not striking. Her tone is one that says she usually gets what she wants.

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                Grant takes Alex's hand and casually shakes it. He takes a swig of beer, and leans against the bar, still looking at Wolf-The-Bones-Whisper-To.

                Grant's just over 30 and looks like it too. His hands are calloused and his arms have what look like small burn spots dotted around. He's not big, but he's fit and broad shouldered.

                He also isn't socially blind enough to not see he's making Alex nervous. "Uh, you good there man? I haven't been doing the whole 'Be a werewolf ' thing for very long. Am I being too casual? Is talking about another wolf's totem a taboo or something?"
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                But that would be *shudders* fun!


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                  Alex blushes a little bit at being nervous. "Heh, I'm good. I'm fairly new at this too. I didn't think I'd be this nervous, then again, I didn't realize there'd be this many here." He finishes his drink and sets down the empty glass. He glances at his brother, who is intently watching the dance floor and bouncing to the music. Well, you're no help. Sheepishly smiling he tries to hold eye contact with the man.

                  "Talking about totems varies from pack to pack. Double WT here is part of our family though. Been with our family for generations now." Looking around the club again, he spots his sister dancing with a group of girls, and his uncle watching him. His uncle nods, and questions if Alex is ok with his eyes. Alex nods he's fine, and his uncle continues to watch.

                  Returning his attention to the 30-something young pup, "Wait, were you a late bloomer? How long has it been since your first shift? I mean, um, you don't have to answer that. We just keep hoping my brother will shift too. My uncle didn't shift until he was 20. I was 16, almost 17. That's our family's average... I'm rambling." Alex picks up his refilled drink, and gulps it down.


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                    Brushing off Alex's nervousness (uhhhh.. is this guy even old enough to drink?) Grant says "HAH! Yeah I guess you could put it that way. I shifted for the first time about a year ago."

                    Grant checks to see what his pack is up to. Great Stone is on the other end of the bar, kicking back on Taaka. (fuck I don't get how he can drink that shit like water) He's only able to see Kiss for a second before she's lost in the sea of bodies on the dance floor. Dougan is sitting in a corner, talking to a bunch of wolves. It hits Grant that he's swapping stories with Uratha he's known for years, like talking about his last Wild Hunt is just as normal as a Disney World vacation.

                    Returning his attention to his conversation partner Grant says "So you're from, like, a lineage or something? Like all the people in your family shift?"

                    But that would be *shudders* fun!


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                      Lynn is startled at first, but catches on pretty quick and begins to chuckle. "Someone been... bothering you?" And with a smirk continues: "I mean if you need someone killed... I can help you out." Finishing the sentence with a strange amount of sincerety. Making it rather difficult to tell if she was joking at all.. Lynn awaits the strange girl's response while scanning the crowd for this "Face-Sucker" individual. Undoubtedly scaring her present company ever so slightly for how ardently she is searching for her "target"


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                        21 March 2014, 2240 hours
                        Future Location of the Max-Mart Warehouse, Bertrand Construction site.
                        Waning Gibbous Moon.

                        Alex the first one into the bar makes his way to the bar watching the spiritual energies ebb and flow. Though it seems most spirits have decided to steer clear of the current festivities. There are a couple of guys Alex’s age on the dance floor though they seem to be group quite rapidly one does meet his gaze and happens to be the bartender, with his boyish good looks and a playful smile he hands Alex a mojito, the mint leaves still circling the glass.

                        Alex I need a perception roll, either you can do it or I can. Or we can find an online dice roller and email me the results.

                        Stephanie, you head to the bar, though your eyes keep drifting toward the Lone Wolf, who is sitting with a petite blonde woman wearing a peasants skirt and a wife-beater, her pink bra peeking through transparent shirt.

                        Grant walks to the bar and unknowingly interrupts an igniting love connection, ordering a rather pedestrian Budweiser. The bartender pops open the bottle, hands him a napkin, and glares at him and says, “No charge.”

                        Lynn, a rather nondescript woman sitting at the end of the bar sits watching an Uratha dance on the floor as the center of the attention.

                        Lynn perception is going to be required if you want to spot the face sucker.

                        The music stops for but a moment. The DJ a wolf scans the crowd grabbing the microphone blurts out, “Alright, alright, alright. All you old dogs and new pups in the crowd, DJ Dirty Pawz here, we get some big announcements coming up in a little bit. So grab a couple more drinks chase some more tails but the big dogs gonna learn you something lata.” The man spins once, his dreads trailing behind him, then goes back to the computer and pumps out another track.


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                          ((I got 1 success on the perception roll. Damn 10 wouldn't explode to another success, lol))

                          "Um, ya. We're either kin or shifters. I expected to be kin for life, ya know, being the runt of the litter."
                          "Two, a litter does not make..." Lan interjects.
                          Alex sticks his tongue out at his twin, takes another look to the boys on the dance floor and the cute bartender before looking back at Grant.
                          "Been that way as far back as our family tree is tracked at least."
                          Alex pauses, and listens to the DJ's announcement.
                          "I'm sorry, I missed your name?"
                          After his drink, which was surprisingly delicious to him, he finds himself feeling slightly less nervous. In attempt to bolster his bravery, he takes his tank top off and sets it on the bar. The tone in his muscles show he isn't a tween, but he still isn't huge. The Bone Shadow symbol tattooed on his left pec, a representation of the crescent moon on his right pec.

                 (new/final image choice for Alex Price, edited to have the tattoos)
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                            Stephanie laughs. "I like your style. Sadly Face-Sucker isn't mine, and being a bad kisser isn't a killing crime. Although some days I think it should be. I'm Stephanie "Leash-Holder", from the Bel-Red pack. No handshake, old friends remember." Stephanie's body language says exuberance, but her tone of voice and changes in pitch reveal a more, neutral though equally approachable tone. Stephanie catches a look from the smaller Asian woman and ignores it in favor of the DJ's announcement.
                            She catches the "large" movements at the bar and see's the young wolf take his shirt off. "That. That is... so not okay. I don't even know where to start."

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                              "Grant. But if you ask my alpha it's Stupid-Worthless-Moron. Hey I don't mean to be taking up your time here. You want me to beat it?"

                              Grant's stance could not be more relaxed, making small talk at a bar being something he's been doing for years now. He does, however, notice the bartender keeps glancing at Alex. Grant has no idea why, but assumes he interrupted their conversation.

                              "Not gonna lie though, cool ink. One of the People do that, or was it just some guy thinking you were waaaay too into wolves?"

                              ((this is about as close a picture as google was willing to provide ))
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                              But that would be *shudders* fun!