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The Final Crossroads: One-On-One Play-By-Post With A Twist

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  • The Final Crossroads: One-On-One Play-By-Post With A Twist


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    In the Chronicles of Darkness, everyone's struggle is personal. So every player character here gets plenty of one-on-one Storyteller attention. However, the personal nature of one's struggle does not mean that they are alone. Sometimes they meet others who are on their own path, and when they do, it's always interesting.

    (More detail coming)


    Being Unique
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    The stories one would read in most of the Chronicles of Darkness books are not about an entire party (as represented by Coterie, Pack, Cabal, etc), but an individual's trials, tribuulations, and struggles. It is about them, not the group they are in. To this end, everyone in this group has a player character, and if they get along with the group, they are encouraged to become a Storyteller for the next person who rolls along.

    Crossing Paths Anyway
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    While our journies all start out one-on-one with our Storyteller, we all end up crossing paths with other characters. As rare as supernatural or otherwise interesting entities are, it's damn-near impossible for one of them to go without encountering another truly interesting person. Two motivated people might find themselves in the same abandoned psychiatric ward; one is looking for obscure medical records that never got digitized and the other just needs a quiet place to meet with his secret society for dark rituals. Whenever these meetings take place, it's rarely intentional, and never boring.

    How they handle it is up to you, should you choose to play. This is why you should join: to help determine that.

    Frequently Asked Questions
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    Q: Will you accept V20 or other oWoD characters? Are you using GMC?
    A: This is a Chronicles of Darkness game.

    Q: What kind of character submissions are you accepting?
    A: We will run any kind of character you can get an ST for, except fan splats.

    Q: Who is STing, and what will they ST?
    A: Everyone can be an ST. What's available right now is Vampire, Mage, and Werewolf.

    Q: How do you determine the stories that get incorporated into the Crossroads metaplot?
    A: If the current controller of the group (myself, for now) finds them appropriate for the setting. Admittedly, this is a completely subjective call, so the main rule is: make your story and your characters compelling. What does that entail? Use your gut, or just talk to us.

    Q: Where is this located? Which city, specifically?
    A: Wherever you want your character to be. There is no single location this takes place in. This enables you to have a character that's on-the-go, as some people have already made.

    Q: Then how will these characters ever meet?
    A: Good faith metagaming. If you want your character to meet someone else's character, they can go to the other one's city. People move. People travel. It wouldn't be called Crossroads if you didn't wander, meet, and keep going anyway, would it?

    Q: Is there a way to message you on the site linked above?
    A: Yes. You can chat with YHWH directly. Or you can post questions in your character thread.

    How To Find Us
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    Our website is:

    No email registration is required, but we would like it if you used Pushbullet to send your phone push notifications when people respond.‚Äč