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Dragon Rekindled: The Orobori Chronicles (Embers Reboot) - "Official" Playtest [OOC]

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  • Dragon Rekindled: The Orobori Chronicles (Embers Reboot) - "Official" Playtest [OOC]

    Hi guys!

    So, I'd like to do the "official" playtest of the reboot / new edition of Dragon: The Embers here, as we work on the full edition of the fan-book where you play as imaginary dragons on power-trips. I'm basically looking for around 5 experienced roleplayers (1 for each method) for a campaign I'm going to storytell, which will be utilized in writing the story in the full book, as well as be the testing ground and example for gameplay out of the book.

    The story will be set in a large town somewhere in the central US, in the years between 1960 and 2000. Characters should be relatively new to being Oroboroi (like, a decade), such that they're not bumbling about like "what's going on?", but the party is likely the only other supernaturals they've met (not including antecedents).

    Is anyone interested in joining?
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    Dragon Rekindled: The Oroboroi Chronicles.
    The official reboot of Dragon: The Embers.