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  • Looking for Group: V:tR 2e

    Hi there! Relative newcomer here looking to get involved in a Requiem 2e game. I have some role-play experience from high school and college, but it was IRL D&D/d20 stuff, not PbP, and none of my roleplaying friends have knowledge of or interest in CofD. So when I discovered play-by-post, I decided to give it a try so that I could finally have a chance to have some fun with Chronicles of Darkness. I'm pretty familiar with the 2e mechanics, and I have access to both the CoD 2e core book and Requiem 2e books. If there's a Storyteller/RP group who's willing to take on somebody who's new to PbP, I would be grateful. I'll consider pretty much any Chronicle, even on-going ones if you are looking to add some fresh blood to the Chronicle. Just tell me what the setting is, and either your recruitment pitch for the Chronicle if you are starting a new one, or a brief description of the status quo for an ongoing one.

    Of course, if anybody is recruiting for any other 2e games, I would certainly give it some thought.

    My posting schedule is fairly wide open, but nights will probably be the best. I'm on the U.S. East Coast (-4:00 GMT). Thank you!
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    I'm poking at a few ideas for a vampire game but I don't have any players at yet. What sort of elements are you looking for in a chronicle?


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      I'm currently involved in a Mage game, so I'm a little unsure of how realistic it is for me to get involved in multiple PbP games. But if there's no conflict, I would be interested in a game that balances intrigue and politics with action elements. Sorry if that's too vague.

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