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  • What do I roll to offer those spirits on the other side Essence for telling us what happened and leading us to Sally?

    Simurgh, Mysterium Thyrsus in Mountains of Shadow (IC|OOC)


    • It can be a simple social roll. Manipulation + Persuassion, perhaps? You first need essence to bribe them though.

      I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


      • Bugger I though Channel Essence was Weaving the entire time. D:

        So I spend 2 mana, cast Channel Essence, offer Essence, cast Channel Essence again, give Essence. Right?

        And the second casting is withstood by Gaunlet, which is, what, 2?
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        Simurgh, Mysterium Thyrsus in Mountains of Shadow (IC|OOC)


        • Originally posted by Tambov View Post
          BTW, would it be possible for us to purchase the first dot in the others' Order Status and later Egregore/Techne? RAW seems to allow it, but I'd rather run it by you.
          Hmm. I don't think you should be able to purchase Egregore/Techne. From a roleplay perspective, I don't see why the Orders would divulge secrets or special Order practices to someone not initiated in their Order. I don't see any indication why you couldn't obtain at least 1 dot of Status for other Orders, but I have a hard time coming up with a rationale for why an Order/caucus leader would allow that kind of privilege to a non-member.

          What do I roll to offer those spirits on the other side Essence for telling us what happened and leading us to Sally?
          Yes, I agree with the suggestion for Manipulation + Persuasion (instant action), contested by spirit's Finesse. Technically we could also use Social Maneuvering here, but that seems a little convoluted for what you're trying to do.

          For what it's worth, you could also just use the brute-force method and command it to answer you (p. 181). However, the Spirit won't be able to see or interact with you while your Shadow Walk spell is active.

          Bugger I though Channel Essence was Weaving the entire time. D:

          So I spend 2 mana, cast Channel Essence, offer Essence, cast Channel Essence again, give Essence. Right?

          And the second casting is withstood by Gaunlet, which is, what, 2?
          I'm not sure I follow about the Weaving part? You can use Channel Essence here with Spirit 2 if that's what you're asking.

          I realized I had a confusing line in my IC post. The spirits are in Twilight, so they're actually here in the material world -- on your side of the Gauntlet -- they're just not manifested. I edited my post for clarification.

          I'm trying to double check in the book, but I thought you could just spend mana and have it count as Essence for the purpose of this spell...but I'm not seeing that now? So I'm not sure how that actually works. But assuming you had the Essence available, you only need one casting to give it to them, and it's not Withstood by the Gauntlet (which is actually strength 3 here) because they're in Twilight.

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          • This seems to have slowed down a peak...

            I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


            • Originally posted by Thorbes View Post
              This seems to have slowed down a peak...
              Yep, I noticed that too and was going to check in today.

              Unless I'm missing something, no one is waiting on me for a response before they can reply, right?

              wtaylorjr2001 - Waiting to see what you would like to do next. How would Dr. Luck try to help with the investigation? I see in your most recent post that you wanted to provide another blessing of luck on the investigation; did you want to try and roll for some spell to see if you can do that? It would need to be something other than Exceptional Luck or else it won't stack with your existing bonuses. You have Time, Fate, and Space magic, and I'm sure you could find some ways to make any of those useful here. You can also do a perception roll (Wits + Composure).

              Retias - Still waiting on a Wits + Composure roll for perception to see what else you find, either using your regular vision or that heat-signature spell you were interested in trying. I'd need a spell roll to see the effects of the spell you want to create and attempt to cast. It would be a standard Unveiling spell if you used Forces to allow your eyes to pick up heat signatures, probably a modified version of Nightvision (p. 141).

              Thorbes - What would Ophis like to do next?

              Tambov - What do you want to do next? What might you do to interact with the spirits? As noted above, you can try bribing them with Essence, compel them to answer, or do something else. You'll need to make yourself visible to them in order to interact with you.

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              • Anyone other than Thorbes have any input or responses? I'll wait a little longer to hear back, but otherwise I will assume there isn't enough interest to keep the game going.

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                Mage 2E: The Supernal Suburbia (IC / OOC) - Storyteller
                Mage 2E: Mountains of Shadow (IC / OOC) - Storyteller and Bruiser, Thyrsus Arrow and Perfected Adept


                • I'm in, I just going through hell right now.


                  • Ok, I'm calling it.

                    It seems like there is insufficient interest to keep this game going. I would be glad to continue it when we can get enough interest, but for now I am going to be placing this game on hiatus. If there are specific reasons you're not finding it interesting or things you would like me to address, please comment here or send me a private message. If enough players become active again, we can pick things back up where they were.

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                    Mage 2E: The Supernal Suburbia (IC / OOC) - Storyteller
                    Mage 2E: Mountains of Shadow (IC / OOC) - Storyteller and Bruiser, Thyrsus Arrow and Perfected Adept


                    • I Was really busy with CtL playtest, is there a chance we could resurrect this or, failing that, add a 7th player to suburbia?

                      Simurgh, Mysterium Thyrsus in Mountains of Shadow (IC|OOC)


                      • Originally posted by Tambov View Post
                        I Was really busy with CtL playtest, is there a chance we could resurrect this or, failing that, add a 7th player to suburbia?
                        Hi Tambov! Unfortunately, there does not appear to be sufficient interest in this game currently. Without at least a few active players, I won't be able to run this game.

                        The Supernal Suburbia game has the other problem -- it has a very active and large player group. I don't think there is room for another player currently. However, if someone were to drop out, I can contact you and see if you would be interested in joining.

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                        Mage 2E: Mountains of Shadow (IC / OOC) - Storyteller and Bruiser, Thyrsus Arrow and Perfected Adept


                        • HaplessWithDice - I don't think your character would pick a Shadow name explicitly copying the name of one of the Firstborn. Especially once you become a mage, I think that your "pack" would find it extremely foolish and presumptuous. And it would also earn you a lot of scorn among mages, especially your Order mentor, who would have strongly urged you to pick a different name.

                          Could we compromise here and maybe have you pick a name that references it? Even "Death Wolf" would be less offensive to Uratha and other mages than "Kamduis-Ur" specifically.

                          Everyone else: Please post here in the thread for your character sheet. I need you to specifically include it right on this thread using text and post formatting, rather than linking to Dropbox, because I can't access it easily from my phone or from the internet when at work. You can skim through other posts in this thread or my other game's thread to see examples of the formatting. For example: check this one out.

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                          Mage 2E: Mountains of Shadow (IC / OOC) - Storyteller and Bruiser, Thyrsus Arrow and Perfected Adept


                          • rwknoll Sure, Compromise can always happen. Death Wolf could easily be put in if my character would have thought the exact name would have been more insulting than honoring. And if even Death Wolf would have been an insult rather than a honor to his former patron then a referential name would have been chosen. Might need help picking that.


                            • Is it possible that Dr Luck can get back into this?


                              • Bad Dawg: Obrimos Guardian of the Vail
                                Mage Sight: Peripheral | Conditions: none | Spells: none
                                Health: OOOOOOO | Willpower: 6/6 | Mana: 11/11 (2)

                                Shadow Name: Bad Dawg
                                Sympathetic Name: James Wilkerson
                                Order: Guardians of the Veil
                                Path: Obrimos
                                Legacy: Eleventh Question

                                Vice: Arrogance
                                Virtue: Tenacity

                                • Mental:
                                  • Intelligence: 2
                                  • Wits: 3
                                  • Resolve: 3 (Free Dot)
                                • Physical:
                                  • Strength: 3
                                  • Dexterity: 3
                                  • Stamina: 2
                                • Social:
                                  • Presence: 2
                                  • Manipulation: 1
                                  • Composure: 3
                                * indicates Rote Skills
                                • Mental: -3 Untrained
                                  • Academics: 0
                                  • Computer: 2
                                  • Crafts: 0
                                  • *Investigation: 3 (Asset Skill), Specialty (Crime Scenes)
                                  • Medicine: 2
                                  • Occult: 3 (One Free)
                                  • Politics: 0
                                  • Science: 2
                                • Physical: -1 Untrained
                                  • Athletics: 3 Specialty (Aimed Spells)
                                  • Brawl: 0
                                  • Drive: 1
                                  • Firearms: 3 (Asset Skill), Specialty (Handguns)
                                  • Larceny: 0
                                  • *Stealth: 0
                                  • Survival: 0
                                  • Weaponry: 0
                                • Social: -1 Untrained
                                  • Animal Ken: 0
                                  • Empathy: 0
                                  • Expression: 0
                                  • Intimidation: 0
                                  • Persuasion: 0
                                  • Socialize: 0
                                  • Streetwise: 2
                                  • *Subterfuge: 2
                                • Prime: 2 (Ruling)
                                • Forces: 1 (Ruling)
                                • Matter: 1 (Common)
                                • Time: 2 (Ruling)
                                • Spirit: 1 (4 Experience) (Common)
                                GNOSIS: 2 (Free)
                                • Highest Arcanum: 3
                                • Other Arcanum: 3
                                • Combined Spells: 1
                                • Obsessions: 1
                                • Mana/Turn: 11/2
                                • Yantras: 2
                                • Paradox: 1
                                • Ritual Interval: 3 hour
                                • Postcognition
                                • Choose the Thread
                                • Craftsman’s Eye
                                • Dispel Magic
                                MERITS: (1 Experience)
                                • Merit: Guardian Status (1 Free)
                                  • Status in the Guardians of the Veil.
                                • Merit: High Speech (1 Free)
                                  • The ability to read and speak High Speech.
                                • Merit: Profession (2) Private Investigator/Bounty Hunter.
                                  • Two Asset Skills: Firearms and Investigation.
                                  • Networking: Gain two contacts within the field of Investigator (Police, Werewolves)
                                  • When making a roll with her Asset Skills, she benefits from the 9-again quality
                                • Merit: Resources (2)
                                  • comfortable, middle class wage
                                • Merit: Safe Place (1)
                                  • His private investigators office.
                                • Merit: Trained Observer (1)
                                  • 9-Again on Perception
                                • Merit: Artifact (5); This Artifact is the original Colt 45 prototype constructed in 1871. It was enchanted by an unknown Supernal Entity in the early 1900’s. Through the use of the Time in a Bottle attainment all effects are cast as instant casting at the cost of 1 Mana per activation, it also bestows the Fast Spell Merit on the wielder as long as it is used as one of the spells Yantras. The first effect in this magnificent weapon can cause some truly terrible wounds. The weapon can fire a bullet that has been hexed. In addition to doing normal damage it can bestow a hex upon the target that it hits. This is considered an Aimed Spell and it is delivered by the bullet striking the target. The second effect can only be cast by gripping the handle in both hands and holding the weapon in a non-threatening manner.
                                  • Effect: Time in a Bottle (Attainment), Exceptional Luck - Hex (Fate 2), Acceleration (Time 3).
                                  • Gnosis: 3
                                  • Mana: 10
                                  • Base Dice Pool: Exceptional Luck (5), Acceleration (6).
                                • Size: 5
                                • Speed: 11
                                • Health: 7
                                • Willpower: 6
                                • Wisdom: 7
                                • Initiative: 6
                                • Defense: 6
                                Dedicated Tool: Colt 45 (Artifact)

                                Path Tools: Steel, petrified wood, gold, perfected materials; Double-edged sword, spear, noble weapons
                                • Coins: Authentic 1871, 20 Dollar Gold Coin.
                                • Cups: Steel Whisky Flask
                                • Mirrors: Polished Perfected Silver (Cell Phone sized) (Lunargent) – Reflects things in Twilight.
                                • Rods: Petrified Wood Police Baton.
                                • Weapons: Katana (Longsword), Wakizashi (Short Sword) and Tanto (Dagger).
                                Order Tools: Items that Conceal ones Identity (Masks, Cloaks, Veils), Items used to see more clearly (Rose-tinted Glasses, Prisms, Magnifying Glasses),
                                • Mask: Ski Mask.
                                • Cloak/Long Coat: Leather Duster.
                                • Magnifying Glass: Jewelers Loop.
                                • Rose-tinted Glasses: Mirrored Rose-tinted Sunglasses.
                                • Prisms: Crystal Prism.
                                Long Term Nimbus: 'Energizer' - The long term effects of being exposed to this Nimbus is a feeling of being wired, juiced, or pumped up. This energized feeling gives you a sense of endless energy and at first this is a very good feeling. Some would consider this a good thing, however prolonged exposure can break the body down as the hours, days and even weeks roll by and you find that a good solid rest is nearly impossible.

                                Immediate Nimbus: ‘Déjà Vu’ - The best way to describe what you feel when you are subjected to this Nimbus is a feeling of Déjà Vu, a feeling that you have done this before. It isn’t so much that you have done this before as it is a feeling that you have experienced this Nimbus before.

                                Signature Nimbus: Looking Glass’ - This Nimbus leaves a light sheen on everything that it touches. At first glance this sheen looks like oil resting upon water, but someone scrutinizing the substance quickly realizes that it is the substance of the supernal, Prime, as seen through the looking glass of Time. Time changes all things but Prime is eternal, the mixing of the two is spectacular.

                                Nimbus Tilt: ‘Shards’ - The Nimbus Tilt is like a grenade of Prime exploding, sending shards of needle sharp Prime outward. As the shards strike those that are looking they penetrate reducing the onlooker’s composure by one. Effect: -1 Composure

                                • Short Term: Make an Ally
                                • Short Term: Establish a Sanctum
                                • Long Term: Regain the respect of the detectives that he once worked with.
                                • Long Term: ??????
                                • No Persistent Conditions yet.
                                Prime: Counterspell, Universal Counterspell, Mage Armor (Prime)
                                Forces: Counterspell,
                                Matter: Counterspell,
                                Time: Counterspell, Temporal Sympathy, Mage Armor (Time)
                                Spirit: Counterspell,

                                LEGACY: The Eleventh Question
                                The Undisturbed Scene: Specialized "Perfect Timing" and Optional: Activate Matter Mage Sight when entering a scene.

                                Colt 45:
                                Holstered on right hip, covered bu duster. This is an Artifact and does not have availability rating. (Damage +2, Range 30/70/140, Clip 6, Initiative -2, Strength 3, Size 1, Availability -)
                                Wakizashi: Sheathed on his left hip, covered by duster. (Damage +3, Initiative -3, Strength 2, Size 2, Availability •••, Tags -, Effects +1 Durability)
                                Petrified Wood Police Baton: On belt behind the Wakizashi. (Damage +1, Initiative -1, Strength 2, Size 2, Availability •)
                                Duster: Full length Leather Duster.
                                Tools: These Items are carried in various internal pockets in the Duster. Path (1871, 20 Dollar Gold Coin, Steel Whisky Flask, Polished Perfected Silver (Cell Phone sized)), Order (Ski Mask, Jewelers Loop, Mirrored Rose-tinted Sunglasses, Crystal Prism).
                                Smartphone: Older Model (Samsung Note 4) T-Mobile service, acts as a Hot Spot. (Die Bonus +1, Durability 2, Size 1, Structure 1, Availability ••)
                                Laptop: HP ProBook 675 (Base Model) w/built-in badge reader, and fingerprint scanner. (Die Bonus +1 , Durability 2, Size 3, Structure 2, Availability ••)
                                Lockpicking Kit: Pocket size kit (Die Bonus +1, Durability 1, Size 1, Availability •) Always requires a Dexterity + Larceny roll to use.
                                Flashlight: Small but Bright penlight/laser pointer (Die Bonus +1, Durability 1, Size 0, Structure 0, Availability •)
                                Car: 2008 Hyundai Sonada (Full size car, Dice Modifier -3, Size 12, Durability 3, Structure 15, Speed 80)

                                Age/Birthday: 38/September 4, 1979
                                Gender: Male
                                Height: 6' 3"
                                Weight: 270 lbs
                                Build: Muscular
                                Occupation: Private Detective
                                Ethnicity: Scandinavian Mixed
                                Nationality: American
                                Hair Color: Sandy Blond
                                Eye Color: Blue
                                Sexuality: Heterosexual

                                Concept: He is an Ex-Police Undercover Detective turned Private Detective after he was accused of murder. His detective agency is in its infancy and not profitable yet. To make ends meet he is a registered Uber driver and will take Body Guard assignments. He is licensed to carry concealed.

                                Shadow Name: Bad Dawg
                                Fashioning his shadow persona after the three headed dog Cerberus, the beast of all beasts. Knowing that his Shadow Name will carry with it all the deeds that he must do to reclaim his life. On the streets Bad Dawg’s reputation/image is that of a large junkyard dog that you do not want to cross in a dark ally.

                                Pre Awakening:
                                James’s start in life was rocky, an Orphan at Denver Children’s Home since the age or 3 he doesn’t know or even remember his parents. He was up for adoption on several occasions but as he grew older less and less people even looked his way. After his best friend was adopted and he was overlooked yet again he decided to hit the streets and take his chances on his own. The streets were not kind to a 13 year old boy.

                                That didn’t go so well at first as he was constantly hungry, at least at the orphanage he had food. But he was determined that he could make it. He was forced to turn to petty shoplifting to eat and was eventually caught. His luck changed that night as the old police sergeant, Terry, which nabbed him turned out to be a true guardian in disguise. James resisted at first but eventually accepted Terry’s help and that was the smartest thing he had done in his short like. Terry became a tutor, mentor and substitute father, he even tried to take James into his home but was met with strong resistance by James, independence and self-reliance was important to the young man.

                                With his guardians help, in spite of himself, James became a better person. With his life heading in a new direction he was able to join the Police Academy, with help, while there he learned that there was a better life. And from that point on he poured himself into his new life. In a meteoric rise in the department, with unseen help, he became a homicide detective. There he seen the worst of mankind and just what they can do. But even in that environment he flourished. There he had friends, respect, authority, and even a lover, Judy from records.

                                A decorated veteran of the police force his life was good, very good. He returned to Denver Children’s Home as a symbol to those there that you can become someone even with a dismal start in life. He mentored youth throughout the city and tried to pay forward what he had received. Then it happened, that fateful night when his life would change again.

                                The Awakening:
                                It was a restless night and James was out on a walk when he heard it. There as a scream coming from a dark ally, at least he remembers it as a scream. Grabbing his service revolver he darts down the alleyway. His only thoughts were that someone was in trouble and he needed to help, NO it was his duty to help.

                                The screams were muffled as if someone was screaming while in a sound proof room, yet they reverberated off the wall in the alley making a muffled echo. As he entered the alley he was not prepared for what he saw. There was a dark figure standing in a cloud of darkness, the darkness seemed to have a life of its own and it swirled around the figures feet.

                                He will never forget the darkness, the way it moved brought the alley to life. James fired his weapon twice maybe three timed, truthfully he can’t remember. The report of the weapon also muffled, echoing as the scream did. Then what he saw can’t be explained, the darkness reacted with lightning speed and then he saw the bullets momentarily suspend in midair almost as if they were trying to decide where they would go.

                                Simultaneously he saw the bullets take three different paths, the first is that they fell to the ground robbed of all forward motion, the second path was straight forward disintegrating as they hit the darkness and the final path was altered by the darkness swerving to strike the screaming man.

                                To his horror the bullets chose the third options as the darkness altered their trajectory straight into the screaming man’s chest. With that he collapsed as the weight of the world came crashing down upon him. The last thing that he heard was a laughter as none other, then the dark stranger spoke a single sentence "Welcome to your new life" as consciousness gave way to the void.

                                As his consciousness floated in the endless black void it suddenly snapped into place as his mind entered the Astral Realm of Pandemonium. Landing in the underground tunnels of this realm he began to wonder only to seemingly end up in the same place. The denizens of this place were horrid demons ripping at the souls of new arrivals, yet they did not bother him as he was a thought and not a departed soul. Still he was pulled, driven to move forward until finally he arrived in a cavernous space and there in the center was a Tower made of Iron. Flowing from the tower was a river of an impossibly dark thick liquid and there stood a man as bold as the tower and as hard as the iron. The man handed Terry a cup filled with the liquid. As he drank of the liquid his mind once again returned to his body, a body that was handcuffed to a stretcher in an ambulance.

                                Post Awakening:
                                His awakening did change his life and not for the better, at least not so far. To start he was charged with the murder of the stranger in the alley. He was forced to defend his reputation and clear his good name. This wasn’t easy but with his newly formed talents he was able to scrape enough evidence together to remove himself as a suspect. But unfortunately in doing so he had to cross the line and cut corners. This hurt his reputation and distanced him from his friends and colleges.

                                He was angry and from that anger he said and did things that severed him from his old life, only he truest of friends stuck by him through the worst of it. James turned to the bottle, looking for redemption at the bottom of that bottle, but none was there. The street kid came back and he became cruel to those few that stuck around. He discovered that the tongue is the sharpest weapon and words can wound.

                                In three months he undid what it took a life time to do. He was back to being that 13 year old on the street. His dreams filled with days now past and his thoughts are consumed with returning there some day. But first he must find the one that did this to him. The stranger from the alley, his “One Armed Man”.

                                Important NPC:
                                The metaphorical “One armed man”: This “Mysterious Figure” is the man that caused his awakening, framing him for a murder. Guardian
                                The older cop (retired sergeant): Terry is the man that helped him become what he is today. James discovered that he is a mage with Life 3 or better.
                                Lieutenant in Homicides: Charles is his former Lieutenant when he was in Homicide.
                                Records Clerk: Judy is one of his friends, and sometimes his lover. She works in records.
                                Kent Jasper: The father of the man that was killed in the Alley.

                                Personal Notes:
                                James has withdrawn and spent his pension, savings, 401k, and every bit on money he can muster to find the “Mysterious Figure” from the alleyway. His obsession with this man has caused him most of his friends, his job, and even his self-respect. Even those closest to him are starting to withdraw as he obsesses over this figure and quite frankly that are sick of hearing about it. If he doesn’t recover soon he will lose what little he has left.

                                Start: 5 Any
                                Regular Experience: 0, Regular Beats: 0/5
                                Arcane Experience: 0, Arcane Beats: 0/5

                                Experience Expenditure:
                                Starting: 1 Merits, 4 Arcana

                                Beats Record
                                (A/M) – Date; Reason
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