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    Active Spells: None
    Conditions/Tilts: Poor Light (-2 to vision-based Perception)
    Health: 8/8 WP: 4/4 Mana: 10/10

    Ragnar turns to the girl. Ah. Well. This is awkward. "It's nothing, just a tabletop game we're trying to put together. Sorry about that." Turning back to Oscar, he says, "We'll talk about it later."

    I roll to persuade the girl that we were talking about a fictional game. Manipulation 3 +Subterfuge 0+Status 1= 4-1=3 dice-> 1 success
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      Because you're trying to lie, rather than just change her mind, I instead want you to roll Manipulation + Subterfuge + Status (UChicago) contested by her Wits + Empathy. Because you don't have dots in Subterfuge, it's at -1; however, you get another chance to try and succeed.

      Wits 2 + Empathy 1: 1 success.

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        Active Sight: None
        Active Spells: Heightened Senses (Life 2; Potency 1, 1 week duration: +1 to Perception rolls)
        Willpower: 4/5. Mana: 10/10

        Conditions/Tilts: Poor Light (Visual-based Perception rolls at -1)

        Oscar feels a tinge of exasperation - Faen... excitement got the best of me... - but the exasperation turns to relief as Simon attempts to smooth things over. Oscar nods in quiet agreement, trying not to give anything away with a small smile.

        Action: Lynx attempts to confirm Ragnar's lie by acting naturally, and gets 3 successes.

        Dice pool for Subterfuge attempt: Composure (3) + Subterfuge (-1) + Willpower (+3), total dice 5.

        Subterfuge roll to fool the girl → 3 successes

        @rwknoll: I put thoughts in italics, and actions in bold - is this better? I'm still trying to figure out the best way to format everything...
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          Lynx and Ragnar
          The girl has a blank look on her face in response. She rolls her eyes and looks back to her phone, where she's already back to scrolling through her Twitter feed. With his sensitive hearing, Oscar hears her mutter something under her breath about "nerds." She's still standing near you, but seems to have bought the ruse.

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            Active Spells: Locate Object (on Moonstone and Pheonix)
            Willpower: 6/7

            They're both mages? I'm worried about this storm, and that door seems tantalizing, but finding out more about these guys is more important. Need to make sure I don't loose them in the crowd, and for now I want to observe them before approaching...

            Binder concentrates, picturing what he want: a visible thread connecting him and his subjects. It has little application to the spell, but he reaches into his messenger bag, past a couple library books, and grabs the hilt of the brass knife hidden within. Part of his summoning's altar furniture, in the couple weeks since Binder has discovered the additional focus it gives him.

            Casting Locate Object (Space 1)
            2 Free Reach; spending for instant speed, sensory range, duration, scale, and the option to follow outside the spell's area.
            Attempting to contain: Paradox 3 - 2 (dedicated tool) = 1 -> 0 successes!

            Spellcasting: Gnosis 1 + Space 2 + Willpower 3 = 6 -> 4 successes!
            Potency 1, Adv Duration Day, Adv Scale 5 subjects

            The spell winds into place and Binder, smelling his own magic, suddenly realizes that if he can sense magic, they probably can, too.
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              (Forgot to add this part earlier, sorry). As you glimpse at the shadowy door appearing down the stairs and around the corner of a nearby building, you remember something you read out of a book. It was something that a customer brought to you and shared, saying that they thought you might find it interesting. Most of it seemed obscure and a little farfetched, but every now and then a section gave you pause. One part that you remember reading talked about "doors" to other realms, that some people could use to travel to other dimensions or lands. Now that you have Awakened, and can see this door in front of you with your Mage Sight active, a part of you believes that maybe there was a hint of Supernal truth in that book -- which makes you wonder a bit more about what else was in there. You know it's still back at your bookstore, somewhere.

              Your spell takes hold, giving you a precise sense of how far away they are, as they tug on you like a mental compass.

              I'm still learning, but I'm surprised this doesn't have a Withstand attribute. It strikes me as the kind of thing someone might not always want cast on them. I'll leave it as it is now, though.

              Moonstone and Phoenix
              On the periphery of your Supernal senses, you each detect some new magical effect forming in the vicinity. You're not sure what it was.

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                [Active Sight: Forces, Prime (ends after post) | Active Spell(s): Nightvision, Supernal Vision (ends after post)]
                [Health: BOOOOOO | WP: 5/5 | Mana: 10/10]
                [Conditions: Grieving (Guilty) | Tilts: None]

                At least one other mage? Maybe Anubis isn't targeting just me. But that thought got thrown out the window when the time mage started talking to me in my head. "(Whoa, personal space, bud!) So we're telepathically communicating? (More like the boundaries between all minds are lifted from ours in particular, allowing us to share our communicated thoughts)" my thoughts swim to his mind, "Good idea, wouldn't want the Muggles to know. (or Anubis) The Abyss? Oh, that. That's a really bad thing for us, so yeah let's get outta here. Before using magic though, let's see if I can't open the door myself."

                Before I try, my blood starts flaring again, something's up. Maybe it's coming from one of these other mages, so I focus on the Aether again, the flood of power just as fresh as before. That, and the last time was quite taxing on it's own, so I only keep my Sight long enough to see a spell that's been cast on both of us, but I don't know who. Damn, just missed them, and I can't open my Sight again without seriously pushing myself. Although, I do know of one spell that could tell me. It was once my magical sense, transformed into magic itself when I was reborn. I project the sense outwards, though it takes a bit of effort due to my other spell and trying to see through all the other passengers, so I force it through and cross my tattoo over my vision for good measure.

                Praxis cast Supernal Vision p 166; 2 Free Reach, spending 3 on instant casting, spell above limit, and advanced Scale; -2 for 10 subjects; +1 Yantra from Dedicated Tool; 1 Paradox die, containing

                Paradox 1 = 1 die → 1 success

                Wisdom 7 = 7 dice → 4 successes

                Gnosis 1 + Forces 2 + 3 WP + 1 Dedicated Tool - 2 Scale Factor = 5 dice → 3 successes!!!

                Resistant wound is represented in bold; Taking Condition for exceptional success (represented with the exclamation points)

                The spell starts to slip from my grip, but I manage to pull it back under control with my heart, which horrendously pounds in protest. I grunt a little and instinctively grip my chest. It feels like someone put it in a big vice grip and started squeezing. While it ended in a second or so, it hurt like hell. That definitely ripped a few veins open, though the damage isn't too serious, I hope.
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                  DR. ASPHODEL
                  Active Spells: None
                  Conditions: None
                  Tilts: Poor Light, -1 visual Perception
                  She notices Simon talking to Oscar about something---she can't make it out, but she wonders if perhaps... but that'd make three of them in one room. Coincidence, or something more? She'll get back to her thoughts later, though.
                  She pulls out her keyring, turning on its flashlight. "H-h-here's wh'we're gn'do. I-I-I'll go out and se-see if it's, ah, safe enough to let y'out just yet---'f not, might have t-t-t'keep you, uh, here til it calms down, s-so ke-keep that in mind. Til I-I come back, stay h-here. Simon, y-y-you're in charge while I'm out, h-hopefully not long."

                  She starts to skitter toward the door, a herky-jerky rhythm of legs and cane making her faster than most would expect.


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                    Active Sight: None
                    Active Spells: Heightened Senses (Life 2; Potency 1, 1 week duration: +1 to Perception rolls)
                    Willpower: 4/5. Mana: 9/10

                    Conditions/Tilts: Poor Light (Visual-based Perception rolls at -1)

                    With Dr. McCallister's arrival and consequent display of authority, Oscar, who stands closest to the door, commits to courtesy and opens it for her.

                    "Be careful, Doctor," he murmurs when she passes him by. As the Doctor moves to exit, Oscar diverts his senses into the hallway.

                    Action: With the door now open, Lynx attempts another perception roll (prior to activating Mage Sight) to see if anything's in the hallway, and gets 1 success.

                    If Simon's right, and this storm's supernatural, does that mean there might be something in the shadows...? If only I could converse with Simon without anybody listening in. If only I could... He said third eye, didn't he? Flow of time and decisions? Is that something like a... a sixth sense?

                    He mulls Simon's words in his head for a couple of seconds. We're both magic. He says to focus his sight... but there are so many other senses... ...!

                    The sensation rushes to him - the touch of the mist-filled forest, the tension of shadows lurking, the memory of being both prey and predator... Before him, just out of reach within the fog, is the familiar shape from when he Stirred to life. The touch of mist prickles on his skin - he tastes the forest on his lips - smells the indescribably alluring scent of... of...

                    He opens his senses to the Primal Wild.

                    Action: Lynx activates Mage Sight for the first time. He expends 1 Mana to activate Fate alongside Life and Spirit as he doesn't know how to control it. His sensory experience draws equally from sight, smell, and sound.

                    Dice pool for Perception attempt: Wits (3) + Composure (3) + Heightened Senses (+1) - Poor Light Tilt (-1), total dice 6.

                    Perception roll to sense if anything is in the hallway → 1 success

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                      Active Spells: None
                      Conditions/Tilts: Poor Lighting (-2 to vision-based Perception rolls)
                      Health: 8/8 WP: 4/4 Mana: 10

                      Ragnar allows himself a mental sigh of relief. ​Saved by the prof. I need to be more aware of who's around me when I start talking about magic. He is surprised by the quickness with which Dr. McCallister heads for the door. Not so frail after all.

                      He briefly glances at Oscar, and notices that he has a focused expression, like he's examining things that others can't see. Is he using his third eye? Suddenly, Ragnar feels the urge to show off to Oscar, prove his magical ability to him, impress the younger man. He decides to use a particular trick he learned, an ability that allows him to really help people's luck. ​You can play around with biology, big guy? Well, how about somebody who can play around with luck?

                      Ragnar mentally reaches out for the threads of fate and luck that bind all people, specifically the ones that attach to himself. Let's make me the man with the golden voice, eh? He reaches out and tugs on the strings, putting a little extra effort into it.

                      I cast my Exceptional Luck Fate 2 Praxis on myself for a 9-Again boon; I use the free Reach to make it Instant casting, and then another Reach to give the boon the 8-Again quality.

                      Paradox 1= 1 die -> No success

                      Exceptional Luck: Gnosis 1+ Fate 2+ WP 3= 6 dice -> 3 successes!

                      Using the chart for spell-casting rolls, I decide to give Ragnar the Inspired Condition, since the spell went quite well, and he wanted to cast the spell to impress Lynx in the first place.

                      Ragnar suddenly feels like his body has aged 20 years, but the strings of fate respond well to his touch, and he is suddenly filled with the knowledge that he's probably going to have the class's undivided attention when he opens his mouth. He turns to face the class.

                      "Okay, guys! Dr. McCallister is going to step out for a moment to make sure everything is fine! In the meantime, please return to your seats. You can talk quietly amongst yourselves until Dr. McCallister returns."

                      I attempt to exert authority over the class and settle everybody down. Presence 2+ Persuasion 2+ Status 1= 5 dice -> 2 successes.

                      I spent a single point of Willpower to fuel my spell, but this was recouped thanks to the Exceptional success on the casting roll, and I now have the Inspired Condition. This will be noted in my next IC post.
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                        (Active Spells: Telepathy w/Phoenix [ends during post], Emotional Urging [Potency 3, scene/concentration duration]. Active Sight: None. Active Conditions: Spooked, Poor Light)

                        Less focused thoughts and images drifted back: "Lifting boundaries = yes precisely. Smart kid! I am Moonstone. Let me try first. (hanging up now-)"

                        He lifted his hand off the magician's shoulder and the spell faded at once. Not the first time he'd communicated telepathically, but definitely the first time he'd controlled it. Exciting! Magic is easy and cool and makes him feel powerful. Now, let's try this big bar that says to push it in case of emergencies.

                        Strength+Stamina=4 dice, 1 success

                        With a bit of elbow grease and shoulder work, anything is possible. He calls out to the people in the car: "We'll be safer outside on the platform. Stay happy. Help is coming."

                        And as he talks, he forms an image of himself in his mind: capable, respected, trustworthy, Liberty Leading the People. It looks like Hakim. He projects the image outward with his voice.

                        Improvising a Mind 2 spell, somewhere between Emotional Urging and Psychic Domination. Not a direct command, but creating a feeling of "follow the leader in a calm, orderly fashion." The instinct that makes people defer to whoever takes responsibility in a crisis situation. Primary factor Potency, Withstood by either Resolve or Composure. Subject of the spell is everyone in the car, including Binder (because he's just another passenger, of course) but excluding Moonstone and Phoenix. Final Potency will be 3, so it affects people with 2 or less [Resolve or Composure].

                        Spending my 1 free Reach on instant casting. +1 Reach for sensory range, +1 Reach for advanced duration, +1 Reach for advanced scale. Base dicepool is Gnosis 1 + Mind 2 = 3. Spell factors: -2 for +1 Potency, -2 for 10 subjects. Yantras: +2 for Concentration. +3 for spending 1 Willpower. Total dicepool = 4.

                        Going to attempt to contain any Paradox. Dicepool: +3 for 3 Reach, +1 for earlier Paradox roll, +1 for Sleeper witnesses = 5 dice with 9-again. 4 successes.
                        Rolling Wisdom to contain it, 7 dice: 1 success. Hoo boy. I take 1 resistant bashing damage, as well as whatever Paradox Condition 3 remaining successes gives me.

                        Anyway, here's that spellcasting roll with 4 dice: 2 successes. Spell takes effect with Potency 3, scene duration (or until I stop concentrating).

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                          You eagerly cast your spell, trying to study the train car before anyone leaves. But as you do, you can sense that the magic fueling your night vision muddles your mortal mind's ability to call upon the Supernal as clearly; it's as if the current of magic swirling around you makes it harder to sense the Aether. You reach through it, forcing your Imago into place - and you can instantly tell that something tries to push back.

                          Reflexively, with a knowledge that you didn't realize you had, you sense the dangers of Paradox and pull the danger into your body. Your heart aches, causing you to gasp briefly as you clutch at your chest, but a part of you knows that somehow the damage is greater than what might have happened if you hadn't tried to contain the Paradox yourself.

                          The feeling fades, and just like that, the Supernal truth shines from among the crowd. And there, shining like a beacon, is a man in the crowd that you know is another mage. Your soul quietly sings to you, calls out to you with senses you can't describe. You see that he is not on the Path to the Aether, as you are; his is the Path to Pandemonium. You perceive a scarlet red haze and black incense swirl around him, and briefly smell sulfur. But you can also tell that like you, he is a relatively inexperienced mage: his raw ability to channel the Supernal realm is fairly comparable to yours.

                          No other beings on the train give off an aura of the Supernal realm.

                          Your instinctive ability to contain the Paradox, and your success with identifying another mage exactly as you intended, fill you with a sense of pride and accomplishment. You can use magic. You feel like you could do anything.

                          As discussed, you take 1 resistant bashing damage; recover 1 spent WP; and gain the Inspired condition, which will grant an Arcane Beat upon resolution.

                          Dr. Asphodel
                          You look into the hallway and are met with darkness. You see a few students ahead of you with phone flashlights out, coming out of another classroom down the hallway and across from your own. There are three windows on the left side of the hallway that look out into the streets on the ground floor, one story below, but it's pitch black out.

                          Between the commotion in the room and the time it took for you to get past the throng of students, as well as the time between when the sky grew dark and when the lights went out, it's been about 5 or 10 minutes altogether. The hail sounds like it's still falling. Otherwise, you see no sign of danger.

                          With your keen eyes and ears, you clearly see students walking out of a classroom on the opposite end of the hallway. Through the darkness, you glimpse that they look nervous but not frightened per see. You also faintly catch words from the other instructor drift towards you, saying to "head down to the ground floor and stay inside." The hail is still falling from the sky.

                          All of that information pales in sharp contrast to your true senses, as you reach out to study the Fallen World through the lens of the Primal Wild.

                          There is a certain beauty to the storm, which you can see now is clearly a magical phenomenon, but your connection to the Primal Wild doesn't necessarily tell you much about the storm itself. Through a nearby window, you can see hail striking the ground, but it does not appear to weaken or sap the life essence of the plants. But now that you have opened your Sight, you see beyond the Fallen World, through an invisible veil to a shadowy realm Beyond. Where the hail strikes that shadowy curtain, it sometimes fades, leaving hairline cracks. Other pieces of black hail pass through the membrane, and those ones create an audible sizzling sound that's so loud it makes you wonder why no one is covering their ears in pain. There is an acrimonious smell, like acid rain burning the air. There are spirits floating there, which you've seen everywhere since you Awakened, and they seem to flee wherever the hail breaks through that curtain.

                          You feel some Supernal energy pass from the personal well that you know as your soul, and you can sense the flow of destiny between and around those in the room, which you perceive as a faint odor emanating from each person and mixing together. You know that this sense is less familiar to you, as it hails from a different realm than the Primal Wild, but otherwise it's hard to take anything away from this particular situation.

                          As you study the room, two things draw your attention. One, there is a young woman standing by a window and facing the storm with a curious expression. To your Spirit Sight, however, she evokes a smell of fresh rain falling on a dry night. There's no better way to describe it. She seems diaphanous in some way, as if her flesh fluctuates between solid and immaterial; the closest thing you have ever seen that it reminds you of is some kind of spirit. She's clearly human, and very much alive, but yet...something else.

                          The second thing that draws your attention is Simon. Time seems to hasten around him, and the eddies of time catch you in it. You feel your muscles briefly weaken, as if you are leaping ahead in age for just a few moments; you can tell that he has just cast a Fate spell on himself, but this seems to be some kind of unintended consequence of watching his spellcasting in action. To your active Fate Sight, those mingling odors from the students pause and swirl more tightly together as he speaks. You hear a lion's roar echo behind Simon's words as all of the students heed his request.

                          You can sense, for the briefest of moments, a kind of strain as you reach to force the Imago of your Fate spell into being. The Fallen World itself seemed to be pushing back, but you slapped it silly and told the universe who was in charge.

                          You open your mouth to speak, and somehow happen to say exactly what these students needed to hear. One student happens to finish a text just as you start to open your mouth, and it's a pure coincidence that this is the first time he's bothered to pay attention to the room for the last 10 minutes. Another girl is busy talking to a friend, but is interrupted by a cough just before you speak, giving her curious friend a chance to listen to you instead. At hearing your words, their grumbling ceases and they politely make their way back to their seats, some perhaps surprised at how authoritative you seem as a TA.

                          None of the students seem to notice, but it brings a smile to your face watching the students' fates briefly align with your intent. Having their rapt attention feels so good that you feel like you could do anything, now.

                          You gain the Inspired condition as discussed, which will grant an Arcane Beat upon resolution. You also gain a WP back, as you already noted.

                          It takes a little bit of elbow grease, but you're able to manually force the door open. Fresh air passes into the train, and you can more clearly see large balls of black ice falling to the platform around you.

                          Emboldened by your mundane and magical success, you flex your creative ingenuity and try something new. In the process, you reach far beyond what you've tried before -- and suddenly you sense a terrible danger.

                          You don't know how to describe it, but the universe shifts in response to your willworking, and it has its eyes on you. Instinctively, this time you try to fight back, quelling the Paradox arising from your efforts to shift reality. But you're new to this, and you don't quite know how to masterly grapple with the weight of the Lie. It...bleeds into you, shifting your aura, tainting it.

                          You suddenly have the sense of an unseen eye, lurking in the shadows, watching you, waiting for something. You hear a throaty laugh from Beyond, followed by a chilling silence.

                          As the words roll off your tongue, though, people look up at you and find themselves nodding in agreement. The little girl being comforted by her mother looks up at you and wipes away a tear, then manages a weak smile. The girl's mother looks at you and also smiles in relief.

                          I want to modify your spell a little bit here before we resolve it.

                          First, I think all spells need to have only 1 Withstand trait. As a Mind spell and overall trying to urge their will in a subtle way, let's go with Resolve as the Withstand trait.

                          Second, I don't think this spell would qualify as obvious magic, so having Sleepers doesn't enhance the Paradox roll. So, I want to make it only 4 dice and no 9-again quality. That turns it into only 2 successes on the Paradox roll. You negate one with your Wisdom roll, leaving only 1 success instead of 3.

                          You gain the Abyssal Nimbus condition (p. 116). Until the end of this chapter or in-game day, you gain the Resonant condition for Abyssal entities, and your nimbus takes on qualities of the Abyss. It also affects anyone who Scrutinizes your nimbus or someone affected by your nimbus tilt.

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                            Active Sight: Life, Spirit, Fate
                            Active Spells: Heightened Senses (Life 2; Potency 1, 1 week duration: +1 to Perception rolls)
                            Willpower: 3/5. Mana: 9/10

                            Conditions/Tilts: Poor Light (Visual-based Perception rolls at -1)

                            This is...

                            Oscar shivers and winces slightly - his senses opened, he feels as though they are afire. He struggles momentarily to observe the storm, yet in time, for all its mystery, it is beautiful. His face falters slightly as he watches his spiritual kin dodge the hail, as though it is dangerous to them, and the beauty lessens considerably. His nose twitches at the peculiarity of...

                            ...Destiny? Wait, destiny has its own smell?

                            ...But the seamless mingling of the odour leaves him both wanting and calmed. He blinks slowly, his environ unimportant to the sensation that permeates his flesh, his mind, his very being.

                            This must be what Simon meant. Doesn't feel like I've got a third eye, though... but... wow...

                            ...Who's that?

                            The mysterious woman grabs his attention for only a moment when weakness washes over him - only a moment, but enough to leave him baffled. He turns to Simon, his expression a mixture of surprise and glee - Oh hells yes - and his hairs stand on end with the leonine sonority that accompanies Simon's authority.

                            Yet the chill of awe fades swiftly, as he returns his senses to the inexplicable woman. He tries to gauge her and measure her intent - yet, his perception exposed to the Wild leaves him doubting.

                            Action: Lynx attempts to gauge the woman's motive and intentions with an Empathy roll - "would approaching her be a bad idea?" - but he garners no successes.

                            The woman proves to be inscrutable, and he frowns momentarily - then he remembers the TA next to him. He gives Simon a soft nudge with his elbow.

                            "Mr. Collins," Oscar murmurs as quietly as he can - the pangs and sizzle from the hail makes him struggle to moderate the volume of his voice - "What's with the lady over there?"

                            Action: Lynx tries to draw Ragnar's attention to the woman without rousing suspicion, and gets 1 success.

                            Dice pool for Empathy roll: Wits (3) + Empathy (3) + Speciality (Motives) (+1), Active Mage Sight (-2), total dice 5.

                            Empathy roll to gauge the woman's motive and intention → 0 successes.

                            Dice pool for Subterfuge roll: Composure (3) + Subterfuge (-1) + Willpower (+3) Active Mage Sight (-2), total dice 3.

                            Subterfuge roll to alert Ragnar covertly → 1 success
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                              The girl's expression is hard to read, mostly because she's not even looking your way at first. When Simon speaks, you do notice that she lingers a little longer than several of the other students. She takes a seat in the back row, eyes still turned to face the window with a small frown on her face. As far as you can figure, she's just another student. She has some of the course texts sitting on the table in front of her, anyway. She's Caucasian with blond hair and, you can see with your heightened senses, bright blue eyes. You don't know her name.

                              No one seems to be paying too much attention to you right now, and thankfully you've learned your lesson and do manage to keep your voice down. You do notice, though, that now you're the only undergrad student left standing in a room of 40 people.

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                                Active Sight: Life, Spirit, Fate (ends in this post)
                                Active Spells: Heightened Senses (Life 2; Potency 1, 1 week duration: +1 to Perception rolls)
                                Willpower: 3/5. Mana: 9/10

                                Conditions/Tilts: Poor Light (Visual-based Perception rolls at -1)

                                Oscar bristles, resting one hand on his head. He tries to close his senses to the Primal, and does so with a slow, deep breath. His view of the classroom returns to the dark and the dull.

                                "Thanks for reassuring us all, Mr. Collins," he sighs with a smile. He pats Simon on the back, letting his hand linger a second on his shoulder, and then he moves back to his seat.

                                Character Sheet: Oscar "Lynx" Dalgren