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[IC] [Mage: the Awakening 2E] The Supernal Suburbia

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    Mage Sight: Peripheral
    Active Spells: Exceptional Luck
    Conditions/Tilts: Inspired, Steadfast, Horrid Whispers (-1 to all rolls), Trapped (Speed 0)
    Health: BOOOOOOO I WP: 3/4 I Mana: 9/10 I Wisdom: 7
    Beats: 0/5 I Arcane Beats: 2/5
    Experiences: 1 I Arcane Experiences: 1

    Ok, this is whole new levels of "unpleasant," Ragnar thinks to himself. It's like the old recurring nightmare he used to have as a child, trying to run away from some monster, but his body- he had been quite plump when he was young- betraying him, never being able to run fast enough, or even move at all. Except he knows it's not a nightmare, because the others make their way up the stairs, and Phoenix conjures a gust of wind- well, probably raw force, but the effect feels the same, so yeah, wind- to disperse the spirits.

    "Oh thank God! You guys! We. Really need. To stop. Meeting. Like this!" He's starting to pant from the exertion, feeling like he has not choice but to keep running. Yeah, yeah, leave it to the Acanthus to invoke Alice, he thinks. "Tried. To cast. A Space. Spell. These damn. Whispers. Screwed. Me up!" They never stop, the whispers. It almost feels like invisible people are circling him, breathing mockery and malice into his ears, each word too garbled, too high- or low-pitched, too soft or loud, to make out. But he knows the things speaking to him are no friends of his. He's read about some people who experience psychotic episodes having experiences like this, but this is far worse, because at least those people- at least, he hopes this is the case- are "only" imagining them. He knows that whatever this is, it's very, very real. "I think. I can. Fix this..."

    Ragnar is attempting to cast The Outward and Inward Eye (Space 1) on himself. One free Reach, spent on Instant Casting. Not any other Spell Factors, just need to get a quick spell off to get rid of Trapped. The Paradox pool does not accumulate dice, so no need to roll.

    Gnosis 1 + Space 1 + Path Tool 1 - Horrid Whispers 1 = 2 dice -> 1 success.

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    • Lynx
      You reach out to rescue Ragnar from...whatever it is that he's done to himself. But when you reach out to grab him, your hand simply misses him in a way that you can't wrap your mind around it. It's like trying to catch something out of the water, but the water distorts the light and you can't connect with the target even though it's right in front of your eyes.

      The sudden motion is so unexpected that you lose your balance and fall hard onto the floor. It will take you a moment to stand up and regain your bearings.

      Take the Knocked Down tilt.

      The room is a whirlwind of action -- both figuratively and, now thanks to Phoenix's simple Forces spell, literally.

      The whispers in the room may not be coming from your own mind, but they dredge up a fraction of a memory of Alux whispering to you from beyond the Abyss -- a memory that gives you chills, because you can't remember anything else about that moment. Almost everything else you experienced across the Iris during the Highstorm was lost to you.

      You wrap Space like a cloak around you, nimbly creating space for you to dance through the chaos without moving too closely to danger, and scan for the ring. All the while, the whispers fill your ears and threaten to tear at your mind.

      Please make a Wits + Composure roll for perception at an additional -1 penalty, due to the general environment in the room right now.

      Your earlier training with Moonstone must be helping, because now that you are again trapped in the illusion that is physical separation, you're able to overcome the pressure and distractions here to form an Imago of being and seeing in all directions at once.

      The Imago forms, and in an instant, you see the error in your efforts. You didn't need to run away or forward. Distance and directions are Sleeper constructs. You simply needed to relocate. As your spell forms, you see everything around you, inside this home, outside this home, all simultaneously. It's a little difficult to adjust to at first, but from an academic perspective, it's fascinating.

      You may make a Wits + Composure roll for perception, at no additional penalty other than the one for Horrid Whispers.

      The ghostly woman holds up her hands to her head and cries out wordlessly in anguish. But with Moonstone's spell in place, and her command not yet fulfilled, she is unable to leave. She extends a pointed finger into the middle of the room, where some kind of person-sized figure lies on the floor in the center of the room.

      Meanwhile, the death spirits buzz in their swarms on the far side of the room, contributing to the confusing caucophany here. But in response to the presence of new mages, or perhaps to escape the horrible Abyssal whispers, the spirits crawl into the shadows and scurry away, sneaking into cracks or air vents in the floor to escape the room.

      We are just about out of initiative currently, unless someone wants to try and prevent the death spirits from leaving the room. They'll be gone on their next turn.

      Lynx (18): Failed attempt to help Ragnar
      Moonstone (17): Dodge and look for the ring
      Ghostly woman (16): Dodge
      Ragnar (15): The Outward and Inward Eye
      Death spirits (13): Retreat
      --> Ouroboros Ophis (12)
      Fear Goetia (10)
      Phoenix (8)
      Ghostly boy (5)

      Thorbes is up next.

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      • wits 3+composure 4-horrid whispers 1-environment 1: 1 success. thought guilty might apply a -2 composure penalty since you mentioned alux, but it would be a success anyway i think.

        fear goetia does nothing this round except maybe harvest essence, not that it needs any.

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        • Ouroboros Ophis
          Mage Sight:
          Active (Matter/Death/Life) | Active Spells: Ghost Shield, Mental Shield, Control Ghost
          Health: ././OOOO | WP: 4/6 | Mana: 9/10 | Wisdom: 7 (Understanding)
          Conditions: None | Tilts: Horrid Whispers (-1 to all rolls) | Beats/Exp: 2/2 | Arc. Beats/Exp: 1/0

          The doctor quickly asses the situation, some of his cabalmates are a bit bruised but nothing inmediately worrying, most are fine and Moonstone's injuries, although the most griveous, are beyond his ability to heal. The spirits have been dealt with, for the time being, thanks to Phoenix's magical prowess and quick thinking. The old man cannot but feel a certain paternal pride at the young man's acomplishments so far, its already the second time he saves the situation when most needed. The ghost woman and child are no longer a danger, bound as they are by Moonstones and the doctor's own magics. The body, then, is what requires his attention.

          He runs towards the center of the room, where the inert figure lies on the floor. He kneels and looks for vitals he doesn't really expect to find and any indication of the possible cause of death.

          Preliminary medical examination: Wits+Medicine-1(Horrid Whispers)=4 Successes

          The voices crawl inside his head as he tries to investigate the body- ShE'ssss DeAd, WhAt A FaiLUre YoU Areeeee. YoU couLDn?t SavE Her, >SamE as YoUr WiFEee-

          I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


          • RAGNAR
            Mage Sight: Peripheral
            Active Spells: Exceptional Luck
            Conditions/Tilts: Inspired, Steadfast, Horrid Whispers (-1 to all rolls)
            Health: BOOOOOOO I WP: 3/4 I Mana: 8/10 I Wisdom: 7
            Beats: 0/5 I Arcane Beats: 2/5
            Experiences: 1 I Arcane Experiences: 1

            As the Imago falls into place, Ragnar feels the spatial loop he snared himself in unfold like the petals of a flower, and suddenly, he can see everything: There is no up and down, no obstructions. It's like he's suddenly viewing the world from up above. No, scratch that: it's like he's suddenly seeing everything on the same plane, even stuff stuff below him and above him. For a moment, he's completely distracted from the task at hand as he stands completely still, eyes gazing ahead has he tries to take in the sheer wonder of what he's seeing. There is no "there," he thinks,only an innumerable number of places to call "here." There is no "then," only an innumerable number of moments to call "now." No there and then, just here and now... With a flash of inspiration, he suddenly remembers reading that, if God is omnipresent, that God must be able to observe all places and moments simultaneously. To be a mage is to brush up against what he was raised to regard as the divine. It's both deeply humbling and exhilarating.

            Making that Perception Roll. Wits 2 + Composure 2 - Horrid Whispers 1 = 3 dice -> 1 success.

            Haberdasher's Requiem Conversions and Homebrew