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[IC] [Mage: the Awakening 2E] Mountains of Shadow

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    With even your novice knowledge of Space, you are able to craft a simple Unveiling spell to simplify the sights in front of you. Distance and location are illusions, so you pull back the curtain and choose to simply ignore them.

    The house is a cozy ranch-style home. In the back of the home near the kitchen, you see a set of French doors looking out to a large backyard, which leads up to the edge of the forest. The doors are smashed, with a large hole in the glass pane of one door. But that's not what draws your attention most readily. Lying on the ground near the kitchen sink, you see a woman, probably in her late 30s. It's hard to recognize many of her features because of the condition of her body. Large gashes extend across her arms, torso, and upper legs. She is resting in a pool of blood at an awkward angle, because her shoulder or back are likely snapped. Her mouth is slack-jawed, eyes staring at the ceiling. She is not breathing.

    The front foyer, dining hall, and stairwell leading up to the second floor have all sustained serious damage. Pictures and walls have large gashes through them in several parts of the home. A rocking chair in the living room is torn in two.

    A small Boston Terrier is quietly whimpering, hidden under a bed on the second floor. As far as you can tell, there is no one else in the home.

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      Marduk: Mastigos, Key-Bearer and Lictor of the Silver Ladder
      Mage Sight: Peripheral | Conditions: none | Spells: Ephemeral Shield Attainments: Goetic Awareness
      Health: OOOOOOOO | Willpower: 7/7 | Mana: 11/11

      A heavy knots forms in his stomach as he looks upon the devastation wrought upon this place, this home. People had lived here. He let's out a deliberate, slow breath as the spell fizzles and walls once again seperate his sight from the grizzly evidence of destruction insight. Here, in front of the houses intact facade, it looked allmost peacful if not for the unusual stillness. "The Gauntlet is thinner here, but not a spirit in sight. Let's be careful.", he hears Bruiser remark when he regains his composure. "At least not on this side of the Gauntlet. There is a woman inside lying in a pool of blood, presumably Ms. McCann, I'm fairly certain she is dead. Noone else is inside, except for a dog hiding under a bed on the second floor.", he says, with a sideglance at Bruiser, their resident dogwhisperer. "The place has been devastated. We may be looking at a murder and kidnapping here... but let's investigate before we jump to conclusions."

      He falls in line behind the Arrow and Guardian, both of them are unarguably better suited to a fight, if there was one. "I will check the Shadow for threats and evidence. Last thing we need is a murder spirit deciding to manifest on us out of nowhere."

      Marduk casts Exorcist's Eyes, Spirit 1 Spell, 3 free reaches
      reaches spent on: instant casting, advanced duration and seeing across the gauntlet.
      Yantras: High Speech and his dedicated tool in the form of a legacy yantra
      Paradox: none risked
      Spellfactors: Duration 3, Potency 3 (+2)
      Spellcasting: Gnosis 2 + Spirit 3 + Yantras 3 - Potency 4 => 4 dice => 2 successes

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        Doctor Luck
        Mage Sight: Peripheral | Conditions: Charmed, Steadfast| Spells: Exceptional Luck Potency 3, Ephemeral Shield
        Health: OOOOOOO | Willpower: 6/6 | Mana: 11/11

        Michael gets out of his car, his car that barely made it to the scene, and walked over to the others. He listens to what happened after he graciously received the spell protection. He looks at the house and asks everyone to wait for a moment. He focuses on creating an imago for postcognition over the entire house. He takes his time as he speaks the language of magic to make his spell easier. The spell he tries to cast is postcognition over the entire house so that he could look into the past and clearly see what could be seen. He hears others telling about the thinner gauntlet, and the dead body inside. Should the spell work the way he plans, he will see the past, like a movie in his mind, of each room in the house.

        Dr Luck spends 3 reaches for advanced scale, instant spellcasting, advanced duration
        postcognition = Gnosis 2 + Time 3 + High Speech 2 + Dedicated Tool 1 = 8 dice
        Postcognition advanced scale: 8d10h8 5

        He carefully searches the entire house's past, room by room. He hopes to get a look at the killer, or monster. He also hopes to get a clue as to where it is now if it is not still in the house. He realizes he is only searching with sight, not mage sight. That would take entering the house at present.
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          Death Wolf
          Mage Sight: Peripheral | Conditions: none Spells: None
          Health: OOOOOOO | Willpower: 6/6 | Mana: 11/11 Defense: 4

          ​The Moros that morning had spent time offering to the totem of the pack into which he was born into, then to the personal totem spirit he had, giving an offering to his familiar Ashlyn. The wolf like spirit devoured the offering that sustained her power. He sat topless in the middle of his living room tracing the marks cut into his flesh gifts from the spirits, his Praxis cut into him to help him remember the spells as they were a part of him. The son of a shaman, a mage raised by werewolves. In some ways he was more feral than the others but that was what drew him to the arrow, and the arrow to him. There was a hunt, and he was needed. He sat amongst the trappings, fetishes, and tribal ritual tools. He holds up a bundle of sage and lets the smoke wash over him to purify him before he undergoes the rituals of purification that begin his day. Washing, dressing, grooming, shaving the practice of making himself ready to be the medium between the savage and the cultured. He dresses in his suite and sets his bola tie before walking down to meet the others right on time to pack into the small car. His spirit sister lingering near him, ready.

          After the long drive he is the last to get out of the car and moves over the land passing calmly. When he sees Jill's body his first thought is the worst case. Had a Uratha done this. "This could be bad." That sort of thing was natural but it could create friction between the two biggest powers in the area. He focuses his mind, and kneels down looking into the lifeless eyes, letting the flow of death pass through him. He was Death Wolf and he would make sure this woman's last moments were known.

          Forensic Gaze
          Death 1 - Knowing
          Primary: Potency (3) The mage can determine the state of a corpse. She determines the exact method of its demise as well as exactly when it died. For each level of Potency, the mage reveals contributing factors to the cause of death. For example, a man found burned in a car might have died from asphyxiation, but might have gotten that way because he was unconscious due to a head wound from crashing his car into a tree while driving drunk.
          +1 Reach: The mage can witness the final moments of the corpse’s life just leading up to death as though seeing through the corpse’s eyes. Each rank of Potency reveals a minute of time prior to the corpse’s demise.

          +1 reach (Spell Effect Above), +1 Reach Fast cast (3 Free Reach)

          Casting a Spell: 7d10h8 0
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            Death Wolf
            Mage Sight: Peripheral | Conditions: none Spells: None
            Health: OOOOOOO | Willpower: 5/6 | Mana: 11/11 Defense: 4

            When the spell failed to form properly death wolf felt irritation build. He would not be bested by such a simple spell. The knowledge he was chasing would not outrun him. He speaks in high speech, firm in the knowledge that he was asking in concert to his Shadow Self. He would not be beaten by ignorance when a simple apprentice level spell stood between him and his objectives. Grasping this knowledge in his jaws should be easy, and he steeled himself, he would not be defeated, dissuaded, or turned back.
            Spell Details in post above
            Same 2 Reach.
            3 Death Arcana + 2 Gnosis +2 Shadow name, +2 High speech, +3 willpower

            dice roll
            Casting forensic gaze: 12d10h8 6