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    "Hmmmm?"- he nods, but keeps his eyes on his work- "Of course, gentlemen, let me finish here" -he takes the liver and kidneys and puts them in the fridge. His hands and sleeves covered in coagulated blood. -"Ok, let me take a look, perhaps I can find something by chance that you have overlooked"

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      Originally posted by Thorbes View Post
      "Hmmmm?"- he nods, but keeps his eyes on his work- "Of course, gentlemen, let me finish here" -he takes the liver and kidneys and puts them in the fridge. His hands and sleeves covered in coagulated blood. -"Ok, let me take a look, perhaps I can find something by chance that you have overlooked"

      OOC: What should I roll?

      perception investigation


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        Raul Abrantes

        Raul is far too busy devising strategies for dealing with their adversaries to actually care about the fact that his Dunsirn companion is basically desacrating a grave. As revolting as the act was, he had - *they* had - bigger problems. He walked right to the car waiting outside, placed himself at the backseat and asked Alfie, probably still staring in his cellphone.

        - Hey, Rosselini. You ever killed a werewolf before?


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          Since it seems that nothing else can be gained from the cemetery, the group makes it's way back towards the motel.

          [ooc]Sorry, been a busy week. If no one has anything else for the first night in nottingham I will move things to the next night tomorrow.[/ooc]


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            William St. John

            Despite their search the crypt would yield no other secrets...disappointing, worse it simply left the question of Mr. Beckett's nature hanging in the air. At least the information about strangely large animals might save them the trouble of a nasty surprise later.

            "While this trip wasn't entirely a waste since being forewarned of possible dangers is helpful. It remains to be seen if this particular Mr. Beckett is going to be of any further use. Either way tomorrow we will need to present ourselves to the Prince if we are careful and lucky we might be able to find out some useful information."

            [OOC] I'm good to move on since the Cemetery has given us any secrets it has. [/OOC]


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              Wallace attempts at investigation are pitiful and inefective, he is clearly thinking more on his dinner than anything else.
              He apologizes and packs his things before going back to the car mumbling a song about the best parts of a corpse and the proper order of consumption.

              (OOC: Yeah, let's move on to the next night)

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                The rest of the night and the next day pass uneventfully. You wake up in the motel without any issues.

                You know that you need to present yourselves at the club to not violate the rules the Prince of Nottingham and that you must do so an hour after dark.

                When you get to the club, it is basically empty as it is still quiet early. A man in his early middle ages with a bulky build and slightly receding hairline is sitting at the bar, a drink in front of him that doesn't look like it has been touched.

                The club looks like the kind of place that fills up on most nights, once it gets late enough at night. It would probably be an excellent place to feed. It could probably hold about 150 people at max capacity.

                The bartender is a woman in her late 20s or early 30s, and is basically completely forgettable. Which seems out of place for such a trendy club.


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                  Raul Abrantes

                  The loud, brutish music that flooded the world as they entered irritated Raul. In fact, this whole situation of being between a herd of people and a Prince of whom he didn't know one thing made him want to leave as soon as possible and get to som real work, like further research or working future occult contacts.

                  Nonetheless, he casually approaches the bartender, sits at one of the stools and orders a round of tequila. He gives a side eye to the stranger beside him and says to the woman:

                  - Nice establishment you have here. I just came to town and I was wondering if you could amuse me with some of the latest gossip. I am particularly interested in anything on the... occultish side. Weird cults, mad prophets, creepy necromancers... yes, they are very exciting in their own way. But only legitimate. Trust me, darling, I may be a tourist but I am not stupid.

                  He gives the barmaid a serious look, showing that he means business and won't fool around. He is polite, but insistent.


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                    "There is some sort of new age store in the Mall, probably best to try your luck there."


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                      William St. John

                      William looked around the club, unfortunately not immediately noticing the Prince or Sheriff. The bartender caught his attention, specifically because of how much she didnt. Normally places like this hired pretty young things or large intimidating bruisers, so to have someone so forgettable was off. Raul had decided to approach the bartender and chat them up through the tourist route, something William couldnt do so he decided to let him have at it.

                      He decided to take a seat at the far end of the bar so as to give him a good vantage point of most of the club, so he could hopefully notice when the Prince showed so they could present and move on to their own business without that deadline over their heads.

                      As he sat there he noticed the bulky man wasnt touching his drink, was it acting as a cover or was he just nursing it? William looks the man over to see if he could notice the subtle traits of vampirism.

                      [OOC]Roll to notice supernatural Perception + Awareness (Unknown Difficulty Dice Pool 5) - 4, 4, 1, 1, 9 (failure)[/OOC]

                      After looking over the man for a moment he doesnt see the tell tale signs of vampirism and moves on before he gets caught staring. For the moment it seems the best course would be to wait for Prince to get that hassle out of the way.

                      Dice roller used


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                        Wallace was on a pretty good mood. The liver and kidneys he had acquired yesterday made for an excellent meal, he wondered if something fresher would be even tastier as he caroused his way through the club. He payed some rounds here, made some jokes there, and in general mingled and made sure to make himslef noticeable. If Budha doesn't go to the mountain... well, he always prefered to attract the attention when he could afford it. Better for the flies to come to the spider.

                        Carousing: Charisma + Etiquette (Dif. 6) =4 Successes!

                        He enjoys the attention and starts to look for an appetizer while his companions do their own thing. Raúl seems to have started pretty strong, who asks for actual necromancers on a bar? It kills the mood. William on the other hands seems to be getting the right idea, looking for a comfy corner where to take a look at the menu. Let's take the party to him.

                        Wallace and his new friends, carrying asorted beberages sit next to him.

                        -"William, my friend, I brought you something to drink"-he remarks with a naughty wink.
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                          Wallace makes friends with a pair of locals who enter the bar shortly after the group did. They work at an old factory on the south side of town, tough times have cut the shift back to 1 a day rather than running night and day.

                          Within about 20 minutes of you arriving the bar begins to fill up. You notice a pair of people standing out, they are both wearing what look like stylish lab coats. They seem to be keeping an eye out for someone. They are talking in a language that you are pretty sure is German.


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                            William St. John

                            He notices the the twins in the lab coats although he can't quite make out what they are saying, from the bits he can pick out it probably wouldnt do any good even if he could since he had no knowledge of German. He makes a note to look into them later if possible since their dress and demeanor is so out of place, perhaps other buyers?

                            He sees Wallace approach with a couple of people in tow and a tray of drinks.
                            "William, my friend, I brought you something to drink"-he remarks with a naughty wink.
                            Deciding to play along a little while also pointing out the odd ones, he replies rolling his eyes in an exaggerated way toward the twins that unless someone was following would take as jovial exasperation "Wallace you know I have business tomorrow and cant indulge like I would want. So in the meantime please introduce me to your new friends." As they sit he takes a drink, but sets it down and occasionally looking like he's sipping at it like he's nursing it while looking like he is more interested in the conversation.