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    Originally posted by Arcanist View Post
    Wormwood I think it's worth mentioning that the Alternate Identity Merit is meant to represent a mortal identity supported by documentation. You can be Rockbreaker the vigilante without needing to spend the dot on it, but having a mostly functional human identity would be useful.
    Right, makes sense. I'll change the sheet, so he'll have a basic identity as a certain Mark Stone (creativity, thy name is Wormwood). Should be enough to be able to get a job as a bouncer (in shady parts of the city), construction worker or similar jobs with low prestige / high physical demand.


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      Wormwood Never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show? It's a campy 70s musical that riffs on Frankenstein. A sexually depraved, cross-dressing mad scientist (played by Tim Curry) makes a creature to serve as his lover.

      Arcanist He's on the Refinement of Aurum, and has completed the Role of Follower: he wanted to learn if humans really could be trusted, and so he got into another relationship with a woman who deliberately reminded him of his demiurge, as a submissive. All-in-all, it went rather well, and even though he has "moved on" from the relationship, he's actually made a friend. He's currently on the Role of Companion, trying to learn how to relate to humans on equal footing. Basically, he learned how relationships with unequal power exchange right, and is now working on equal power exchange. The Role of Leader will revolve around him conquering the role his demiurge and former dominant played for him.

      He's got Assimilation from Deception and Eros from Mesmerism: one to symbolically Follower, and the other to represent Companion. He'll probably Calcify both of those so that he can retain those as mementoes of his Pilgrimage so far.

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        Seems like a really nice progression. As a note, since you're on to a second Role in the same Refinement, you can pick up another Alembic in each Transmutation! If you choose to Clacify one or both of your first two Alembics, you'll have three in total.

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          Alright. He'll spend two of those extra Experiences to Calcify Assimilation from Deception as a souvenir of Follower. He has Stalker from Deception and Eros from Mesmerism for his current role of Companion. He'll pick up an extra dot of Azoth and three dots in skills.

          For Elpis, I'm thinking Love, since he was "built" for love and wants to understand it fully. For Torment, I'm thinking either Naïve, to represent his misunderstanding of human nature and his occasional inability to realize that humans don't always want physical contact and sexual gratification all the time, and that not everybody wants it with him; or make a custom Jealous Torment, because part of me likes the idea that his demiurge created him to be 100% faithful, and it would be a nice "become his own antithesis" if he acts towards others like his demiurge acted towards him.

          I'll have to think about the questions for the Milestones. I have a tentative Merits list drawn up, I just need time to hammer out his backstory and how they fit together. I'm currently thinking that he's some sort of horrific amalgamation of body parts from soap opera actors that his demiurge had a crush on- his head comes from her absolute favorite, and she actually murdered him to get it.

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            Okay, I think I've got Adonis' write-up squared away.


            Name: Adonis
            Concept: Real-life Rocky Horror

            Lineage: Galateid
            Refinement: Aurum
            Role: Companion
            Mastered Roles: Follower

            Elpis: Love
            Torment: Jealous

            Intelligence: 1
            Wits: 2
            Resolve: 3

            Strength: 3
            Dexterity: 2
            Stamina: 2

            Presence: 3
            Manipulation: 3
            Composure: 2

            Crafts: 1
            Medicine (Aftercare): 2
            Occult: 1

            Athletics: 2
            Brawl: 2
            Larceny: 1
            Stealth: 1
            Survival: 2

            Empathy (Emotions): 3
            Expression: 3
            Persuasion (Seduction): 3
            Socialize: 2
            Streetwise: 1
            Subterfuge: 1

            Area of Expertise (Seduction): 1
            Famous Face: 1
            Hovel: 2
            Safe Place: 1
            Striking Looks: 2
            True Friend (Lily): 3
            True Friend (Erwin): 1
            Brute Force Style: 3

            Bestowment: Unearthly Mein
            Refinement Condition: Masked

            Transmutations: Deception, Mesmerism
            Alembics: Assimilation, Eris, Eros, Stalker
            Calcified Alembics: Eros

            Aspirations: Learn more about Mark Austin (long-term); bring down Amalgama; find a social group of humans to join

            Size: 5
            Health: 7
            Speed: 10
            Defense: 4
            Initiative Mod: 4

            Willpower: 5
            Azoth: 2
            Pyros: 5/10, 2 per round
            Pilgrimage: 2


            The Greeks, among whom the Galateids originated, were fond of cautionary tales. If Adonis could be said to be a cautionary tale, he's a warning against the dangers of obsessive celebrity crushes. His demiurge was a woman named Sharon, who had unhealthy fixation on a number of actors who had appeared in teen-marketed dramas and soap operas. She wanted to date them... but she couldn't settle on just one. When she found out that four of them were dead of various causes, a twisted idea crossed her mind: she would take some of their body parts and use them to build a man who was the sum of their best parts. Over the course of weeks, she "collected" the needed parts: arms from one, legs from another, torso from this one, manhood from that one. But she ran into a problem: the one she wanted the most, Mark Austin, was alive. She found where he lived- he had dropped out of the public eye and was living alone in solitude- and murdered him. And she took his head to complete her perfect man.

            Long she labored on her creation, until finally, his heart beat, and he took a shuddering breath. She named him "Mark" and set about teaching him that his purpose was to satisfy her. For a while, he did just that, diligently. He was the perfect boyfriend, catering to her every whim, and indulging her every fantasy. But Disquiet inevitably set in, and it manifested as irrational jealousy in Sharon. First, she told him to stop going outside, since she had noticed people giving Mark interested- or was it lustful?- looks. But then she started to fear that he wanted to leave her, so she started restricting his movement further and further: doors started getting locked, then he was locked in a single room until Sharon was ready to play with him, and then he was chained to the wall. The Disquiet culminated with Sharon thinking that Mark no longer loved her, and she decided to destroy him. Some heartfelt begging- and brute force- gained Mark a reprieve, and he fled.

            Mark, now going by Adonis, embarked on his Pilgrimage to see if the humans he so deeply envied were truly trust worthy. To accomplish this, he wandered to Winnipeg and took the Refinement of Aurum. He found a woman named Lily, who reminded him of Sharon. Lily was a domme, and Adonis became her submissive. It was a fragile thing, touch and go at times, but Lily slowly gained Adonis' trust. He gained a friend, and mastered a Role. While he is no longer formally dating Lily, they are still close, and occasionally meet for a session. Now, Adonis is working on the Role of Companion: he has learned how to play a lesser to humans, now he wants to learn how to relate to them as equals.
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              Wormwood good call on the idea of getting him the identity as Mark Stone.

              Haberdasher Adonis looks really fascinating, especially seeing as he's going to be recognizable to a decent subset of the population. What happened to his Demiurge? Did she manage to avoid criminal charges? How old is she? Would he ever want to see her again? Either way, I think Sharon is going to come up at some point. I have a very particular antagonist planned out for later in the Chronicle, and I think between Adonis and Earth's backstories, there's going to be a lot of material to build off of.

              Update is now up. Feel free to join in when you'd like, Haberdasher. Get a feel for the character on the fly, I doubt we're going to make much progress on the Pilgrimage right this instant.

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                Arcanist Thanks! Sharon is still around. I don't think she's been arrested: she snuck into some morgues, dug up a couple graves, and checked to make sure Mark Austin wouldn't be missed for a while at least. She's probably escaped criminal charges for the time being- this being the Chronicles of Darkness, it wouldn't surprise me if she manages to escape arrest for a good long while. She and Lily are both in the late 30s, blonde, similar facial features. Again, that's why he chose to get into contact with Lily. The possibility of meeting Sharon again... maybe further down the line, when he's getting close to the end of his Pilgrimage. Come back to the person who both created him and tried to destroy him, and show her how much he's grown in her absence, if for no other reason than to demonstrate to the both of them that he's moved on and is so far beyond her now.

                I realized that I forgot to answer his Milestone questions. As far as those go:

                What sort of human do you want to be? Adonis thinks he wants to be a caretaker of some sort. Maybe as a spouse and father, maybe as a living assistant. That, of course, kind of clashes with his very specific skill set. So he has an internal nature vs. nurture conflict going on.

                How have humans taught you to fear and hate? Adonis fears jealousy. Ironically, it's his Torment, but he'll never forget the look on Sharon's face as she came at him with the carving knife to dismember him. He also despises how humans often see each other as toys and means to an end- seeing somebody take advantage of another person, especially sexually, annoys the hell out of him.

                How did you split from your creator? Sharon wasn't exactly stable to begin with. Dismembering corpses and murdering an idol, and then using their body parts to create her own personal sex slave didn't do her any favors either. Disquiet did the rest. Nothing like attempted murder to make you want to get away from your demiurge.

                What keeps you on your Pilgrimage? Adonis wants to fully understand what love is, and what it entails: the patience, the compromise, the trust. He knows he was created for a very narrow and twisted definition of love, so he wants to understand it fully.

                What would you give up to be human? Right now, Adonis is willing to pay any price. But he's especially willing to give up his looks and charms, since part of him wonders if they are a hindrance on his Pilgrimage.

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                  All really good stuff. Does Adonis already know Earth and Mark 5, or will this be the first time they meet? What do Adonis' Disfigurements look like? Where is his Hovel/Safe Place and what is it like?

                  Haberdasher you still can choose a couple more Alembics. You get one in each Transmutation when starting a Refinement, and one more in each when you complete a Role. With Eros calcified, you should have three Mesmerism Alembics and two Deception Alembics.
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                    Originally posted by Arcanist View Post
                    All really good stuff. Does Adonis already know Earth and Mark 5, or will this be the first time they meet? What do Adonis' Disfigurements look like? Where is his Hovel/Safe Place and what is it like?

                    Haberdasher you still can choose a couple more Alembics. You get one in each Transmutation when starting a Refinement, and one more in each when you complete a Role. With Eros calcified, you should have three Mesmerism Alembics and two Deception Alembics.
                    Okay! In that case, he'll have Stalker from Deception, and Phobos from Mesmerism.

                    Depending on how recently Earth came to Winnipeg, he may have heard of them but not have met them in person. He'll probably be wary of them if he knows they're a former Centimanus. He's probably met Mark 5 before, and certainly knows of him. That Earth and Mark 5 know each other will be a surprise.

                    His Disfigurements are the typical "stitched-together" thing. His sources all had slightly different skin tones, so his limbs, body, and head are all noticeably different colors, and the places where Sharon stitched the pieces together are painfully obvious if bare skin shows. In most cases, the difference between his hands, and the stitches around his neck, will tip people off.

                    His Hovel is an out-of-the-way room in a tenement building. Nobody is using it, and nobody cares that he comes and goes. Anybody asks, he could just turn on the charm. The building he sleeps in is pretty noisy all hours of the day. He just lets the noise wash over him each night as he falls asleep.

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                      Wouldn't be a superhero story without the protagonists fighting when they first meet!

                      Arcanist I don't think that's quite how calcifying works, unless I misread page 118. Adonis would have 2 Alembics from each Transmutation, but he can keep the ones he calcified when he switches to a different Refinement.

                      I haven't really decided if Earth uses she/her or they/their. Both would be fitting, but everyone Earth knows has used "she" so far. Let's go with she/her, but it's something I'm interested in coming back to in-character! Monsterhearts has me in the mood to think about that in a supernatural setting, haha.

                      e: Earth has been in Winnipeg for like 2-3 weeks, and came here after the events in Powerview-Pine Falls. She does have a Repute that precedes her, but it would also be neat to meet someone with no preconceptions about her. I'll leave it up to Haberdasher if Adonis knows of her or not, either is okay by me.
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                        Caladriu He's probably had enough time to heard about her, then. Her reputation precedes her. Hasn't met her, and it's certainly a rocky introduction.

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                          I was secretly hoping you'd dramatic fail that roll too and we'd start off on a wild goose chase for a completely nonexistent threat. Get all Foucault's Pendulum with it.

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                            Honestly, I expected to get a Dramatic Failure on that one. But nope, not only did I get a success, I got a 10. Which I know doesn't technically affect anything, but it's still amusing as hell. The two Tammuz see a message for Earth to get out of Winnipeg, and the poor Galateid is standing there all, "Um, guys, it's just graffiti, you're reading way too far into this."

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                              Caladriu the example given mentions that the Promethean in question, Chicago, Calcified three Alembics after mastering Stannum before moving on to Plumbum. She keeps all three of those Alembics, and immediately expresses the fourth since when you're practicing a Role you need to express an Alembic. My understanding was that Calcifying an Alembic fixes it in your alchemical makeup and not only allows you to keep it, but also allows you to expand your repertoire. Reasonably certain that Matt posted something in the forums that supports that reading, but I'm away from my laptop at the moment and thus cannot find it to back myself up.

                              Secondly, duly noted on Earth going by 'she'. I remembered some of the Milestones and decided to go with the neutral 'they' to test it out. I'm guessing we'll return to the pronoun tango at some point once Earth gets over enough self-loathing to be a little bit more introspective.

                              All that said, I find it hilarious that the dice have the occasional sense of humour. Adonis sees the graffiti for what it is, but Earth is adamant. I'm interested to see where it will be going from here.

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                                Haberdasher where would Mark have met Adonis? Did he see him in action? I'd go with Mark 5 having helped him when he got harrassed.

                                Btw, he totally believes Adonis is from Arizona now.