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    News from Talks last night: Taliesen has rolled a new character, says Mollymauk is not the type to have ever come back as a ghost, Ashly is playing with them for three more sessions, EVERYONE cried more than once.


    I’m afraid this makes me, like, needlessly cruel, but I’ve seen a small but larger-than-expected number of folks saying they’re quitting the show over this. Can someone help me grasp that mindset? Like, characters die in fiction, and they especially die in low-level D&D. It’s sad, sure, but I’m not sure why someone would jump ship over it.

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      It's because of the meta-aspect of the game. Standard fiction, especially Game of Thrones, has death fairly regularly. But it doesn't share the same co-op writing-playing aspect that RPGs have. So it seems people are upset because Ashly, as soon as the combat started, declared that she was going to take disadvantage for reasons people disagree with (and I do as well).

      Now I've haven't followed any of the recent discourse, but it sounds like the reason people are leaving is partly because they were/are passionate about the game show and Ashly's initial role in it and how CR has handled it.

      I personally felt she made a very split second call prior to a major event, and that bad judgment call helped stir the anger fans had. And in that I agree with them. She wasn't however the only reason the scene quickly fell apart and it shouldn't be placed on her shoulders like that and it isn't reason enough to quit watching, but for some apparently it is. Passionate fans are going to respond passionately, and CR is kidding themselves if they think people sit through 4 hour episodes weekly are going to sit quietly to something they perceive as some kind of injustice. Especially when they see real tears.

      Marisha's comments on Twitter (or where ever she made them) calling down this group for being angry and lashing out was also poor choice. They have been in this scene now since 2015, and if they haven't learned yet to not feed the trolls they never will. Brian's snarky comments from time to time on Talks Machina don't help matters either.

      They don't have to virtue signal, protect, or otherwise make any sort of reference to passionate fans who are handling this poorly. If said fan can't get a grip they will wind up being banned, blocked, or with some other punitive measure taken against them. It was a mistake, but you don't solve a mistake by making more of them and it seems both CR and the passionate show quitters need to learn that.

      I'm betting there are some of these show quitters who secretly don't know how to handle negativity and/or express themselves and are secretly waiting to see what happens next. Ashly may have made a very bad decision but it wasn't just her. And the CR cast will need her to help carry the show for a bit with 3 of the main stars being out and possibly 4 depending on how the story goes and when they can insert Talesin back IC. And if they give it half a chance with the next episode I think we'll see some amazing, in depth scenes
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        Marisha finally made me like Beau.

        All it took was over a hundred hours of play.

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            Man, I really don’t care about being three episodes behind. I think I’m done.

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