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Carrie Fisher, RIP

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  • Carrie Fisher, RIP

    Carrie Fisher dies at 60.

    She suffered a heart attack on Friday while on a flight, and was taken to a hospital when the plane landed. Within the last hour, her mother reported that she had passed away. She'll be missed.
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    God fucking shit hell damnit.

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      Fuck. This. Year.


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        Yeah; the radio talk show host who broke the news to me had just finished a segment going down the list of people we lost this year; then he had to start the next segment with “…and the year is sadly not over yet: Carrie Fisher has died.” We have, what, five more days? Can they please pass uneventfully for a change?


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          I have no words for how much this hurts, how much I already miss her. She was an inspiration in every sense of the word.

          2016, could you at least take some of the bigots and monsters with you beforr you go?

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            God fucking damn 2016, you hadn't done enough already? You just had to take one last parting shot? FUCK you!

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              :'( Damn it...

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                And it looks like Carrie Fisher's mother, Debbie Reynolds just died today, one day after Carrie's death. Crazy.


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                  To paraphrase Mark Hamill about Carrie Fisher: words fail. #devastated


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                    It's sad. Steven Martin had a lovely twitter tribute to her which you will never read, because he got bullied into deleting it.

                    The talent carnage this year is crazy. Prince, Bowie, China, George Micheals, Carrie Fisher, and others.