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Zero gravity/space combat on a battlemap.

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  • Zero gravity/space combat on a battlemap.

    So I may be running a short sci-fi game in the near future but I'm running up against a minor hurdle in the challenge of representing space combat. It's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, plenty of sci-fi minis games and even sci-fi properties themselves operate on a more or less two dimensional plane, but what crazy suggestions would people have for at least trying to put weightless three dimensional combat on a table?

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    The simplest thing that comes to mind for 3D movement is giving each miniature a little note, preferably an easily erasable one, on which is written how many [movement units used for space combat] that Mini is away from an arbitrary baseline. So all Minis are just sitting on the map, but you know that in-universe, the one marked "-15" is way down from the one marked "+10".

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      The usual method is to stack poker chips under the minis.


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        Ahh, damn. I was going to recommend Combat Tiers, but apparently they've been discontinued.

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