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  • Online Communities For Roleplay?


    Do you know some online communities were I can play WoD Chronicles (even the less popular games) through: forum, e-mail or chat?

    Thank you

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    There is the play by post threads on this forum.

    I've seen a few OP games on

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      There's, good few White Wolf and Onyx Path games.


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        I'm looking for my PbP, which I've also shared in the other other forum for games.

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          I'm not even being a little bit facetious, I got my start roleplaying on Neopets. You could give that a try? I haven't been on in a while.



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            Originally posted by hm8453a View Post
            I'm not even being a little bit facetious, I got my start roleplaying on Neopets. You could give that a try? I haven't been on in a while.
            Mine was Gaia Online. No idea what the roleplaying community there is like nowadays though.

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              Its a fourm pbp type thing.

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                You might try searching on discord, I know there are some Exalted groups/collections of games happening and there might well be WoD stuff as well somewhere.

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                  I might be starting a WoD forum roleplay soon, either on here or I may create my own forum. Not sure yet.

                  ​I can do Classic World of Darkness (1e or 2e) or New World of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness (1e), depending on the gameline in question. I do not run games using Chronicles of Darkness 2e material, or Classic World of Darkness Revised material, so keep that in mind when requesting a game from me.

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                    I can't speak for how good they are but this thread just popped up on reddit and it looks to be about that. I believe someone mentioned something in the similar.

                    The link is here.


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                      There's It's a big platform with a lot of games to offer, actual sessions like sitting around a table that is. Just online, without the need to actually visit someones house (praised be ye lords of the internet). If you find an actual group depends on what you are searching, but you could also offer games yourself. It's a bit clunky though and the voice chat/ video chat options are still in development, so most players use Skype or whatever but it has character sheets for almost every system and a very alive community.


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                        Im actually trying to find a Hunter the vigil game.