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Recommendation for a Good Ereader for PDFs

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  • Recommendation for a Good Ereader for PDFs

    So I'm getting back into RPGs and CoD games and I love that you can get the books in PDF form for cheaper than the cost of a printed book, but I absolutely hate reading at a computer or on a tablet. It's not comfortable to sit at a desk and read, and I don't appreciate the screens on tablets. I have an ereader that I love (Kobo Aura), but it is terrible at rendering PDFs. Does anyone have a recommendation on an ereader that renders PDFs well?

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    I've got a Kindle Paperwhite that isn't good at it. I usually cut n paste all the text into a txt file and convert it over. The Kickstarter Google Drive files have been great for it, as without comprehensive editing just dragging pdf text into an editor leaves a lot of chopped up words and some misplaced sections.


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      I have a $50 Kindle Fire that I think is great at it, but it's important to note that it varies wildly by quality of pdf. Files that load slowly on a PC load slowly on my kindle.


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        I gave up on e-ink based systems and currently use a nexus 10.

        for PDFs I've found you need something with decent sized screen and a decent processor, and unfortunately one of the signature things of ebook readers is that they're generally lower-processor power.

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          Damn. Looks like my best bet might be a cheap, dedicated-to-PDF tablet. Even though I hate to do that.


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            One of those laptops that can flip into a tablet seems like the best bet to me.

            I've got a 7" Nook and I have to zoom in to each column of text to read it properly.

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