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Virtual reality and roleplaying games?!

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  • Virtual reality and roleplaying games?!

    In this post I represent a group of master student from Aalborg University in Copenhagen, who are in the process of mixing virtual reality technologies with pen and paper roleplaying.
    Why you ask? Because it is awesome I answer.

    The reason I'm posting here, is that we would like to know something about the positive and negative aspects of roleplaying, so we can determine what to focus on (we only have 4 Month to have a fully developed prototype)
    So I ask of you: Please answer the questionnaire (link provided below).

    And please discuss underneath if you have any crazy ideas or fantasies relating to the topic.

    I will update this post with the findings in a week or two (depending on the amount of responses).

    Thank you for reading this, and thank you even more if you answered the questionnaire.


    Ps. If sharing this kinda stuff is against forum policies, I'll take it down again. But I really hope you guys can help us get a better understanding of this topic so we can create something mathematical. I mean... awesome.

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    Do you have a concept for how VR could be used in roleplaying, or are you just fishing for ideas right now?

    4 months isn't a long time to work. If could could swing it, I'd propose some kind of VARP (VR LARP) technology that lets you interact with other player characters in some kind of customizable game lobby.

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      Since the broad theme of the project is networking and Virtual Reality, and we are currently working on a specialisation in games, we are aiming at creating something akin to a first person in-game experience.

      We just need where to put our focus, because there are so many aspects of this we could focus on.
      Like how players perceive each other in VR, how to carry out combat (is turn based too boring in VR? Does real-time combat impede the play?), how to allow the GM to make the world and many many more.

      What we hope to end up with is a small demo that allows for a GM and a couple of players to have something like a roleplaying session in VR.


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        Have wondered... how good of training is Playstation Move, for supernaturals or hunters.


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          Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
          Have wondered... how good of training is Playstation Move, for supernaturals or hunters.
          Not, because Playstation Move is not very good.


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            Ive got my heart beating with simulated archery a time or two... once or twice thought I'd pass out...