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California lawmakers are looking to roll back HIV transmission as a felony to a misdemeanor

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    Technically trying to infect a large group of people with a disease/virus/ bacteria falls under the "use of a wmd" section of the patriot act which is indeed a felony.

    Imo the downgrade from felony to misdemeanor in the case of aids transmission is just part of the trend in downgrading felonies to keep people from becoming repeat offenders in an already bloated penal system.


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      Originally posted by Epimetheus View Post
      In most cases it's just a dude worming his way out of wearing protection so he can infect someone.
      Citation please. Because the article you linked to does not support this assertion.

      Spreading a deadly disease knowingly and purposefully is an issue, letting someone get away with it is bullshit.
      And at what point does convicting someone of a misdemeanor count as "letting someone get away with it." You've actually ended up going farther in the wrong direction from "slap on the wrist," to, "get off with no punishment," as the consequence of downgrading a felony to a misdemeanor.

      This is getting ridiculous. I am losing every bit of charity I can muster here in trying to avoid the impression that your real problem here is that HIV isn't being eradicated by any and all means available, and any movement in the law that is not towards quarantining all people with the disease is a miscarriage of justice. Because that's what you sound to me like in all this as you continue to insist on this sort of nonsense. Insisting in ever way you can, despite all the facts in evidence, that this crime not being a felony means that it stops effectively being a crime makes it impossible to take it on good faith that you see a difference between criminalizing the intentional transmission of HIV, and criminalizing HIV in general.

      Please, for the sake of civil conversation, give me something here. Show that you actually care about discussing this stuff rationally and are not going to keep doubling down on rhetoric that is demonstrably false.

      That being said no i don't think one should be considered lesser.
      Then stop arguing that HIV deserves special legal status. Because if you argue to maintain the law as is (where HIV is especially evil), you're supporting the idea that one should be considered lesser.

      Not everyone has the same sex education and not everyone realizes that they could be in major danger until it's too late even in 1st world countries.
      Yes. So... more focus on better sex ed, more funding for clinics that provide safe sex classes and products, more funding for scientific research, etc., and less worry about whether or not sex crimes get +1 year or +3 years tacked on if purposeful transmission of HIV was involved.