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Switching from books to tablet for gaming. Looking reccomendations

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  • Switching from books to tablet for gaming. Looking reccomendations

    Hello everyone,

    I used to play White Wolf games from 96 until right after Promthean 1e wrapped up. Life got in my way, but now my new wife wants to see what all my bookshelf is used for. I have been collecting through pdf's after I stopped playing. The few times I have tried running a game from my laptop, I always felt like I was stuck on the laptop and not playing with my friends.I want to move to a couple of good tablets for my wife and I.

    I used to have a cheapo tablet. It had trouble loading pdfs in a timely manner, White pages that took ever to load, I dreaded having to go to a section of a book that was 100 pages out. Is there a good tablet with a large screen that won't break the bank?
    Also is there a pdf app that can have multiple pdf files open in tabs?

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    I personally think an older mdel of iPad Mini is your best bet, and they run for below $200.

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      I get plenty of mileage out of my $50 Kindle Fire HD. The Adobe app can swap between pdfs relatively quickly but won't open them in multiple tabs.


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        I have a Surface Pro 3 that I regularly sing the praises of, but that may not be in your budget. A friend of mine has a Kindle Fire HD 8. It's around $100 and has a good high quality, 8 inch screen and he can read PDF's on it no problem. You could also get one of the smaller ones for less (one with a 7 inch screen goes for about half the price), but he upgraded from it in part because he wanted a bigger screen for reading books and such on.


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          I have a Windows 10 tablet, an Insignia Flex 11.6. I use it and XodoPDF Reader and it is fast, faster than Adobe and it doesn't choke out on some of the larger PDFs like the two new MET books, which are HYOOOOOOOOGE PDFs. It's also nice as a two-in-one, the tablet part is detachable from the keyboard. My friend also has a Nextbook 2-in-1 tablet, it's a 10" one, and it works well on that for her too wit the same setup.


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            I love my Galaxy Tablet and use it for PDF reading all the time.

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              I'll second the surface pro 3, my group makes extensive use of one note for our games so it's great for both pdf's and other things.


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                I have a 8" Kindle and a 10" Lenovo Tablet, both load PDFs perfectly and nicely (speed wise and quality). I would say that my Kindle loads a bit quicker, but the 10" is, of course easier to read on.

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