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  • The Dream of Moving...

    So curious why not talk about it here, I've always had a dream of Moving to California ever since I moved from there as a small child, But everyone always says its super expensive. I don't move because well I only really have connections in the town I'm in right now, including friends and doctors. But weather wise it would be better for my health. But I have a little more freedom since I have SSI, so even if I am unemployed for a bit I will have some income. But I would love to live in a city with Public Transport, like a subway or excellent buses, as health issues make it troublesome for me to drive.

    What are the best cities/areas that have good public Transport? I know New York has the Subway but I always hear that is a rough place to live for those not from there...

    Actually how expensive is housing when not living directly in a city but close by?

    Less likely dream but I would also love to move to Hawaii, at least if I become a beach bum there I can survive the Weather! But once again super expensive, especially shipping me books there!

    Anybody ever dreamed of moving somewhere?

    This is just an idle whimsy thread but I figured it can be helpful as we can get info from people that live all over the place. I actually live by Detroit near Ann Arbor and I know a bit about the varying prices and availabilities here...

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    I don't know if this is helpful, but I've had to move a lot, for different levels of schooling and for work. I'm from Florida originally, and I've lived in Washington, DC, and Gothenburg, Sweden. Most recently, I'm living in Boston, MA. I hate moving. I miss the previous places I've lived every single day, and hardest, I tend to lose out on friendships when I don't see my friends often. I no longer have a gaming group that meets in person, unless my partner and I are playing a one-on-one. I still haven't found replacement doctors, and I have much less of a support structure in place than I did in the last place I lived.
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      I grew up in Philadelphia, and moved to Seattle on a whim because I was sick of the East Coast and I wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest. I had zero friends and family in Seattle, and my only support was my now-fiancee, who moved with me and also had zero friends and family in Seattle. We did it because we wanted to, and I can assure you that it can be done. I have NO REGRETS at all - it made my life so much better.

      Advice -
      1) Get a job out there before you move.
      2) There ARE places you can live (unless you want to live in New York City or San Francisco, in which case you're out of luck) for cheap, if your desire is strong enough. Make sure to look on craigslist as well as places like zillow.
      3) If you can convince someone to move with you, either a friend who has dreamed of moving, or a partner, it will really, really help you to have a roommate if they are reliable and can also find a job.

      It can absolutely be done. It can change your life and make it so much better. And if you're homesick, you can always go home. But you'll never know if you don't give it a shot.


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        I've lived in the San Francisco bay area, and currently live in the Sacramento area... I moved out here from Canada (Alberta specifically) back in '03. So I can shed a little light on the situation in those areas.

        Sacramento is (by standards here) moderately inexpensive, for what that mean. The cheapest studio/1-bedroom I've seen advertised is $700/mo and those ones are generally not readily accessible to transit. The local area TRIES to have mass transit, but in reality what that comes down to is there is a light rail train line for the commuters who work in the city core and buses, and the place spreads out a fair amount, so for the 90% of what you need to do, you need to drive to get there. It also has one oft-unmentioned drawback. Because it's largely in a valley shape, it has a wonderful habit of trapping pollution and (more significantly) plant pollen for a very long time... so if you have allergies, you will suffer. If you don't, there's a reasonable chance you'll develop them from living here.

        SF bay area is a bit of a mixed bag, given it's rather large and somewhat spread out. On the plus side: BART. The electric light rail train system is absolutely fantastic. If you live near a BART station, you have ready access to much of SF, the Oakland downtown, Berkeley the airport and it cuts out wide into the more sprawling suburbia. If you can find an apartment within comfortable walking distance a BART station and a grocery store, 90% of your transportation needs can usually be handled with that, or at least I found it was so when I was living in Walnut Creek. Of course, the bay area in general is also rather expensive. They do have various buses that connect up, and there are other train systems in the area (short and commuter range). The big drawback is of course the cost. The whole area is going through a gentrification where the rich buy up what they can and it drives up the prices.

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          Hey, another Sacramento resident! You are not kidding about the allergies. The unpleasant part of the year is about to begin, but at least the rain has been nice!

          And yeah, California is definitely an expensive state to live in, with some places being a lot more than others, and even some of the formerly inexpensive areas(like Carmichael, or Citrus Heights) are starting to get steadily less affordable. Cost of living has been creeping up all around.

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            I used to Live in Fairfield as a small lad... ahh I miss it...

            It is a time for great deeds!


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              San Diego has acceptable public transit; not fantastic, but serviceable.

              Rent out here is a fucking nightmare though.

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