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  • Any singers?

    I don't just want to go posting videos of myself, but any other singers here, any genre? Maybe we could share our work with each other, either just to share or for critique.


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    I'm pretty karaocre, but I've been known to make air rattle past my vocal chords in an approximation of music.


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      I used to sing Alto 1 in Chorus in high school. We were really good. When to State competitions (Florida) and got superior ratings. Sang some beautiful songs. All Things Bright and Beautiful. The Clothes of Heaven. The Poet Sings. (I should note that my high school days predate Youtube, so these aren't videos me.)

      Okay. Enough Nostalgia.
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        I've got a pretty sexy baritone, and can do tenor when I'm properly warmed up. I'm rubbish at writing original music, but I did Choir for two semesters in college and I sing with the radio constantly.

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          Child of a vocal music teacher here. Never took a class, but heard it all my life. I'm told I'm not bad, but since I always had a professional to match myself against, I never see it as good enough.

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            Back in the day, I had a hell of a range. Sang with school choir, was sure I was going to be a pro musician (naivety was fun while it lasted).

            Jacked my throat up with smoking, drinking, and that metal screaming shit, though.

            Been working on getting back to being able to sing, but it's like the middle of my range fell out and the top broke off, but my lower end is lower than it used to be - kinda like I'm learning to sing all over again with a new voice.

            Getting more confident (and my wife has started asking "Why aren't you singing?" when songs come on the radio I sometimes sing along with), but I'm still pretty far from feeling confident enough to record anything.

            Not so noble anymore.


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              When I was younger, I wanted to be a pro musical theater actress. I used to train constantly. And I mean train. I wasn't homeschooled (I went to the same high school as Josh Gad, actually, and trained with him on our Forensics team), but I had a lot of singing lessons, I did a lot of shows, and in the summers, I went to a camp in upstate New York basically dedicated to preparing Broadway stars. I decided freshman year of college that I didn't love it quite enough to put up with all of the heartbreak and pushing it takes to get work. But my ex boyfriend is a successful actor in NY now. I think he was the original Javert in a Middle Eastern production of Les Miserables when he lived in Jordan, he played me some recordings when we dated. Anywho. I really miss singing for other people, especially when he tells me about all of the amazing stuff he's doing right now. I started recording myself singing on YT a while ago, but I haven't found time to do it since I moved.