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    I have been developing a setting for the passed 10 years and have been urged by my players to publish it, post it, etc. does anyone know if there is a "dmsguild" equivalent for WoD? I would contact Onyx Path directly but I'm not sure who would be best to address this to.

    Any info would be great!

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    Onyx Path licenses the WoD from White Wolf Publishing (a subsidiary of Paradox Interactive). They can't approve us publishing. They can provide us space for it (lots of people post stuff here), but anything that WWP feels goes too far, Onyx Path would be obligated to take down.

    So, for anything WoD related (or CofD and Exalted, as they're also owned by WWP/PI) should really go through WWP contact options on their website.

    Onyx Path hasn't said anything about a DM's Guild style thing for their wholly owned properties (Trinity/Aeon and Scion), but the first books aren't even out yet. Onyx Path's work with publishing Cavaliers of Mars and Pugmire would have to be a joint thing with the authors of those works.

    White Wolf has actually stated that they are looking at fan contributions as they build towards their goals.


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      If you want to sell it/get money from it, there isn't really a platform for that. But if you just want to put it on the internet, there is not much stopping you from posting it here.