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    I'm a gamer. I'm conservative. We exist.


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      Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
      Boi is just something people add to include an extra layer of dismissiveness.
      Or to just spell things as kewl as possible. For instance, Avril Lavigne's Sk8er Boi, which is about a heterosexual would-be romance.

      The word came up in an article I read, I think my first exposure to the word outside of the Jamaican culture decades ago, looking it up seemed to suggest the definitions in the thread are pretty spot on. Perhaps 'boi' is used in the LGBT community to mean homosexual males but I'm just as sure that they spell it with a y too and it could just be an extension of the dismissive or stylish element used outside of the LGBT community.

      Here's the part of the article that made me look it up back then.

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        I've been directly addressed as "boi" on at least one gay hook up/dating site. In the context, I assumed it was something like the opposite of "daddy". Then again, the only instance that I actually remember was in Wales, where it can be polite, if familiar, to address a man as "boy". Either the way, I didn't care for the "i".


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          This thread is so bizarre. The only definition I've ever used or heard for fuckboy is that of an entitled jerk, the sort of guy you'd see studying business in some fraternity for rich kids.

          And the whole "boi" means something else thing is absurd.

          Just call me Lex.

          Female pronouns for me, please.


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            Very interesting perspectives. I am somewhat relieved that my confusion isn't mine alone. 😌

            Follow-up question: has any of you heard of someone using the word about themselves, either in a positive or self-disparaging way?

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