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    Originally posted by Second Chances View Post

    Why does that have to be framed as a negative? Like, Sturgeon's Law (or Revelation if you prefer) still applies, but that applies to all media. I get it if you're saying that Fan Fics can come off as being one-note due to the sheer number of shipping fics and that turns people off, but dismissing the entire romance genre just because its romance is kinda icky and one of my not-favourite parts of society.

    Ah, well I'll try to clarify as best I can. This is speaking from my own personal experience and covers roughly 90% of all fanfiction I've come across over the last 17 years of my life.That's rounding down, by the way.

    A villain can't just be a simple villain, he has to be a Chaos Marine that just fell out of a Warp storm, ready to brutally torture everybody around them because it's funny!

    Canon characters almost never stay IN character, instead behaving in a fashion that is completely against their established personas in order to fit in line with the writer's fan made plot.

    Shippings require little or no chemistry to have been established in the canon universe between two (or more) characters before the writer / artist decides to hook them up with each other. Their 'romance' appears to be based more on the creator's erotic fantasies, as opposed to whether or not the characters would actually fit together.

    If the fanfiction is an action story, there will inevitably be at least one character somewhere in the story who is blatantly over powered, or will receive an absurd increase in power in order to overcome some obstacle.

    I think that about covers all the basic tropes.

    I can't explain everybody's reason for viewing fanfiction in a negative light, but I can give my own personal interpretation. The anger towards it probably stems from being a fan of the source material. So when one (or in this case, I) comes across a story / comic / artwork / whatever that tries to give the setting a complete overhaul and then calls their creation a work of 'fandom,' it can be seen as insulting at best, and downright heresy at worst.

    That being said, I still try to write fanfics once in a while, but I try to focus on original characters set within the same universe, instead of screwing with the canon ones.


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      Not mine, but I founded this one really fun to read:


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        Currently planning a crossover AU fic of Attack On Titan and Vampire: The Masquerade.

        Imagine Eren as a Kindred, now that would be awesome!