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    Hay peeps, looking for modern fantasy fiction recommendations. this can be Webcomics, more conventional media, TV shows, Film, anything really.

    by Modern Fantasy I mean Fantasy with its own fantasy setting, magic etc, but with modern tech, think Exalted Modern (from shards of the exalted dream), although the tech can be anywhere from early 20th century (think avatar: legend of Kora) up.

    RPGs would also be helpful as I'm probably not going to try and homebrew Exalted modern for 3rd ed until we know a lot more about the world of 3rd ed

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    * RWBY - Set in the world of Remnant, which is defined by how it's infested with monsters that feed on negative emotion. All the kids have collapsible phablets and stylish melee weapons that are also magical Dust-powered guns.

    * Various Final Fantasy videogames, but especially 7, 8, and 15 (caveat - I haven't played 15). Usually there are cars, planes, and computers, but the weapons tech rests on swords and spells.

    * God Eater (videogames, manga, anime, light novel, etc) is set on post-apocalyptic earth, but honestly it resembles Earth so little it might as well be its own world. Young adults wielding ridiculously large guns, rocket-powered hammers, and chainsaw swords (among other outlandish things) do battle against Aragami, giant monsters formed from all-consuming life-forms called Oracle Cells. I don't think much of the plot, TBH, but it's certainly stylish.

    * The Wax and Wayne book quadrilogy by Brandon Sanderson is... close to modern. More like mid-to-late 19th century, when electricity is just barely starting to become a thing. But it's set in a world quite unlike Earth, where many people have the ability to draw power from metals to do things like mess with time, instantly heal from wounds, or "fly" by abusing the forces of magnetism. Incidentally, there's also a TTRPG for it.

    * Gunnerkrigg Court, a webcomic that is all about the uneasy balance between the modern and the mystical. Set in a fictional city of the same name populated by robots and students, surrounded by a magical forest ruled by a coyote-god.
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      Eberron is a D&D setting about a world where magic has essentially industrialized (there are several noble houses of magically-gifted individuals who essentially function as international corporations, and they’ve used classic D&D magic to make everything from streetlights and totally-not-telegraphs to trains and submarines) that’s recovering from a century-long WW1 analogue. It has a ton of support for playing as either two-fisted pulp or detective noir, and is honestly way too good to be part of D&D. I adore it.

      There’s also an amazing novel called The Half-Made World, set in what is clearly a stand-in for the American West, but so untamed by modern civilization that the land itself is fluid and shifting. It’s fought over by agents of The Line (agents of intelligent, godlike, locomotive cosmic horrors) and Tha Gun (infernal gunslingers possibly on Hell’s payroll). Super unique worldbuilding, and one of the few examples of steampunk-ish writing I’ve ever enjoyed.

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        Right... RWBY is great i love it,
        never got into FF - PC not console growing up
        might give God Eater a go, but tbh it sounds very style over substance.
        people Keep telling me to give Mistborn a go, but i didn't get on too well with Sandersons writing when he finished off the Wheel of Time.
        I keep meaning to get back into Gunnerkrigg Court, I must be a year or two out of date with it.

        Eberron is great, probably my fave D&D setting, want it to get non UA 5th ed material so much.
        the Half-Made World sounds great, i will have to try and track it down.


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          I watched Blood Blockade Battlefront over the weekend and enjoyed it greatly. I'm not sure if it exactly qualifies, being set in a former NYC that is now merged with a dimension full of supernatural monsters and protected by a secret society of people with paranormal abilities, but it had a nice mix of action, drama, comedy and outright weirdness.

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            Originally posted by ahather View Post
            Right... RWBY is great i love it,
            Yeah, me too, surprisingly better than expected at first sight and keeps getting better with each season. I just wish the episodes wouldn't be that short.

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              I guess for more idea of what I'm after this is a good comic!

              as to the anime and manga suggestions - eh i guess, tbh i find so much anime to be heteronormative bull, with so much style over substance - that being said i do enjoy some.
              PMárk - eh animation takes time, and the season 5 episodes all seem to be 20 minutes ish so far, but sure early episodes were a bit short.


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                as to the anime and manga suggestions - eh i guess, tbh i find so much anime to be heteronormative bull, with so much style over substance - that being said i do enjoy some.
                ...Instead of being non-heteronormative bull, with style over substance?

                PMárk - eh animation takes time, and the season 5 episodes all seem to be 20 minutes ish so far, but sure early episodes were a bit short.
                The first 3 were and I was glad, but the last two are only 16-ish, sadly. I get it probably has more time and money to make than a simple cartoon, but still.
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                  I'm not sure if this fits what you are asking for, because the setting is Chicago, but it is modern and it is fantasy.

                  The Dresden Files book series by Jim Butcher. 15 books and counting. I love them so much.

                  There Are Four Lights!

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