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A Holiday Heist [Shadowrun, Cheesy Xmas Movies]

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  • A Holiday Heist [Shadowrun, Cheesy Xmas Movies]

    I'm helping someone with a little side project, basically a friend is putting together a holiday-themed Shadowrun adventure in which the team is hired to enter a house in the dead of night, and unload a haul of shiny prizes… while in costume.

    The reason I've made this thread, though, is because for this adventure, we've decided to build a roster of quick pregenerated PCs based on various kiddie Christmas specials. We've got Buddy, an Elf Poser street samurai with Code of Honor and an addiction to sugar; there's Winters the Warlock, a snow-white hermetic mage with icy spells; I'm not sure what role we'll squeeze Ebenezer Scrooge into, but I'm sure we'll find a fit for him!

    The reason I started this thread, though, is to mine suggestions from y'all for other Christmas-y characters to Shadowrun-ize. No adult/horror movies (so no PC is going to be inspired by Krampus, though Mr. Johnson might give a Troll PC a Krampus costume to wear during the run), and it can't just be a Christmas episode of an existing TV show (so no robot Futurama Santa or claymation Community Abed or some sort of cyberzombie Charlie Brown), and we're not adapting Santa Claus or Jesus.

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    Reindeer Shaman. You need one of those.

    Project consolidation:
    Rough Draft: Dhole Shifters, Ottawa By Night, Tribebook Bunyip, Garou Variant
    In redaction: Lasombra Bloodline


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      Frosty the Snowman should appear in some form, possibly as a summon by your shaman or mage.

      The Abominable Snowman, AKA Yetis, are already canon in SR as a kind of sasquatch -

      You could also have the Grinch as some kind of Rigger.

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        Thanks so much for suggesting the Grinch as a Rigger - I was initially gonna go with a more infiltrations expert kinda build, but I figure this is better.

        So far, I've got:

        Winters Warlock, Ork Mage (Hermetic)
        Grinch, Ork Rigger
        Buddy, Elf Poser Human Street Sam
        Susan Walker, Gnome Face
        Bryony, Elf Covert Ops
        McClane, Human Gunbunny
        The Postman, Dwarf Demoman

        I was gonna make a Bumble-themed Yeti, but I figured Susan would be a better fit for the group.