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    Originally posted by PMárk View Post
    Well, after seeing the info out there (I didn't have time and enrgy lately, to follow it), I'm considerably less positive.
    ...gonna wait until at least the Beginner's Box ruleset is in hand before I make any comment.

    Anyways, new blog post talking about magic in SR6e.

    So a reiteration of there being no more Force for spells...but also clarifies that Force is still a thing for Summoning. Elemental effects can now be added to spells, and an aim to make Drain "consistent" across all spells...but more importantly...

    Improvised spellcasting is coming to Shadowrun. 0-0

    Whaaaaat? What's Mage (Ascension or Awakening) doing in mah Shadowrun????

    (granted that has the caveat of not being present in full within the corebook, but oh well...)
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      The Digital version of the SR6 Beginner's Box is now live. Time to see all the things ourselves...