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  • 101 DnD Character Ideas

    Talk about Dungeon & Dragons character ideas here. Use whatever edition you like, though kindly specify which. (Pathfinder also okay, if it pleases you).

    1) Hunters Moon Skyseeker (Tabaxi Warlock; 5e):
    Basically a cat-man version of Javert from Les Miserables. Everyone assumes he's a Paladin, because he upholds the law (Alignment: Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good) and heals people. In point of fact, however, he's a Celestial Warlock, having made a pact with the heavenly personification of a Zodiac sign. (Because Stars). Used to be a criminal ("I am from the gutter too!"), who made an active choice to pledge himself to the law as a means of escaping the dregs of society. Made a Pact with an Astrological sign as a means of overcoming the class barriers, because even a lawfully minded Tabaxi from the lower classes can't easily get Paladin training. The star sign he serves is a DnD version of either Sagittarius ("The Archer") or Libra ("The Scales"), marking him either as a hunter of criminals or a bastion of the law. Chooses either the Pact of the Blade (Sagittarius) or the Pact of the Tome (Libra).

    Like Javert, may be a bit of a hypocrite, as he detests anyone who ever committed a crime, despite having himself crawled from the lawless gutter. Character development would come from learning to reconcile this paradox, and forgive the criminal. As a Tabaxi, his Obsession usually involves specific criminal scum, or particular crimes. His quirk, a marked habit of standing on elevated perches and pacing back and forth, staring at the sky if it is visible. Doubly so if the stars are out, both because the stars are his master, and out of a deep-seated fixation on the heavens that developed during childhood. A desire to ascend from the gutter, and a fascination with everything that is "UP".
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    Edit: Truth be told, Alkoric isn't strictly a D&D character. He's one of my go to casters in any fantasy game, so he's undergone numerous incarnations over the course of his existence. But he does have 3 core qualities that remain consistent throughout. He's always an elf (preferably high), he's always a necromancer, and he always hates humans...

    2) Alkoric Blackrose (High Elf Necromancer):

    Most elves don't have a particularly high opinion of the short lived, mundane races, but Alkoric is an especially spiteful case. Believing elves to be the master race of the Forgotten Realms, Alkoric sees the lesser races as ignorant children who mindlessly trample upon the sacred and magical places of the world, and few races are more guilty of this than the wide spread plague that is humanity. The preferred course of action would be to purge the non magical races from the prime material plane. But seeing as this is not likely to happen any time soon, Alkoric will grudgingly settle for enslaving what individuals he can, while segregating the rest from magical society.

    Though he is a necromancer and therefor practices the dark arts, Alkoric does not acknowledge his actions as evil. Indeed, he is truly convinced that he is on the side of righteousness and that whatever crimes he may be guilty of will ultimately be forgiven once the world recognizes the wisdom behind his actions. To this end, he is considered to be Lawful Neutral, doing whatever he deems necessary to maintain order and stability, regardless of the moral implications.

    While he can be convinced to work alongside the lesser races, he will never treat them as an equal. Even when he's on his best behavior, the high elf comes across as snobbishly patronizing. This can obviously lead to no small amount of friction between Alkoric and certain party members.
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      Originally posted by Bluecho View Post
      1) Hunters Moon Skyseeker (Tabaxi Warlock; 5e):
      Basically a cat-man version of Javert from Les Miserables. Everyone assumes he's a Paladin, because he upholds the law (Alignment: Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good) and heals people. In point of fact, however, he's a Celestial Warlock, having made a pact with the heavenly personification of a Zodiac sign. (Because Stars). Used to be a criminal ("I am from the gutter too!"), who made an active choice to pledge himself to the law as a means of escaping the dregs of society. Made a Pact with an Astrological sign as a means of overcoming the class barriers, because even a lawfully minded Tabaxi from the lower classes can't easily get Paladin training. The star sign he serves is a DnD version of either Sagittarius ("The Archer") or Libra ("The Scales"), marking him either as a hunter of criminals or a bastion of the law. Chooses either the Pact of the Blade (Sagittarius) or the Pact of the Tome (Libra).

      Like Javert, may be a bit of a hypocrite, as he detests anyone who ever committed a crime, despite having himself crawled from the lawless gutter. Character development would come from learning to reconcile this paradox, and forgive the criminal. As a Tabaxi, his Obsession usually involves specific criminal scum, or particular crimes. His quirk, a marked habit of standing on elevated perches and pacing back and forth, staring at the sky if it is visible. Doubly so if the stars are out, both because the stars are his master, and out of a deep-seated fixation on the heavens that developed during childhood. A desire to ascend from the gutter, and a fascination with everything that is "UP".
      (I've decided to expand upon my original post, because I gave my "Javert-alike" more thought. I also changed his name from "Plains Night Watchkeeper" to "Hunters Moon Skyseeker".)

      Hunters Moon Skyseeker was not always his name. Previously, he was named Hunters Moon Plainswalker, for the Plainswalker clan, who roamed the plains until recent events forced them to settle in the crime-ridden slums of a crowded city. The Tabaxi was born in a jail, beneath the star sign that would eventually become his Celestial Patron. Through the jail cell window, the scarlet light of the Hunter's Moon shined down upon his birth. For this, he was named Hunters Moon.

      He eventually abandoned the name Plainswalker, for two reasons. First, to distance himself from the notorious clan of crooks and scoff-laws that birthed him, both professionally and personally. He came to despise his family, and their name would hold him back besides. And second, to affirm both his love of the heavens and his service to his Patron. So when he enlisted to become a man of the law, the name he gave was Hunters Moon Skyseeker.

      He was born with fur black as night. When he forged a pact with the stars, it marked him with several small dots of white fur on his back, in the shape of his Patron's constellation. That way, he would be marked for his service.
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        (By the way, character ideas are kind of addicting for me. Once I get interested, it's hard to stop until I burn through them all.)

        3) Umog Softheart (Half Orc Cleric):

        If you were to ask Umog about his thoughts regarding his life up to this point, he would not be able to give you a straight answer. He still isn't completely sure whether he should feel upset or happy with the way things turned out. Any fool can see that he is clearly a half orc just by glancing at him, but what they would never guess is that he carries noble blood in his veins. His high born parents were ambushed along the road by a roving band of orc raiders, one of whom had their way with his mother. Although the conception was unwanted, even bastards received special privileges when they were the offspring of the upper class. And so rather than being put to death immediately after entering the world, Umog was sent away under the cover of night and left on the doorstep of the first clergy the midwife could find.

        As it so happens, that clergy was dedicated to Sune, goddess of love and beauty, who accepted the child with open arms and raised him from birth as a devout follower of their faith. In time, Umog also became a cleric of Sune and eventually left the temple so as to spread her message of love and compassion to any who were willing to listen. He even took a new name for himself, Softheart, to show that he was not the violent and rowdy miscreant the rest of his kind were perceived as being.

        Umog is considered to be Neutral Good and partially serves as a comic relief character for the party. When he has a free moment, he can usually be found trying to charm the ladies of whatever town he happens to be passing through, often getting mixed results depending on the individual woman, as well as his own party's interference. He tries to be suave and elegant whenever possible, forsaking the more brutish and simple behavior of other half orcs. Whether this is considered inspirational or hilarious is a matter of debate.
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          4) Alodie of Goldhearth (Human Paladin)

          Alodie grew up on her family farm, and unlike many heroes, was perfectly content with her humble life; the harvest, the herd, and the joy of a hard day’s work were all she knew, and all she ever wanted. She took up the majority of the manual labor as her father grew older, and dreamed of nothing greater than this. When she heard the panicked cries of the cows on night, she assumed one had been caught in a fence or been tipped by some prankster, she hurried to go save it... and instead saw an imp, branding the poor creature with hellfire. Lacking any weapon, she grabbed the closest thing at hand - a rusty pitchfork - and drove it into the demon’s chest; she was just as surprised as the imp when the farming implement shone a brilliant silver and banished the monster on the spot.

          In the morning, she told her father, who in turn told the priestess in town, and a few weeks later, Alodie was greeted by a cleric from the capital, who informed her that she was blessed by one of the gods, and would begin acting as a paladin as soon as she was able. Alodie knows nothing of scripture, has never held a blade or worn armor before and her life, and has the rough manners of a girl who’s never left her village before, but has the strength of a farm girl and a belief in doing the right thing that burns like a torch.

          5) Roenna Faldren (Half-Elf Warlock)

          Roenna was a knight of the crown, a common soldier in service to the kingdom who mostly earned her keep on dull patrols around its secure borders. Her standard patrol led her through the great woods, maintained out of the king’s respect for nature and agreements with the druids, and was as routine as could be... until the day she entered the forest, and never returned. Most assumed vague misfortune or violent bandits, and after a time, she was declared dead; in truth, a strange alignment of the stars whisked her away to a fey court. The alien customs of the fey were confusing and terrifying to her, but as it became clear that she ha no means of return, she resiged herself to her fate and did what she had done best, pledging her services as a knight to a fey duchess of Summer, who mostly kept her as herald and as a novelty.

          As the months stretched on, she grew closer to this duchess, and the two fell in love, exchanging occult wedding vows that bound their fates together, and as a gift, the duchess revealed to Wroenna a means to return to her home plane through a ritual, which she was eager to do, despite her romance. Their goodbye was bittersweet as the knight returned home... and while one year had passed in the land of the fey, a hundred has passed in the land of mortals. Sworn to a fallen kingdom and a distant fey noble, she’s still piecing things together, letting her code of honor and the whispers of her beloved guide her in this unfamiliar present.

          Most assume she is a paladin, and she does not correct them.
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            6 & 7) Hekaterina (Aasimar Sorcerer) and Faith (Tiefling Cleric)

            Hekaterina (who will break your nose if you fall her anything other than ‘Kat’) was born to a holy bloodline and a heroic purpose; expectations of incredible things weighed on her from her first breath, and that weight nearly broke her. Once she could, she ran away from home, and lost years of her life to odd jobs, bar fights, and hard drinking. Kat still dreams of her angelic guide and her divine mission every single night, and every morning she wakes up with bile in her mouth. Fate constantly conspires to make her into a hero, and she fights back against it with everything she has.

            Faith was born to society’s poorest and meanest, and grew up in a dreadful orphanage that trained its wards as cutpurses and worse; she held fast to the scraps of hope she heard in stories of great heroes, and dreamed of being just like them, no matter her devil horns and cursed blood. She’s heard every possible slur and been buried with enough dirty looks for a lifetime, but none of it tarnishes her belief in doing good. Faith works miracles, heals the hurt, banishes the wicked, and still almost never gets better than fear and hate from those around her. Someday, she hopes, she’ll inspire a little “monstrous” boy or girl to be a hero like her.

            The world pushes Kat and Faith together, and they hate it. Kat sees Faith as a naive child, blind to the true ways of the world; Faith sees Kat as everything she’s ever wanted to be and cannot fathom why she would throw it away. And yet, something greater than the two of them has bound their fates, and they’ll need to suffer through it together if they are to stand any chance.

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              [Whoops, I accidentally a whole story. Sorry.]

              8) Lia the Bright (Drow Elf Cleric, Light Domain):

              Formerly Lialor of House Galladon, this Drow was set to join the priestesses of Lolth, as her mother and grandmother had. Problem: Lia did not have the stomach for cruelty. One would think this wouldn't be a problem for one born among the eternally backstabbing Dark Elves, and least of all the heir to a long line of fanatical Lolth worshipers. Perhaps ironically, her mother and grandmother were so busy, they didn't have as much time to drill into her the ways of cruelty and despotic matriarchy. Indeed, Lia's long-suffering father and brothers did much of the raising. Lia wasn't the first daughter in her family, so she was often ignored until it came time for her to begin her education to become a priestess.

              Long shielded from the worst of Drow society, soft-hearted Lia struggled in her training. She learned (the hard way) how to inflict pain with a whip, but it tormented her so to use it. It was inevitable, really, that Lialor would fail in some grand way, and be found wanting. Knowing this, and not wishing to suffer the fate many failed applicants did - transformation into hideous Drider - Lialor took the only option available to her.

              She ran. She ran through the tunnels of the Underdark, as fast as her feet could carry her.

              Predictably, assassins of House Galladon were dispatched by Lia's mother, to catch and kill Lia. (In a certain way, her mother was being merciful. At least in death, her baby's suffering would be brief.) The assassins chased Lialor for days, hardly giving her any moment's respite. But she ran on, and up. She didn't want to die. So when she found a great incline leading up, with soft light drifting down, Lia climbed. Even with the assassins beginning to climb after her, she continued her ascent. She didn't want to die. Even when the soft light changed suddenly into a piercing, blinding ray, that burned the eyes of any Drow, she didn't stop. She clamped her eyes shut, and climbed.

              Because she didn't. Want. To die.

              Her courage and desire to climb was greater than her assassins, who couldn't shoot her with crossbows for the glare, and who dared not test the rock wall blind. So when Lia groped her way to the surface, she was not followed. She couldn't see where she was going, her eyes needing to be screwed shut, but she lived. She wandered through the forest for a while, until she fell into a river. Too tired from the days-long chase, she allowed the currents to carry her down the mountain she came out on, and deposit her miles downstream. Exhausted and soaked to the bone, she dragged herself in the brush, and collapsed in a clearing.

              As hours passed, the sun moved across the sky, bathing her drenched form in light. It annoyed her sensitive eyes, but she was too worn out to move. So she covered her eyes with an arm, and lay there. In time, the sunbathing dried her, and then warmed her. While she was previously shivering, she found herself warm in a way she'd never experienced in all her life in the deep, cold Underdark. As the day waned, she finally dared to open her eyes (though, obviously, with a hand blocking the sun itself). She found, to her amazement, a beautiful sight: a sunset, bathing the entire ceiling - nay, the entire SKY - in breath-taking warm colors. How the light played against clouds and the treetops. And though she couldn't look directly at it, she found herself enraptured by how beautiful that orb was. How it also was the thing that saved her life, and gave her warmth. In that moment, she had something she'd never managed to have in all the time she'd spent underground.

              A religious experience. Lialor had seen (kind of) the Sun, and in moments began to cry in joy, worshiping it.

              When she wandered to the nearest surface town - and proved to the suspicious locals that she was too pitiful to be a threat - she asked what god commanded the sun. She was told that god's name: Pelor. Having a name to her savior, Lia asked where Pelor was worshipped. She was told to visit a particular town, fifty miles away, where a cathedral to Pelor stood. With barely a stop, she trudged toward that city. Heedless of her continued exhaustion from travel, or her lack of provisions, Lia formerly of House Galladon made pilgrimage to a holy site of Pelor. It took many days walking, for she was tired, on sore feet, and stifled by the very daylight she now revered. Yet she refused to travel by night, for she came to love the sun (indirectly, with eyes shaded by a hood, of course).

              Finally reaching the city, she was permitted inside simply because the city guard pitied the wretch. The priests of the cathedral were skeptical, however. Drow were duplicitous and vile, and worshiped an evil goddess. Lia still wished to serve, even though she was half starved and practically broken by travel. Her religious awe, however, was genuine, and it sustained her. When they did not let her enter, she stood by the door, requesting entrance. And when the next day came, she was there again, asking for entrance. Asking to serve.

              For days, though she was barely fed by the pity of strangers (even a filthy Drow could hardly be suffered to starve, or so passing citizens felt), she continued her calls to the cathedral. Continued to knock at its door every morning, take the rejection resolutely, and then stand by the side of the door. As days went by, she grew weaker, but her persistence did not abate. She wanted to serve Pelor, for the sun had saved her life. Every day, she stood vigil, only keeping just out of the way so as not to impede foot traffic, but remaining on full display. The head priests implored the city guard to move her, but they were reticent. Sharing the suspicions or not, they didn't have the authority to move just move a vagrant. Not we she bothered no one, did not actively beg, and dragged herself away each night.

              In time, Lia was so weak that she more crawled than walked to take up her post. Yet her calls upon the church did not abate. Her request was the same: just let her serve Pelor. By this time, the public were turning against the stubborn priests. Drow or no, Lia was too pitiful a creature to be some spy or infiltrator. Even the lower ranks of the clergy were beginning to talk. After all, no Drow would plot duplicity that involved starving herself to death for days, with no end in sight, just to get a foot in the door. It would be madness...or that brother to madness, Blind Faith.

              Then one day, Lia was later getting to the door in the morning than usual. When the head priest opened it, as he often did to shoo her away, he was stunned to discover her barely holding herself up. Still, she repeated her plea to let her serve. Or tried to, as she got halfway through her raspy statement - tired smile on her lips - before she collapsed from exhaustion on the steps of the cathedral. Perhaps the priest was genuinely moved - or perhaps he realized this sort of thing was being watched by passers by, and made the church of Pelor look very bad - but he commanded the under-priests to take her inside and render aid. Brought before the altar to Pelor, the sun took that moment to shine through the high window and illuminate the Drow elf. And, in front of the assembled clergy, Lia's eyes opened to see that light, and a voice from on high addressed her. "You, Lialor Galladon, are truly daughter to Pelor. Your name shall be Lia the Bright, and you will serve the sun."

              And that is how Lia the Bright came to be a Cleric of Pelor.
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                9) Malchose Darke (Human Warlock, Fiend Pact):

                Throw a rock into a crowd of nobles and chances are you'll hit somebody who is accustomed to getting things their own way. Malchose is no different in that regard, except that he is especially lazy when it comes to achieving his desires. Malchose hates doing any form of work, whether it be manual labor, or attending to matters of government. He wants everybody else to do the work for him, while he sits back and reaps all the benefits of a job well done. So, as with many people who have money to burn and a narcissistic sense of entitlement, he tried to attend wizarding college, believing that the school of conjuration would have been right up his alley for how he wanted to live his life. Unfortunately, learning magic is hard and, as previously established, Malchose does not like when things are hard. Against the explicit order of his teachers, Malchose stole a forbidden tome of conjuration and used it to achieve a short cut to magical power.

                The spell he cast at random allowed Malchose to summon the presence of Mephistopheles, who happily offered him the power he craved in exchange for his soul. Thinking only of the benefits to such a bargain, Malchose agreed to the terms of the contract and became a fiend pact warlock. No longer having any need for the exhaustive lessons of his former mentors, Malchose dropped out of college to pursue the life of an adventurer and increase his knowledge of the dark arts.

                What is perhaps the most distressing is that the Darkes have no idea what Malchose has been up to, and believe that his adventures are simply a young man's dream to see as much of the world as possible before he assumes responsibility as patriarch of the family name. In truth, Malchose has been steadily increasing his wealth, prestige and occult knowledge so that when he finally does assume the mantle of leadership, he can delegate all the responsibilities to his fawning sycophants.

                As befits his personality, Malchose is considered to be Lawful Evil, caring exclusively about maintaining his own privileged life style and having little to no regard for those beneath his station who might be negatively impacted by it. In recognition for his desire to have other people do the work for him, Mephistopheles has honored him with the Pact of the Chain and granted Malchose a familiar Imp, who the young noble treats like a common slave! He also prefers to keep his distance in battle, using the rest of the party members as sacrificial meat shields and leaving himself free to unleash his magic without molestation.
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                  These characters are all so detailed, it’s a little intimidating. I usually work from a more general character concept and develop the character more thoroughly through play. But, I’ll give it a shot anyway.

                  10) A multiclass Bard/Warlock, or a single-classed Warlock with the Entertainer Background who pretends to be a Bard. Fiend Patron, probably Pact of the Tome (the tome being full of sheet music). Claims to have won his powers from Asmodeus in a viol contest, but in truth sold his soul to the Fiend for both his magical and musical talent.

                  Going by Willow now, or Wil for short. She/Her/Hers.


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                    11) Zergas Bonnam (Human, Wereboar Ranger):

                    Zergas did not choose the path of the ranger, but rather the path of the ranger chose him. There was once a time when he was but a simple woodsman, complete with a family of his own and making an honest living to provide for them. Had things kept going the way they were, he might still be back there, watching his children grown up and getting married while he prepared for a quiet life of retirement. Unfortunately, that's not what the gods had planned, as the humble, woodland family was met with disaster. It was a cloudless night, during a full moon when a feral Wereboar had traveled too close to the family's home during their mindless rampage. As Zergas and his family were eating dinner, the monster crashed through their window and began attacking them on sight. Zergas managed to drive it off by cleaving it in the face with his lumber axe, but he received multiple wounds in the process. The rest of his family were even less fortunate, as none survived the chaotic thrashing of their assailant.

                    A month later, Zergas would discover that he had contracted the cursed disease when he began to transform into a Wereboar himself and proceed to go on a similar rampage. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but Zergas was filled with a sense of renewed purpose. He would dedicate his life to hunting down those shapechangers who preyed upon the weak and the innocent. He spent the better part of a year out in the forest, experimenting with his new condition and trying to find ways to manage it properly. In doing so, he formed a strong bond with the forces of nature, inadvertently teaching himself how to draw upon the powers of the ranger. Once he felt he was ready, he gathered his hunting supplies, burned down what remained of his former home, and left to carry out his self appointed mission.

                    Zergas is considered to be Chaotic Neutral, as he is constantly struggling against the primal impulses of the beast within him. He doesn't want to hurt innocent people, but sometimes he can't control himself. His racial enemy is Humanoid (Shapechangers) and he hunts them using a pair of silver plated axes, or a long bow if he finds getting up close and personal is too difficult.
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                      12) Erchar Brimstone (Tiefling Paladin):

                      Dark magic runs strong in Erchar's bloodline, stretching as far back as 22 generations of the Brimstone legacy. Long ago, the family entered a pact with a powerful creature from the abyss, a Balor, to be specific. Every 21 years, the Brimstones were ordered to provide their master with a virgin sacrifice, one who hailed from their own family tree. The most recent sacrifice was none other than Erchar's own mother. Once she came of age, the ritual was performed and she was left carrying the Balor's child. Although she offered herself willingly, the pregnancy was anything but pleasant, as the fiendish taint within her caused his mother to suffer terrifying nightmares for the next 9 months. By the time she finally gave birth, she was too exhausted to carry on and died a few minutes later. The Brimstones didn't even mourn her passing, but instead scooped up the new tiefling as they planned to raise him to ensure the family's power continued.

                      Unfortunately, something was very wrong with Erchar, at least from his family's perspective. The thing about demons is that they really, really hate being told what to do, and from an early age, Erchar grew to resent his family and the so called 'destiny' they had planned for him. In time, he grew to despise the Brimstone name, as well as his demonic father, vowing that he would never assist them with carrying out their dark schemes. Once he was old enough to take care of himself, he ran away from home to find his own path in life. And eventually, he found it among the followers of Torm, god of courage and self sacrifice.

                      To say that Erchar's initiation into Torm's faithful was difficult would be an understatement. The knights actually tried to cut his head off when they first saw him! But after explaining his situation, and working himself to the bone to prove his earnesty, he was eventually awarded with knighthood as a paladin of Torm. Since that day, Erchar has dedicated his life to fighting the forces of evil, rather than serving them. And one organization at the top of his smiting list is none other than the Brimstone family who were responsible for creating him in the first place!

                      Despite his noble intentions, Erchar's demonic ancestry makes him prone to acting more on impulse than rationality. For this reason, he is considered to be Chaotic Good, as he is willing to behave in a fashion that many would find questionable in order to serve the greater good. His weapon of choice is the greatsword, which he suspects may be an inherited preference from his Balor progenitor. His faith in Torm has also given him the conviction to endure the prejudice so commonly heaped upon his kind. As long as Erchar knows he is using his time among the planes to achieve some measure of good in the world, then he can die happy; even if nobody else recognizes that good at the moment.
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                        13) Casper Dale (Human Druid, Circle of Dreams)

                        A seemingly dull, sedate rural herbalist, Casper Dale seemed disinterested in the world around him. Moreover, he was frequently seen as shiftless and lazy, taking long naps whenever he pleased. He seemingly entered the business of cultivating and gathering herbs so he could make his own hours. And he was always fairly distant from those around him, who in turn took him for a bore.

                        In truth, however, his barren External life belied a rich Internal life. For Casper was, from a very young age, blessed with that quality that would take other men years of dedicated and deliberate cultivation: Lucid Dreaming. An avid sleeper, he was always able to slumber so hard, his mind could naturally wander beyond the mortal realm, and walk amid the greater Dreamlands. When he was but 10, he'd already become a known Dreamer to the inhabitants to those misty realms. So known, in fact, he came under the wing of an old sage. Casper never could discern if the sage - a stooped, snouted humanoid - was a Fey native, or a Dreamer who left his body behind long ago, his dream form transformed in the process. Whatever the case, the kindly old fellow taught the boy much about nature, dreams, the body, and the Feywild, a plane which the Dreamlands were either a part of or adjacent to.

                        It's for this reason, really, that Casper came to work with herbs. His teacher had instructed him well in the arts and magic of healing. By the time he came of age, Casper was initiated in the Dreamlands as a full Druid, of the Circle of Dreams (naturally).

                        Now, this doesn't mean he stopped being a slacker. He still preferred to wander the realm of fancy. But his master, wise beyond mortal years, advised him against indolence. Rather, the young man must endeavor to travel the waking world, just as he had the dreaming, and use his talents for good. "To you, that world may seem more the Dream than anything. But if so, then there are Dreamers there who endure terrible nightmares. Go forth, and chase away the demons that give them bad dreams."

                        Casper Dale finds the waking world often dull. But his master was right. Moreover, if he did that most onerous thing - apply himself - he might inject a little of that enchantment and whimsy into the stodgy, banal waking world.

                        Casper Dale falls somewhere in Neutral Good and Chaotic Good. He ultimately means well, though he only cares about the day to day business of the world when, as he puts it, "it really matters". Laws and processes are boring. But he will not allow innocence to be threatened or evil to go unchallenged. For he is Casper Dreamwalker, Casper of the Singing Stones, Casper the Bear, and Dale Deep Delver. He is not roused easily, but he is mighty when it happens.
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                          14) Alrono Honeyhair (Halfling Warlock, Fey Pact):

                          Magic is always a popular source of entertainment in halfling communities. The children go crazy whenever a wizard strolls into town and starts performing cantrips. But for Alrono, he didn't just like observing magic, he wanted to use magic, and his fascination only increased every time a new spell caster came along. Unfortunately, while there were a great many fans of the arcane in his home town, there were not a lot of experts to be found. No magical schools within reasonable travel distance meant that the poor halfling was pretty much stuck admiring from afar. That is, of course, until the last spell caster appeared.

                          "If you really want to learn magic, there's an easier way to go about it." the magician told Alrono once he had finished entertaining the children that morning. This caught the young halfling's attention, to which the magician told him to meet with him at the inn later that night. Too excited for words, Alrono waited until nightfall and did as he was asked, finding the man waiting for him just like he promised. He smiled at Alrono and then beckoned him to follow, leading him out of the town and to a clearing in the nearby forest. Despite the fact that the night was cloudy, the clearing itself was brightly illuminated by a ray of moonlight. And there, standing in the center was the most beautiful woman Alrono had ever seen.

                          "This is my mistress." the magician said as he turned to Alrono, "why don't I introduce you?"

                          That night, Alrono entered into a pact with one of the Archfey, bestowing him with instant magical abilities and a talent for the school of enchantment. Sure, the terms of the agreement mentioned something about being obligated to serve his 'mistress' when she called upon him, but other than that, he couldn't be happier. He's finally living the dream he's had since childhood. It was shortly after this time that Alrono decided to put his new magical powers to use and took up the life of an adventurer, hoping to expand his repertoire of magic in the process.

                          Alrono's personality can be described as Neutral Good in the sense that he wants to use his powers to help others, but isn't doing it out of a sense of duty or vengeance. He's just a generally good natured guy. He is 19 years old and has blond hair (a common trait that runs in his family), along with dark green eyes. He is nearsighted and wears a pair of oval rimmed glasses to see properly. As a fey pact warlock, his approach to conflict is one of trickery and subterfuge. His spells focus more on manipulating people, rather than outright destroying them. Of course, nothing says the rest of his party can't deliver a killing blow after he's distracted the enemy, but that's beside the point.

                          Alrono's mistress was moved by the realization that Alrono genuinely loves magic, and is not merely seeking it as a means to achieve power over others. As a reward for his innocent devotion, she bequeathed him with a Book of Shadows, containing additional spells with which to amuse himself.
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                            15) Arana the Sea Witch (Triton Warlock, Great Old One Patron):

                            It's said that on a small rocky outcropping off the coast, jutting from the sea and barren as can be, dwells a Triton named Arana. Her family line is unknown, for she does not volunteer much information, and few are willing to pursue the matter.

                            This is because Arana is slightly mad. She's seen things, she says, where the ocean is deepest. In the Trench, where the light from the surface cannot reach. She saw something, down there in the depths. Something...unfathomable. Worse yet, for a brief moment, she DID fathom it, to her eternal sorrow and regret. It's why she spends as much time on the surface as possible.

                            Despite her removal from the deep and from the rest of Triton society, Arana cannot wholly escape the Deep One. In its aquatic lair, it slumbers through vast aeons of time, allowing the churning waves to lull it into sleep. But it is a somnambulist, gurgling and muttering inhuman blasphemies. Nonetheless, while it means the Triton will ever more suffer unquiet slumber herself, the noises make her privy to ancient secrets.

                            A boon indeed, to make the additional bane of knowing. Knowing that the Deep One that mutters to her is not the only thing down there, nesting in the lowest depths imaginable. There are other Great Old Ones, in the waters, beneath the earth. Wherever they are, they are there. And unlike her Patron (if such a word could really describe their relationship), who slumbers, content to be lulled by the waves, other dark things are not so passive. They are awake, and active, and call purposefully for servants.

                            Someone is going to need to do something about that. Unfortunately, it's becoming increasingly obvious that said someone must be Arana herself. Oh bother...


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                              16) NPC idea, An future old man in the tavern in training, giving out slightly less important quests to young future adventurers. Except this time he has been sent to find some adventurers to protect the quest giver academy from a powerful threat.

                              This where my user name comes from by the way

                              Despite the user name I am actually bigender.

                              My Savannah Setting for CofD can be found here

                              My heroes as monster tamers rules for BtP can be found here