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  • 138) Endurance the Ashen, Knight of the Breach [Tiefling (Zariel), Oath of the Watchers Paladin]:
    In a certain land, in a bygone age, a magical calamity tore open a breach, connecting the material world to other planes. From this tear - what the common folk call the Breach - monsters of every shape, size, and kind leak through. It is here that the hero of great renown - Bartoat the Banisher - stood beside other great heroes of yore, resolute against the tide of aberrations, elementals, and fiends. Bartoat and his ilk are gone, now, but the Breach remains, as do the countless brave folk who take up that baleful vigil.

    The Tiefling called Endurance is the latest of a long line of defenders. A line that spent so long standing knee deep in the blood of planar creatures, the taint of Fiends seeped into their bones and marked their family forever. Nothing unusual, for the Knights of the Breach include many Tieflings, Genasi, and those touched by Fae, Far Realm, and chaotic Limbo. All the same, the people of their land are wary of the defenders who bear the marks of planar magic, forming a pecking order between them and those of purely native blood.

    Just such a rivalry exists between Endurance and a human Knight named Albrecht, called "The Beautiful", descendant of storied heroes. Albrecht always looked down on Endurance, calling him hellspawn; "little better than the fiends from the Breach". When the occasion came that Endurance volunteered to seek the lost magic sword of the hero Bartoat - called Explusion, the Banishing Blade - Albrecht became incensed to the point of conniptions. How dare the hellspawn seek such a hold blade of legend?

    The two Paladins race across the world and even across the planes, trying to find any trace of Bartoat's sword. Will they survive to lay eyes on it? Will they have the strength and fortitude to claim it, without losing their honor in the process?

    These questions weigh heavy on Endurance, for whom the taint of the lower planes is a constant source of self-doubt. Can he be trusted to resist temptation? Is his will strong enough? Endurance the Ashen is a melancholy soul, prone to hiding his gray skin and horns beneath a hood, so tired he is of the gaze of normal folk. To him, the root source of his motives and actions is of great importance.

    The same, unfortunately, cannot be said of Albrecht the Beautiful, who has never doubted, questioned, or self-reflected. He would do anything to get what he wants. Even stab his fellow knights in the back. After all, what's one more devil added to the pile?


    • 139) Sarnai the Scarlet Hope, Caretaker of Dragons [Human, Draconic Sorcerer]:
      In Sarnai's world, most folk scavenge the ruins and machines of fallen empires, taking refuge where they can between vast wastelands. In Sarnai's world, True Dragons have not been seen in living memory, and are thought to be extinct. The Wyrm Restoration Project was founded to reverse this process.

      Sarnai the Sorcerer was taken in at a young age, abandoned by a community that hated and feared those born with magical power (for was it not the Magicians and Artificers that left the world in such a sorry state?). The WRP saw in her an ancient draconic legacy - the blood of red dragons flowed through her veins - making her invaluable for remaking these venerable wyrms. They called her the Scarlet Hope, and sent her to be raised on a mountaintop monastery that served as one of the Project's labs. From that high perch, magician-scientists worked to remake dragons. Sarnai's blood was sampled, and she spent many years tending to the fruits of this research. By the time she entered her 35th year, the mountain perch was home to many red wyverns, drakes, and pseudodragons. She came to see these creatures as her children, after a fashion. She raised many from eggs herself.

      True Red Dragons, however, were elusive. Even with the infusion of sorceress's blood, they needed more. More samples from which to derive red dragon lineage. Or perhaps a purer strain.

      Reports began filtering in from sister monasteries in other lands, where other colors of dragon were being made. Reports of a great red wyrm, ancient and terrible, prowled the skies. It was not one of their's. They never DID discover from whence Sarnai's draconic blood came. Whether these reports were true or merely rumor, it became clear to the sorceress that she needed to find out for herself. So, despite having lived most of her life in the sheltered climbs of the monastery, Sarnai the Scarlet Hope garbed herself in simple traveling clothes, and flew off into the wider world on the back of a wyvern.

      (No, she wouldn't be able to keep the wyvern during play. Either it would get shot down or captured, or she'd be obliged to leave it at one of the sister monasteries, while she performed her investigations.)