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    Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
    Actually fairly intelligent and even literate, to the point I sometimes play his Rage as more like cold, silent focus depending on the situation.
    I like the idea of running a Barbarian rage that is focused, precise, and cold. Like the "Free Bird" scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service, where Harry responds to induced murderous fury by channeling his rage through his agent training, until he's kicking the asses of every single person around him.


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      Originally posted by Bluecho View Post
      I like the idea of running a Barbarian rage that is focused, precise, and cold. Like the "Free Bird" scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service, where Harry responds to induced murderous fury by channeling his rage through his agent training, until he's kicking the asses of every single person around him.

      yeah, but I'm kinda inconsistent about it, as well as his accent, and often how much he enjoys combat vs. sees it as his job. Pretty much the only part of his character that's consistent is what I said about his poor, migrant upbringing, which actually gets referenced a lot, especially since it justifies to me at least why he knows Dwarven and Elvish.

      Also, his health is still kinda low for a Barbarian at 35 even at level 4, so he's not really taking on whole groups of mooks yet. There's literally an animal companion in the party with over twice as much health as me due to class levels. It's a small rabbit and it's kinda embarassing.
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        Originally posted by Bluecho View Post
        I like the idea of running a Barbarian rage that is focused, precise, and cold. Like the "Free Bird" scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service, where Harry responds to induced murderous fury by channeling his rage through his agent training, until he's kicking the asses of every single person around him.

        Been curious about how a Barbarian / Monk would work.

        Level 2, Level 10, Level 20

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          67) Theren Deepdive [Sea Elf, Scout Rogue]:
          As a young sea elf, Theren dwelt in the shallows of a reef with his people. That is, until his 75th year, when he and many of his fellow sea elves were captured and conscripted into an army of land elves, pressganged into a surface war he neither understood nor cared about. The army was commanded by an elven supremecist, who sought to dominate the continent and "reclaim these lands for the elves who first ruled it". It was a historical and cultural fiction, meant to create a narrative that would promote elven solidarity, but it got the job done. Elves of all sorts banded together under this banner. Those who were less enthused with the plan, like Theren's sea elves, didn't have much choice but to participate.

          So for ten years - a decade that felt longer to him than the seven and a half decades combined - Theren "Deepdive" served out his conscription. His superiors put him and his fellow sea elves to work as spies, scouts, and assassins, using their aquatic mobility to slink behind enemy lines through the waterways and beneath the seas. He had many opportunities to flee, but saw well the price paid for desertion. Saw the signs burned into the skins of deserters, when they were permitted to live at all. Reluctantly, Theren did the work, and got good at it. Compromising supplies, eliminating commanders, scouting troop movements, and disabling ships. Before the war, Theren was a poet and musician, wanting for nothing but peaceful days in the calm tides. By war's end, he'd lost count of the number of bodies he'd consigned to the depths.

          All things shall pass away, and the war ended. Emboldened against atrocities committed in the name of elven supremacy, the other nations on the continent arrayed themselves fully against the elven empire. Legions broke away and entire regions of the empire switched sides, as the cracks in the authoritarian facade became obvious. In the end, the imperial capital burned, and the war was over. Theren Deepdive walked away a free elf. Unlike some of his "allies", he kept his hands clean of true war crimes. But he couldn't forget the war crimes of others, committed in the name of all elves. Nor can he let the past die, while a big loose end dangles.

          The empire fractured, but did not die completely. Remnants of the imperial army persist. The greatest of these retreated to desolate wastes and precarious mountain passes, where they could lose pursuers and entrench themselves. Intent on surviving, to wait out the world, until their time comes again. And at their head, the old king still rules. Half mad and embittered by setbacks, the old king nurses his army's wounds, and keeps the ideology alive. His most loyal followers now form a militant personality cult around him.

          Of all the people Theren has come to hate in this world, his loathing for the old king is brobdingnagian. None else shoulders as much blame for the bloodshed, suffering, death, and crushed spirits as that bastard. So even if he must plumb the deepest waters, cross the driest deserts, and scale the most treacherous peaks, Theren WILL kill the old king. And consign his corpse to an unmarked grave.

          Then, maybe, the war will finally be over for him.


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            68) Felgrod:

            The only law that Felgrod has ever respected in his entire life is the law of the jungle. Or, what equates to a jungle within the vibrant and chaotic world of the Feywilds. Life is about survival of the fittest, and those too weak to defend themselves become nourishment for those who are stronger than them, in one way or another. As he grew older, Felgrod discovered that he had been inadvertantly adhering himself to the druidic code, and the magic that permeated the Feywilds had given him its blessing. By the time he was recognized as an adult, Felgrod had ingratiated himself with the Circle of the Moon, though even they found their new colleague to be more bestial than they were accustomed to.

            As is the case with many Bugbears, Felgrod prefers the adventuring life style. He is not comfortable with settling down in one place for too long, which blends itself to his druidic life style quite well. But while he may prefer to stay on the move, Felgrod has come across other residents of the Feywild whom he has been willing to lend his assistance with. These fellows usually include other members of the goblinoid races, but he has been known to make an exception for individuals who can prove themselves strong enough to earn his respect. In either case, Felgrod's allegiances are fleeting, and one can expect him to break off from the party once he feels there is no longer any reason for him to stick around.

            Race: Bugbear
            Gender: Male
            Age: 20
            Class: Druid (Circle of the Moon)


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              69) Alton Staz:

              A true embarassment to mages everywhere, for sure. When asked what drew him to the art of magic in the first place, Alton replies that he did so in the hopes of improving his sex life. That's right, the man spent hundreds of gold to put himself through years of wizarding school, all so he could impress the ladies. Or maybe impressing them isn't much of a concern, seeing as how his specialty lay in the school of enchantment. Regardless of how he planned to go about it, Alton's stance on the use of magic is remarkably immature for somebody who is supposed to be an educated scholar. The fact that he appears reluctant to show people his diploma should also say a few things about how his final days at school turned out.

              If the party is willing to look past his skirt chasing behavior, they'll find that Alton is actually a fairly competent enchanter. After spending all that money for lessons, it would be disappointing if he wasn't! Using his magic to twist the minds of the enemy, Alton can turn the tides of the battle towards the party's favor by blurring the line that separates friend from foe. He can also serve as a back up plan for when having a silver tongue fails to convince people to your side of the conversation. Finally, it is worth noting that Alton is considered less 'squishy' than other wizards, though still pales in comparison to more dedicated athletes.

              Alton Staz is a young man of moderate attractiveness. He has short, wavy brown hair, light colored skin and dark green eyes. Unlike the stereotypical wizard, he has chosen to forgo the growth of a beard, and keeps his face clean shaven in an effort to preserve his youthful appearance. His build is also sturdier than other wizards, likely due to being interested in more physical activities than staying cooped up in a library all day. He stands 6'0 tall and weighs 157 lbs.

              Race: Human
              Gender: Male
              Age: 21
              Class: Wizard (Enchanter)
              Alignment: Neutral Evil


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                Has anyone made any cool Ratfolk PCs. I'd love some heroic rats around here. Villainous is too easy.

                A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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                  Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
                  Has anyone made any cool Ratfolk PCs. I'd love some heroic rats around here. Villainous is too easy.

                  Have you heard the ballad of Billy Punchy Face?

                  He punched out an Ogre who was twice his size. Which is very small for an Ogre, but still quite large for a rat boy!
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                    Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post

                    Have you heard the ballad of"]Billy Punchy Face?[/URL]

                    He punched out an Ogre who was twice his size. Which is very small for an Ogre, but still quite large for a rat boy!
                    I have totally overlooked that series

                    A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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                      Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post

                      I have totally overlooked that series

                      That was a mistake. They're up to Chapter 3, episode 13 by this point.

                      New Episodes twitch streamed on Tuesday and uploaded to Youtube on Wednesday.

                      Speaking of villains, actually, been tempted for the last few days to write up some antagonist characters.

                      As well as some home brewed deities!


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                        And here we go, my first custom deity!


                        70) Nillumin: The God of Freedom

                        Rank: Demigod

                        Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

                        Realm: Feywilds

                        Avatar: A hybridized creature possessing the traits of an elven male and those of a butterfly. Though his body is coated in a hard exoskeleton, his features are surprisingly beautiful, with a far more humanoid body type than one would expect from bug-like creatures. A pair of beautiful wings grow from his back which are colored in a vibrant blend of pink and green hues. His hair is also the same coloration, and is long enough to reach down to his jaw line. His eyes are dark green, and from a distance, appear to be one solid color. But a closer inspection will reveal they are actually compound and made up of dozens of smaller eyes working together. Finally, a pair of fuzzy antennae adorn the top of his head, curling near the tips in amusing fashion.

                        Domains: Magic and Chaos

                        Sacred Animal: Butterfly

                        Sacred Colors: Green and Pink

                        Favored Weapon: Throwing Knife


                        History: Beginning his life as a simple mortal, Nillumin was born as a half elf who demonstrated a natural affinity for magic at an extremely young age. Unfortunately for those around him, his talents seemed more in line with those of the wild magic variety, and even the simplest of spells had a habit of flowing out of control when Nillumin was the one casting them. In an effort to prevent causing further damage, and becoming ostracized by those around him, Nillumin began to investigate the true source of his magic, and what he found changed his entire outlook on the whole thing.

                        Nillumin was descended from the Fey, creatures born of and sustained by magic in its most primal form. The wild surges that had caused so many problems on the material plane were common day occurrences in the realm of the Feywilds! Coming to the conclusion that such a realm was the perfect place for him to learn to properly control his powers, Nillumin began looking for ways to enter the Feywilds, eventually happening across a coven of warlocks who had made pacts with entities who originated from there. They agreed to send him through, in exchange for a favor that Nillumin has thus far refused to disclose to the general public. But whatever the terms of the bargain might have been, he got his wish, and soon the half elf was plopped in the middle of the Feywilds, directly on top of a magical leyline...

                        And then he experienced a wild surge! Unable to control his powers, Nillumin's entire being was flooded with the raw, undiluted magic of the fey. Any normal entity might have been obliterated by such an onslaught of power, but Nillumin found himself absorbing it like a sponge. And by the time the event was over, he found himself changed by the experience. Nillumin had absorbed so much raw magic, that he transcended the limits of mortality to become a demigod. Shocked and fascinated with this change of events, Nillumin quickly forgot about trying to learn self restraint, and pranced off into the depths of the Feywilds to explore his newfound powers!


                        Worshipers and Doctrine:

                        Since his completely unforeseen apotheosis, Nillumin has established his role as a deity of freedom. Unfortunately, his interpretation of freedom roughly translates to "do as thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law." Which is a fancy way of saying that he doesn't care what people do with their freedom, so long as they have the freedom to do it.

                        With this philosophy in mind, many of Nillumin's most devout followers embrace anarchy as their preferred way of life. They also take to studying magic in some fashion, as a small act of rebellion against the laws of the universe. But one should not take this as an assumption that everybody who worships him is a bunch of undisciplined hedonists. Those with less fanatical mindsets are just as likely to embrace the quiet life as they are to spend the day partying. Of course, this also means that there are plenty who commit acts of evil in an effort to defy the established system of government for their own personal satisfaction. In all cases, worshipers of Nillumin are practically encouraged to view him more as a role model to which they aspire to emulate, rather than an overbearing lord for whom they must swear fealty.

                        As his divinity was achieved by pure accident, and Nillumin himself doesn't seem to have a particularly hard coded belief system, his cult has had difficulty expanding itself over the decades. Never the less, his priests have made progress by converting those who feel stifled by their current lot in life and are looking for a way to liberate themselves, either physically or spiritually.

                        Nillumin has also taken a peculiar fascination with butterflies, and views a certain kinship with them. According to his words, they symbolize what he and his faith stands for. The transition from something ugly into something beautiful. Those worshipers who possess magical abilities nearly always specialize in the school of Transmutation, hoping to emulate the butterfly's metamorphosis within themselves, as well as others.

                        A final note about Nillumin is his reluctance to establish a permanent place of residence to which he can rule over. His worshipers know that he has aligned himself with the Feywilds, but as for an actual home, he prefers to stay on the move. Nillumin sticks around only for as long as it amuses him, before he packs up and resumes his traveling elsewhere. As such, he is sometimes referred to as "the wandering god" by those familiar with his nomadic life style.


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                          Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
                          Has anyone made any cool Ratfolk PCs. I'd love some heroic rats around here. Villainous is too easy.
                          Sure, I can give it a whirl. [It doesn't really matter for this description, but I'm running off the Slitherin race write-up, from the 5e Scarred Lands guide.]

                          71) Sev'n Ashbrow [Slitherin (Ratfolk), Transmuter Wizard]:
                          Alchemist, Wizard of Transmutation, and last student of Gillard Goldsoul, now called Heretic Gillard. Sev'n Ashbrow was born seventh of many children, before his father cast him out as an adult (the patriarch always suspected Sev'n was sired by another man, owing to Sev'n's unusual ashen fur). Wandering alone in the tunnels of a forgotten dwarven undercity, Sev'n was taken under the wing of the venerable alchemist. Gillard Goldsoul had been exiled for heresy, because he proposed alchemical theory that went against the established wisdom of his day. Goldsoul's title, tenure, and good reputation were stripped from him, all for preaching a truth neither his colleagues nor the ruling elites wished to hear. Of Goldsoul's apprentices who yet survive, none will acknowledge him. Sev'n Ashbrow, therefore, is Goldsoul's last student, both chronologically and in name.

                          From the venerable wizard, Sev'n - a "mere" ratfolk - learned the Royal Art. Now, with his master's passing, Sev'n Ashbrow sets out for civilization. Aiming to collect the scattered pieces of Goldsoul's work, and prove the old man's theory correct. To restore his master's good name, and perhaps elevate his own.

                          "I have been the egg, and I have certainly been the shit. Let me show you what gold can be."


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                            I just had an idea for a Warforged Sorcerer, who's magic is flavored to be integrated technology. For example, attempting to cast the spell Burning Hands, causes a flame thrower to emerge from his wrist and begin spraying anything in range.


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                              72) First Fertile Soil Brandishes Iron To Sunder Evil [Human, Way of the Kensei Monk]:
                              Yes, that is her actual name. No, it's not weird. At least, it might be by the standards of this strange country.

                              First Fertile Soil Brandishes Iron To Sunder Evil hailed from a distant land, until her monastery came under attack by a government who disapproved of its teachings. Many monks were slaughtered that day, but others - like Fertile Soil - were clasped in irons and sold into slavery. A buyer in distant lands purchased the lot of them, leading them on a slave ship. Fertile Soil knows not how long the voyage lasted, for the slavers were foreign, and carried with them foreign diseases. Many of her fellow captives perished of illness en route, and Fertile Soil herself became bedridden and delirious with fever. By the time she recovered her senses, they were not only far from home, but an indeterminate distance. Upon making port, the monk used her martial arts training to effect an escape. It did not occur to her, until after putting 50 miles between her and (what remained of) the slavers, that those same slavers were the only ones who knew where she was or how to return to her homeland. And the surviving slavers, naturally, fled to parts unknown as quickly as possible.

                              So the Kensei Monk wanders these strange lands, plying her skill at forging and violence to make coin. Always on the move, in search of anyone who has heard of her homeland, and how to return there. Fertile Soil keeps the air of good spirits at all times, a defense mechanism used to disarm suspicious locals and fend off the cloying sadness in her own heart. Homesickness remains her constant companion, as does the seething desire for revenge against the slavers who held her, and the government who sold her and her people into bondage. Until these desires are fulfilled, she persists and wanders, a stranger in a strange land.


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                                73) ​Aeqen Willowdale

                                When it comes to druids, everybody is aware that they submit themselves to the service of nature. But what many people easily forget is that nature is a fickle patron. Cruel and unforgiving, the forces of nature offer instruction in many powers that civilized people might deem as barbaric. Such is the knowledge that Aeqen became privy to upon joining his first circle of druids. The rituals they taught him were of the most ancient sort, dating their origins back to an age before mortals kept records of history. When harvest season approached, they did not call forth a soothing rain to water the fields and nourish the seeds. They conducted human sacrifices, infusing their stolen life energy into the land so that it might bare healthier crops.

                                That was not the only forbidden practice they were guilty of committing, and it is the reason why Aeqen no longer finds himself among their immediate company. He has taken to the life of an adventurer, now. Those who hire him onto their company usually expect to travel with somebody who is out of touch with society, yet still capable of imparting valuable wisdom when needed. These people are often quite horrified once they realize what they've actually signed onto their party!

                                Aeqen is a wood elf, with a build that has been kept in peak condition after more than a century of living in the wilderness. His chestnut colored hair is shorter than the common stereotype, and only grows down to his cheekbones in length. He also breaks the racial stereotype, by choosing to wield a pair of sickles, as opposed to the bow and arrow that has become iconic among his people. Though he is well over a hundred years old, such a length of time is hardly noticeable by elven standards, causing his outward appearance to resemble that of a young adult. As a druid, his manner of dress is very primitive, bordering on tribal customs. His typical outfit consists of leather hides, bone trinkets, and ceremonial tattoos that cover a significant portion of his skin.

                                Race: Elf
                                Gender: Male
                                Age: 140
                                Class: Druid
                                Circle: Circle of Anathema
                                Un-Natural Dominion: Elementals and Monstrosities
                                Alignment: Neutral Evil
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