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    74) Nalla Twice-Orphaned Ogolakanu [Goliath, Giant Soul Sorcerer]:
    The young Nalla manifested his family's long-dormant sorcery - the power of the Stone Giants they served in centuries past - in response to the war that rocked his homeland. Left poor and homeless, the family Ogolakanu became refugees, and wandered into a foreign land. The local king would have turned them away, as he had many refugees. But Nalla's father, desperate and destitute, struck a reluctant deal with the lord, who was long desirous of arcane power. Nalla was sold to the king, in return for safe entry and a sack of gold. Wishing to be useful to his family, rather than the burden he long saw himself as, Nalla became the king's spell slave willingly, without complaint. He endured many years of hardship, shipped around the king's domain to act as a show of power, and sequestered in a tower to toil away at penning countless magic scrolls for his lord's use. Through it all, he remained steadfast, taking solace in the knowledge that his family could live in peace thanks to his hardship.

    How great a blow it was, then, when word came to Nalla that his family had perished in their home on the edges of the kingdom? They had fallen to a dragon, who torched their farm and devoured them, along with their livestock. For the first time in his long "career", Nalla appeared before his king unbidden, demanding to know what his lord would do to rectify their loss. But the king had long ago struck a pact with the dragon, allowing the wurm to take what it pleased from the poorer segments of his domain, in return for not disrupting trade or going on rampages. Moreover, the king cared nothing for the poorer, non-human members of his kingdom. When the king tried to order his men to cart the slave away and bind him in irons, the goliath went berserk. The king had become complacent, and forgot that his captive only served willingly. The throne room was destroyed in the magical conflagration. Only a last second twinge of conscience stayed Nalla's hand from crushing the king's head. The goliath left, both to flee the king's wrath, and to gather his strength.

    One day, he would take the fight to the dragon.


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      Ooh, there's giant heritage, now?



      75) Hagubash Thunderclap:

      Unlike many others of his kind, Hagubash had a relatively decent childhood. Half Orcs were a common sight among his tribe, for the humans that raised him valued brute strength, and believed that introducing orc blood into their families would produce a stronger bloodline. For the most part, this was true, and the half blooded children would often outshine their pure blooded relatives in contests of strength and stamina. But when Hagubash came along, his family got a little more than they bargained for. It seemed that orcs weren't the only brutish creatures to mingle with his family lineage. At some point in the distant past, his ancestors had earned the favor of the storm giants, and were endowed with a portion of their greatness. This ancestry had been dormant for generations, until now, when it suddenly resurfaced in Hagubash!

      Within only a few short years of awakening his magical abilities, Hagubash started to outshine not just the human members of his tribe, but the rest of his fellow half orcs as well. He had barely finished puberty, and there was already talk about making him the next chieftain! As you can probably imagine, the current heir to the throne was not pleased with that idea, and decided to remove Hagubash from the equation. Utterly lacking in magical talent of their own, the would be rival had devoted themselves to physical might, growing into a hulking and thick headed half orc. One who even Hagubash could not defeat in a contest of muscle, and they both knew it. In the traditions of their tribe, he challenged Hagubash to honorable combat, as a way to prove he was the more worthy candidate, and Hagubash, being young and impulsive at the time, agreed. Sadly, Hagubash had forgotten that such a challenge was purely a contest of one's martial prowess, and magic was strictly forbidden. Although the young sorcerer did seize victory that day, his reliance on occult powers marked him as unworthy to lead. In the eyes of his tribe, Hagubash was a weakling, unable to defeat his enemies without resorting to dishonorable tricks.

      Rather than disgracing his tribe by continuing to live among them, Hagubash packed what little belongings he could carry and set out for the road on self imposed exile, leaving his defeated opponent sneering behind him. On the road with nothing else to do, Hagubash has taken on the life of an adventurer, offering his strength and other unique gifts to those able to meet his price range.

      Race: Half Orc

      Gender: Male

      Age: 15

      Class: Sorcerer

      Heritage: Giant Soul [Storm Giant]
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        76) Margot le Fou [Bugbear, Drunken Master Monk]:
        Born to a lazy backwoods family of bugbear trappers, Margot was a mere maiden (for a certain value of "maiden") when her father hauled her to the local village, just in time for the arrival of the circus. Her father had no coin to spare on such extravagance, but said if she truly cared, she could gain access to the show her own way. Bugbears, chaotic as a rule, have little regard for "entrance fees". "When you've seen your fill," he said, departing the town, "you know the way home." So Margot sneaked into the big top and found a high perch from which to watch the show.

        But though she watched for hours, she hadn't had her fill. The circus was wonderful. The animals, the fire spitters, the jugglers. But what caught her attention most was the acrobats. Lithe figures that focused their dexterous efforts into a controlled, tight performance. The result of intense practice, effecting such displays of physical prowess as set Margot's young, impressionable mind to fancy. SHE could do that. SHE had what it took, if she only had the training. Margot never returned home, instead endeavoring to enlist as a circus acrobat at once.

        Her aspirations were dashed quite quickly when she met the management. They considered her ungainly appearance - her gangly limbs, disheveled hair, and sharp teeth - unsuitable for membership in their stable of acrobats. As she begged - pleaded - for a spot in their show, one of the officials took pity, and gave her a position. Or perhaps they simply saw a different purpose to which she could be put: as a harlequin. A clown. She didn't measure up to their standards of grace, fit for the acrobats, but her appearance made her a sure fit for a clown.

        Margot took the job, but regretted having said she would do "anything" to be with the show. However, she had no intention of giving up her dream. It would simply require that she take a...circuitous route. In between learning to act the fool, Margot studied her fellow performers. The knife-throwers and jugglers. The dancers and wrestlers. And especially the acrobats. What she saw, she copied. Not without difficulty, and not without pain. Always in secret. Until she slowly started incorporating greater acts of dexterity and skill into her tomfooleries. It took a little while for the ring masters to catch on - to their little backwoods fool, stepping beyond her assigned job - but at that point she was becoming a crowd favorite, so they hardly cared.

        The other performers cared slightly more, however. They loathed others stepping on their toes - venturing into their turf - more than anything. Everyone had a job, and this half-animal upstart without an ounce of proper training was cutting into theirs'. So they started arranging "accidents", in an attempt to put the clown in her place. When Margot evaded their attempts - and even kept up the clown act, like she "meant to do that" - they started paying the circus working men to make their message clearer. A few bruises wouldn't deter Margot, who taught herself to fight. To keep her foes off balance and unsuspecting, the bugbear disguised her fighting technique with clownish antics, as much performance as anything she did on stage. Margot came to understand her foes very well, and took more than a little enjoyment from making fools of them.

        Eventually, the performers grew tired of the game. They marched collectively before the ring masters and demanded the fool be fired. They threatened to stop performing entirely if the bugbear wasn't sacked. The ring masters, though reluctant to be parted with their star harlequin, dreaded being without the rest of the "talent" even more. It was no contest, really. Margot left as ordered, but was honestly more unhappy with the craven way it went down. "We were having such fun, too," she said, "you all and I. You disappoint me."

        So Margot le Fou travels the land now, entertaining the masses and putting her skills to use. Including her ever-surprising aptitude for violence. Okay, maybe it's not so surprising for a bugbear. She gravitated towards the adventurer life as an extension of her desire to bring joy to the masses. While she'd learned how to be many things, she'd taken her role of jester to heart. Nothing is more sorrowful for her than seeing others in sorrow, nothing more heart-breaking than the tears of children. She smiles her sharky smile, and does what she can to make things better. Whether that means bringing people out of the doldrums with buffoonery, or from banishing the terrors that plague them. All while keeping up the act of the harmless fool.


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          77) ​Goblina (Female Goblin, Ranger Beast Master):

          Not many people have seen or even heard of a female goblin walking around in public before, to which there is a good reason. Vile, greedy and lecherous creatures, most goblin tribes keep their women hidden away, where they serve as perpetual brood mothers. This would have been the same fate for Goblina, had she not ironically been freed by a band of adventurers slaughtering her tribe. Oh, they didn't intend to free her, of course, they were there to exterminate any goblin they came across and plunder the tribe's riches for themselves. But while the males of the tribe were getting slaughtered, the females and children attempted to flee to safety, Goblina being one of the first among them.

          This was a fairly common occurrence for goblins, and it would not be long until most of the survivors regrouped and started to build their numbers up again. But while Goblina was waiting for the heat to die down, she came upon the first real taste of civilization outside of her tribe's breeding chamber. What she saw both amazed and intrigued her. For the women of these lands were not only free to roam around in public, but many of them seemed to take on the same jobs as the male folk. There were some prejudices, of course, there always is, but for the most part, they seemed to be relatively equal with each other.

          Wanting to experience more of this strange culture shock, Goblina chose to remain among the civilized lands. She stuck to the shadows, being careful not to draw attention to herself, while at the same time foraging whatever she needed in order to survive. Times were tough, but her skills improved with each passing week. In time, she had become completely self sufficient, no longer requiring a male to provide for her. She had even managed to befriend a stray dog, which she named Gobo! It was also around this time that she made up her mind about what she wanted to do with her life.

          In the style of true goblin mentality, Goblina decided to show her appreciation for the adventurers who opened her eyes to new possibilities by becoming an adventurer herself. If she could locate more goblin tribes and show them that females were useful for more than just producing children, then surely they could elevate themselves up the racial totem pole into a prosperous civilization. Maybe even one as great as the Hobgoblins who created them!

          Well, a girl can dream, can't she?


          Racial Enemy: Animals

          Animal Companion: Gobo (Mastiff)

          Age: 11


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            78) Darrack Deepvein [Mountain Dwarf, Oath of Vengeance Paladin]:
            Darrack of Clan Deepvein headed a mining operation in his youth. His lust for mineral wealth grew great, however, and he made the error emblematic of his people: digging too greedily, and too deep. His miners punched a hole into a sealed cavern, that happened to be connected to the Abyss. In his fear Darrack fled, leaving his employees to perish. He tarried only so long as to have the mine entrance bricked up, then departed. Word got out about both his folly and his cowardice, and he was cast out of polite dwarf society in the lands of his birth.

            He wandered far afield, and established himself as a traveling merchant. For a hundred years, Darrack continued in this manner, transporting silks and spices. Never staying too long in one location, lest he offend the sensibilities of other dwarves, who even in foreign lands at least heard of his wrongdoing. The dwarf threw himself into his work, hoping to forget the past. But it was not to be.

            One night, while he stayed at a tavern, the establishment came under assault by demons. The indiscretions of some demonic cult, consumed by the very fiends they summoned, he would later learn. Darrack would have fled again, but the thoughts of his prior failure, so long ago, came roaring back. He took up an axe and cleaved abyssal heads. All the demons perished by morning, between Darrack and other brave (or desperate) souls. But Darrack did not get any sleep that day, troubled by old guilt come to roost once again. He'd tried to forget - to bury the past - but it came back.

            Darrack had left all those dwarves to die by abyssal hands - that is, they died if they were lucky - and patched over his mistake with bricks. The whole mine was doubtless replete with the bastards, if indeed the makeshift wall still held. He could no longer abide his shame, his dishonor. As the first light of morning broke over the tavern soaked with demon blood, Darrack vowed to atone for his sin. He would gain power, return to his homeland, and march into those despoiled tunnels. He would clear the place out - exterminate the demonic infestation down to the last fiend - and give the fallen miners proper burials. Then, and only then, would Darrack know peace.

            For such a foolhardy endeavor, though, he needed to prepare. He needed to become strong, and he needed coin. Coin enough to find a contingent of soldiers who could hold the mine when they took it, for the fight against the demons would doubtless become a siege.


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              79) Nebuchadnezzar Scrimp [Bugbear, Mastermind Rogue]:
              Walking down the streets of a foggy town, a tall, spindly figure, with cartoonishly long arms, mutters quietly to himself. A pair of spectacles perch on his hooked nose, shadowed by the brim of a black top hat. He wears a black longcoat to match his hat, with a high collar turned up against the wind. Long, black-gloved fingers scratch absently at his dark mutton chops, which match the wild mane of coarse, dark hair beneath his hat. Light glints off the chain of his silver pocket watch, tucked neatly in his pocket. The long coat hides daggers holstered on his belt, as well as the black whip coiled around his waist.

              Nebuchadnezzar Scrimp was a noted loan shark out in the big cities. What he lacks in his kind's traditional bulk, he made up for in precision, tenacity, and often cruelty. If a debtor could not pay, he was not slow in using the whip to..."motivate" them. A humorless miser, he clawed his way out of poverty, and learned to hoard his wealth during a great economic downturn. In those times of destitution and misery, Nebuchadnezzar learned to live lean and harden his heart. To him, there was nothing more foolish than to spend one's thrift. As such, when he brought the whip down on those slow in paying, he considered himself as doing people a favor. They had to learn, or so he'd say. Everyone else just thought he was a cold, detestable man.

              One cold winter's night, however, Mister Scrimp was visited by the ghost of his old partner. The poor hobgoblin had become stuck between this world and the next, unable to pass on for the mountains of misery he'd wrought in life. He'd never given the milk of humanoid kindness, and so was denied rest. The partner warned Nebuchadnezzar that if he did not balance the scales, the bugbear, too, would meet the same fate. Worse, in fact, for the chains set to weigh Scrimp down far exceeded his partner's. For the first time in his life, Nebuchadnezzar Scrimp felt regret. Come the morning, the bugbear opted to expend much of his accumulated wealth in charity, hoping that it would salve his guilty soul.

              But the rush of relief was fleeting, and he had only so much coin to give. He pardoned the debts of his many clients, but it still wasn't enough. He'd done worse than merely use economics to inflict misery on people. He'd personally lashed many souls. When the ghost came, it tore away the bugbear's self-image as a strong man merely doing what was necessary. It exposed him for the villain he was. Mere charity wouldn't be enough. At the very least, he would need much more money, and had not the stomach (nor the coin on hand) to lend his way to income.

              Walking down the foggy streets, Nebuchadnezzar pondered his guilt wearily, when a group of "queer folk" (as Scrimp would describe them) walked by, armed to the teeth. They were young, and of many races, and brimmed with power and promise. Young adventurers. The bugbear overheard them speaking of going into the sewers, to rid the city of its giant rodent problem. The kind of low work often falling to packs of mercenaries and/or do-gooders.

              So very young. So unprepared for what lay ahead. But with such promise, and opportunity to do good. Or at least make coin.

              They reminded Scrimp of his young self so much, he found himself following them, before he even knew why. His shoes were ruined by the sewer water...but he'd hardly sprung for new pairs in many years. When the young scamps nearly died to rats, the bugbear stepped from the shadows. Lent them his whip and his barking tongue. For while he wasn't as young as he used to be, he knew how to guide subordinates into action with nothing but his words.

              Nebuchadnezzar is not a good person. He's still cold, still terse, still flummoxed by frivolity. But perhaps, with actual allies...comrades...friends? Perhaps with them, he could be reminded what the warmth of kindness felt like. Plus, someone had to keep these young adventurers grounded. Even if they joke and tease and laugh, like he's an old fool. Well...maybe he IS an old fool. Hopefully, an old fool with a bit of life left in him. Not just for surviving, but for living.


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                Been thinking about this for a while, but do we have to limit this thread to D&D characters? I tried making one for Pathfinder, but nobody seemed to notice, or care about it.


                80) Grandeur (Male Tiefling, Bard):

                The term "devilishly charming" barely even begins to describe the being known as Grandeur. This self obsessed narcissist has thoroughly convinced himself that his presence in this world is a gift from the gods. And with the aid of his natural talent for magic, he's become exceedingly skilled at convincing everybody around him to think the same way! Even for a tiefling, Grandeur is driven by a love for the finer things in life. In fact, his hedonism is just one diagnosis away from full on addiction, as he spends his free time partaking in whatever physical pleasures he can find at the moment. So why would somebody who's so convinced of their own greatness want to voluntarily place themselves in harm's way on a constant basis?

                The answer is quite simple, really: its because he craves attention, and showing off his superior skills in public is the easiest way to achieve that goal. If he shows up in a village being ransacked by orcs, only to drive them from the area with flashy swordplay and some witty banter, then surely the peasants will shower him with the gifts and praise he yearns for! Or at least, that's how the plan is supposed to go. It turns out that while the common folk might be afraid of orc raiders, they're even more terrified of a devil appearing from out of nowhere and offering to solve their problems in exchange for "compensation."

                As insulting as it is to Grandeur's spectacular skills, he must begrudgingly surround himself with beings of lesser talents. It's the only way the people of this world will trust him enough to let him walk around in public, instead of trying to burn him at the stake... not that it would be very effective, anyways. Besides, every great hero needs a sidekick or two, and there's no hero in this world who's greater than Grandeur!

                Specialty: College of Compulsion


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                  Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post
                  Been thinking about this for a while, but do we have to limit this thread to D&D characters? I tried making one for Pathfinder, but nobody seemed to notice, or care about it.[B]
                  Go ahead. Like I said on the first page, Pathfinder is perfectly acceptable, since it's basically DnD 3.75e to begin with.

                  I do mostly 5e stuff because that's the one I like and am most familiar with. That, and because it's the New Hotness (relatively speaking).


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                    Originally posted by Bluecho View Post
                    Go ahead. Like I said on the first page, Pathfinder is perfectly acceptable, since it's basically DnD 3.75e to begin with.
                    Woops, I missed that part!


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                      81) ​Yoshihiko (Male Tiefling, Cleric):

                      For as long as he can remember, Yoshihiko has always been marked as different from the rest of the kitsune he grew up with. He shared their love for pranking others, but his own pranks tended to be more mean spirited than is commonly attributed to the magical fox people. He also experienced a sudden flare of violent temper whenever he found himself becoming the target of the joke. At first, others just chalked it up to him being a selfish child, but as he grew older, the difference became increasingly harder to rationalize. He began to experience a series of growth spurts throughout his youth, causing him to grow faster and larger than any of the other children in his village. But what finally made it clear to everybody that Yoshihiko did not belong among them, was in his 13th birthday, when he awoke to find a third eye had spontaneously manifested in the center of his forehead!

                      "Nogitsune!" the village cried, "he's the child of an oni!" and in their disgust, they drove the young fox from his home and into the nearby forest, where it was said monsters roamed the area, preying upon the weak and foolish who came too close to their territory. It's possible the villagers believed he would be killed by such creatures. If that is true, then they were woefully mistaken, because the heart of the forest had become a center of worship for the cult of Lamashtu, patron goddess of monsters!

                      Whether by relying on his fiendish blood, or through complete luck, it is unknown how Yoshihiko reached the center of the forest. But somehow, he managed it, while finding his life's calling in the process. Nobody saw Yoshihiko for several years after that night, but when he finally did emerge, he was a far cry from the boy they had chased off. Fully embracing his oni heritage, Yoshihiko had become an anointed priest of Lamashtu and was now bent on spreading her faith as widely as possible. His first order of business was to convert the inhabitants of his childhood home, or see them destroyed if that wasn't a possibility. After that, he decided that traveling the world incognito was a good precaution, at least for the time being, while he secretly worked to increase the cult's influence.

                      Upon casual inspection, Yoshihiko appears to be your typical, black furred kitsune. But a closer examination will reveal his more fiendish ancestry. Yoshihiko possesses a most unusual third eye in the center of his forehead, an inherited feature from his oni-spawn bloodline! He is also substantially larger than the average kitsune, with a powerful build that seems just as likely to crack somebody's skull open as he is to laugh at a practical joke! There's not a lot he can do about the bulky muscles without the use of magical assistance, but he generally keeps his extra eye covered with a headband when he's trying to maintain a low profile around public.


                      Alignment: Neutral Evil

                      Age: 23

                      Heritage: Hungerseed (Oni-Spawn)

                      Deity: Lamashtu

                      Domains: Trickery and Strength
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                        82) Twinkle Starseek [Rock Gnome, Diviner Wizard]:
                        A former apprentice studying at a provincial wizard's tower, Twinkle hoped to use his knowledge of astrology to eventually make money. Oh sure, he found the work itself stimulating and fascinating, but he never denied that going into Divination was, first and foremost, a financial decision. Diviners have long enjoyed the patronage of the wealthy and powerful, so pursuing this school of magic was a pragmatic decision.

                        All this changed during the later years of his apprenticeship, when he research stumbled upon a book that referenced the forthcoming arrival of a malignant Black Star. One that could, in ages to come, act as harbinger of calamity and doom. At first, Twinkle dismissed the prophecy. Old books were filled with false or highly overblown predictions. Moreover, there was no record of any such Black Star (though, admittedly, there wouldn't be, by nature of definition). The gnome returned to his work and forgot about it. That is, until the coming nights, when his sleep was troubled by terrible dreams. Nightmares of the terrible Black Star, that grew closer to the world and threatened to reduce the surface to a blasted wasteland of gray ash.

                        Unable to tolerate the dreams any longer, he resolved to seek answers about the Black Star. But the simple, small telescopes of his master's tower were insufficient to the task of finding an invisible star. He considered that, if the Black Star existed in the sky, it may affect the movements of other stars around it. Meaning he'd need a much larger, more powerful telescope to see everything he couldn't yet see. Perhaps then, and with more experience in magic, he could divine the Black Star's position, and determine when it would come into proper alignment. If he was lucky, he could catch it early, and take steps to prepare for the worst. Maybe even stop its coming, or assemble adventurers strong enough to fight its evil.

                        However, no existing telescope is sufficient for his needs. So he has to build one. Which in turn requires capital. Consequently, Twinkle Starseek left his master's tower, in hopes of making his fortune. Not simply for its own sake, though, but for the greater good. If nothing else, he can at least know how to save himself. That he'll be making his own tower, with its own resources, is just a fringe benefit. Honest.


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                          Basic Ideas For Genasi:

                          Half Ifrit + Half Bugbear = An ill tempered Bugbear, who's thick fur has been replaced with a dense aura of raging flames. Even for Bugbear standards, his presence on the field of battle is considered terrifying.

                          Half Dao + Half Kobold = An abnormally strong Kobold, who's scales are almost indistinguishable from well polished metal. His fellow Kobolds revere him as some manner of deific figure, come to elevate their clan to greatness.

                          Half Djinn + Half Kenku = A white plumed Kenku, who's free spirit, wide vocabulary and inherent power of levitation inspires great hope for the future redemption of all Kenku.

                          Half Marid + Half Yuan-Ti = An unusual Yuan-Ti, who's serpentine features bare a closer resemblance to those of an eel, than a true snake. They are even more reclusive and xenophobic than their surface dwelling cousins.
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                            Kobold Warlock + Archfey patron + Pact of the Chain = The combination of fey mind tricks, and having Charisma as your primary attribute have resulted in the world's most adorable dragon boy. His magic is geared more towards crowd control situations, than raw damage output. His familiar (and best friend in the world) is a pudgy pseudo dragon named 'Chubz.'

                            Kobold Warlock + Fiend patron + Pact of the Tome = For too long, the other races have looked down upon the mighty Kobolds as being weak, cowardly and easy to enslave. No longer will this be allowed to persist, for this particular Kobold has signed bargains with the denizens of Tiamat's infernal domain. Bestowing her with a grimoire of fiendish power, she will bring down the hellish wrath of Tiamat upon those who have demeaned and humiliated her people!

                            Kobold Warlock + Undying patron + Pact of the Blade = Having grown concerned about the appallingly short life expectancy of the average Kobold, in comparison to their natural life span, this tribal veteran went looking for a way to keep his people from dying so often. He found assistance in the form of a Dracolich, who offered to teach him the secrets of immortality, in exchange for his eternal servitude. While his new master has yet to actually give him the information that was promised, he has noticed himself becoming increasingly more difficult to kill.
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                              Kexeks: Goblins have long been known to harbor an irrational fear of the written word. Claiming that it holds foul magic that can steal your thoughts, and other such dangers. Most civilized people would say that this is purely superstitious nonsense, dreamed up by a race too primitive and stupid to develop a proper working society... And then there are the bards, who prove the Goblin's fears to be well founded!

                              Kexeks never originally planned on becoming a proper bard, it just kind of happened by accident. He was foraging through a slain adventurer's pack, hoping to find some valuables to bring back to the tribe, or just keep for himself. Only to discover they were carrying little more than a stack of books. While initially responding with terror that his tribe was known for, Kexeks was alone on the road, and curiosity got the better of him. Just a quick peek, to see what all the fuss was about. Surely that couldn't be so dangerous, could it?

                              Jump to a few hours later, and Kexeks is now several chapters into his first book. He couldn't read the actual words, of course, having never been taught how, but the book had a lot of highly detailed pictures that he felt were enough to get the context across. It was a field guide, providing instructions on how to survive in the wilderness. Ironic, given the circumstances, but it opened Kexeks' eyes to many tips and tricks that even the best hunters in his tribe would struggle to figure out on their own. He quickly realized he wanted to learn more, but there was only so much knowledge he could gain from pictures alone. If he wanted to learn the book's full secrets, he needed to learn how to read properly. And after many weeks of trial and error, as well as two dozen attempts on his life, Kexeks finally managed to reach the doors of a novice bard institution. Not only were they happy to instruct anybody who wanted to learn the bardic arts, but they were tuition free for first year students!

                              Over the following year, Kexeks learned a great deal. Once he knew how to read, his brain started to absorb knowledge like a sponge. He learned that there was indeed magic contained within the power of language, and within 6 months, he learned how to harness that magic to influence the minds of those around him. By the end of his first year of education, Kexeks was nearly unrecognizable from the paranoid savage he had been before. He had gone from a primitive savage who could barely hold a conversation, to a civilized intellectual, who made the shamans of his tribe look like drooling imbeciles.

                              Now that he was properly educated, Kexeks realized there was no point in returning to his former tribe. They had nothing to offer him, and he likewise had nothing to offer them. At least nothing that either one of them would be able to appreciate. So, he decided to stay among civilization, taking on the role of an adventurer in order to expand his knowledge further, and save up money for the more advanced courses the college had to offer!
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                                Three Minotaur Companions:

                                Paladin Oath of Conquest: embracing the virtue of Wisdom, they set out to prove the inherent superiority of minotaur culture, over those who will one day become their slaves.

                                Barbarian Zealot: Embracing the virtue of Strength, they turn their incandescent rage upon those who would stand in the way of minotaur supremacy.

                                Wizard Diviner: Embracing the virtue of Intelligence, they use their magic to glean important knowledge about the future, and guide their fellow minotaurs to victory.


                                Three young minotaurs, who have recently passed whatever trials necessary to be considered adults among their people. Their success brought them great pride, but also many responsibilities. One such responsibility is to contribute to the minotaur's ongoing effort of becoming the dominant power over the mortal world! Realizing that each one of them embraces one of the three aspects of minotaur society, they band together in the hopes of increasing their chances of success.

                                From there, they set off along the road, hoping to bring glory and riches to their growing empire. With the paladin acting as moral support, the barbarian acting as a front line combatant, and the wizard acting as the team strategist, they seem to have a good sense of group dynamics. If only they weren't constantly trying to one up each other with displays of their favored virtues!