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    Changeling (Cleric of Asmodeus): Using their shapeshifting abilities in service to the Lord of Lies, this devious priest seeks to corrupt society from the inside out. Not all of their sermons are public spectacles, either. Sometimes they need to assume the role of a trusted adviser, a childhood friend, or even a cherished lover.

    Changeling (Rogue Arcane Trickster): With the power to become nearly anybody they choose, this guild master has become one of the most notorious crime lords in the kingdom. They're so elusive, in fact, that people outside of their organization are beginning to suspect their existence is just a myth.

    Changeling (Fighter Battle Master): This warrior has studied under a wide range of different instructors, and incorporated lessons from all of them into their fighting style. They use their shapeshifting abilities in conjunction with their martial talents, adopting whatever form they feel is most comfortable for the task at hand.
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      Male Hobgoblin (Fighter, Weapon Master): Celebrated as one of the finest swordsmen of his tribe's current generation. He's been training with the twin bladed sword from the time he was old enough to walk, and now wields it with such graceful precision that it is almost like an extension of his own being. They have a 'friendly' rivalry with the party Monk, and is constantly trying to prove to her that a well forged blade is more practical than pseudo-mysticism.

      Female Goblin (Druid, Circle of the Land): Officially recognized as a 'wise woman' of the tribe, though what constitutes for wisdom among goblinoid society is anybody's guess. Substituting for the role of priestess in absence of a proper cleric, her shamanic powers are connected with the Underdark, where she has spent most of her life.

      Male Bugbear (Ranger, Hunter): Every adventure party needs a rugged 'bad ass' who doesn't care about the methods, so long as the job gets done. Fortunately, this big, hairy bugbear is all too happy to fill that role. He has a deeply rooted hatred for both elves and humans, to the point where he has devoted his life to ending theirs in a variety of brutal ways.

      Female Hobgoblin (Monk, Way of the Open Hand): Devoting herself to mastery of both mind and body, this woman has honed her very fists into lethal weapons. She has been competing with the Weapon Master for years, in the hopes of proving that, through the mastery of ki, one can achieve feats otherwise believed to be impossible.


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        [First, looks like we reached our goal already without noticing (not that we have any intention of stopping). Second, we haven't tackled characters from specific worlds as much. Specifically, we haven't talked about Ravnica, and I want to talk about Ravnica. Third, this one was inspired by a YouTube comment about an Abjurer who counterspelled people by shouting "Objection!", Phoenix Wright style.]

        101) Adam Mante, Azorius Lawmage [Human, Abjurer Wizard]:
        Adam saw, from a very young age, a sickness that infested Ravnica. A sickness called "crime". He saw neighbors extorted by Orzhov protection rackets, bound into virtual slavery even after their deaths. He saw school friends lured to the glamour of a Rakdos circus, none of them returning alive. His first girlfriend lost a leg to a reckless Izzet engineer's botched experiment. Adam had wanted to be a scholar. After such tragedies, he devoted himself fully to the Law, and joined an Azorius law school. He honed his intellect towards magic - to Abjuration - so that he could better protect the innocent and restrain the guilty.

        He works as a prosecutor, acting as an iron - nay, adamant - pillar of the court. Lawlessness stops with him. Adam will bring the guilty to justice, and through this action make peace with his demons. But the work of either a lawmage or prosecutor does not always keep him in the office. The Azorius Senate fights a losing battle against a nine-headed hydra of chaos, in the form of their rival guilds. Moreover, in the space between guilds, innumerable quiet transgressions and hidden conspiracies lurk. Hidden in the shadows of greater forces, that allow them to fester unnoticed. If Adam is going to stem the tide, he must be willing to venture into the belly of the beast. To walk the streets of Ravnica, and root out crime where it hides.


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          Recently found out these things existed in Pathfinder, and now I've got an idea or two for them


          Azwellus (Ancient-Born, Inquisitor): No last name is given to this being's tragic identity. The one called Azwellus was abandoned by their parents almost immediately at birth, and it was only thanks to their unnatural abilities they managed to survive this long. Azwellus is a dhampir, but not just any dhampir, he is the offspring of a nosferatu! Embodying the worst aspects of the undead curse, in conjunction with the frailties of a mortal body, Azwellus would eventually grow up to become a creature who despised the very concept of existence itself. At first, he tried using his vampiric abilities to force people to accept him into society, but that didn't last long, as the wasting sickness of his heritage rapidly (by dhampir standards) began to sap what charisma he had among the common folk.

          One night, Azwellus finally caved in to despair, unable to cope with the nature of his tortured existence any longer. He fell to his knees and howled out to whatever god that would listen to give him a reason, any reason, for why he should continue on in such a state. And that is when the spirit of Rovagug made contact with him. It told the half dead creature that he was right to be angry. This world's continued existence was an abomination, one that should be eradicated as swiftly as possible. The Rough Beast spoke to him of promises to end his suffering as soon as it was freed from its prison. But before that could happen, it would need a lot of mindless destruction to loosen the binds that held it in place.

          On that day, Azwellus became one of the most devout worshipers the followers of Rovagug had ever seen. Not content with the role of a mere priest, he gave himself to the life of an inquisitor, hunting down those who would threaten the faithful's divine mission to free their master. While most worshipers of the Rough Beast might think killing everything that moves is the best way to free their lord, Azwellus has a more methodical approach to getting things done. He operates with a level of cunning and manipulation almost unheard of among the faithful. But whatever his schemes may appear to be, they always have the same long term goal in mind; Free Rovagug, and bring about the apocalypse!


          Azwellus is a dhampir who currently appears to be in his mid 50's. Because of his Nosferatu heritage, his body is subject to aging at roughly the same rate as a normal human. His muscles are already starting to show signs of withering, and his skin is sickeningly pale in color. Despite his advanced aging process, however, his body language suggests that he is a man on a mission, with a gaze of such malice that it's a wonder people don't just burst into flames when he looks at them! His hair, once black as the night, had faded with age, becoming streaked with gray and thinning in to more wisp-like strands.

          While one could hardly say he is finely dressed, Azwellus does present himself with pride. His outfits, though made for those of the lower class, are kept in immaculate condition whenever he has the opportunity. And they often bare the sacred colors of Rovagug (brown and red) to show his fellow worshipers that he is one of them.

          As an inquisitor of Rovagug, Aswellus derives power from the domain of Chaos. Believing that barbarism and social anarchy is the most effective way to free Rovagug from his prison, Azwellus strives to tear down the foundations of society, and allow Rovagug to feed off the widespread chaos that follows such actions.

          As a dhampir, Azwellus must feed on the fresh blood of elves in order to stave off his blood thirst. He developed a craving for their blood early in his life, when he desperately tried to fend off the wasting sickness by stealing the youthful vitality of such beings. It didn't work, obviously, but that didn't stop his body from acclimating to the taste.


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            Warlock + Archfey + Pact of the Blade: Most arcane spell casters try too hard to subjugate the ancient powers of reality, viewing them as at best a topic for academic study, and at worst as something to be played around with. But this particular wielder has found a different path in life. Rather than trying to command the ancient magics, they serve them instead. Acting as their mortal representative upon the planes. In doing so, they have found that power comes to them much more freely than it does for the rest of their peers. Their path is more humble than that of other casters, for their arsenal of spells is noticeably smaller in comparison. However, they proudly claim that the ancient magics provide them with all that they need to get the job done, and that asking for more power would just be greedy.

            (Basically, this was inspired by the concept of the Living Force. )


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              Molveth Stormsplitter: How does one manage to reconcile man and beast, when the two are such polar opposite with each other? That is a question which Molveth has struggled with every day since he became infected with lycanthropy. As a wizard, Molveth has spent his life in the persuit of academic studies, and prided himself on being a sophisticated intellectual. During his apprenticeship, he learned several obscure languages, and finds amusement in being able to communicate with strange and alien creatures that are rarely seen on the material plane.

              But since receiving this curse, he finds himself desperately trying to hold back primal urges typically associated with men of lesser faculties. The power that comes with being a lycanthrope are only a mild comfort, when compared to the humiliation Molveth is forced to endure when he resorts to tearing somebody to shreds with his hands and teeth, when there were about half a dozen more civilized ways in which he knew how to solve the problem!

              He's tried to cure his affliction, of course. He began researching lycanthropy immediately after learning he was infected. Discovering lore saying that he could cure himself by slaying the one who bit him and consuming their heart. But by the time he finally tracked them down, it was already too late. Somebody else had gotten to them first, and now the cure was forever beyond his reach. He's stuck with this disease for the rest of his life, and possibly even beyond it, if tales of lycanthropes being consigned to the Beastlands are true.


              Race: Human (Werewolf)

              Age: 32

              Gender: Male

              Background: Sage (Wizard's Apprentice)

              Class: Wizard (Abjurist)

              Alignment: Chaotic Good

              Languages: Common, Primordial, Infernal, Deep Speech

              Description: Molveth is a mature, well groomed man with light brown hair and dark blue eyes. As is typical with many wizards, he has started growing a beard, though it is not nearly as exaggerated as the common stereotype. His hair is trimmed short and combed towards the back. Since becoming a lycanthrope, he has been receiving monthly 'exercise' which has lead to his body becoming somewhat more athletic than other wizards.

              Molveth's personality can best be summarized as being his own worst enemy. He wants to use his intellect to help others and achieve some good in the world, but his curse is always urging him to do the exact opposite. Life is a constant struggle for him, and he often has to rely on others for emotional support.


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                There are a couple of ways you can play a worshiper of Rovagug, without being a murder hobo.

                First of all, his worshipers believe that every act of violence and destruction loosens more of his bonds. So they might employ skills and tactics designed to prolong conflict as long as possible, or to inflict chaos on a much larger scale. A war between nations can inflict far more devastation than a single adventure party, no matter how devout they may be.

                Secondly, there are some worshipers who believe that after Rovagug is finished destroying the current world, a new one will be created to replace it, and his worshipers will be granted a place there. If you want to play a worshiper who isn't objectively evil, you could try being one of these followers and take on a missionary role, as you try to convert people for salvation!


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                  105) Fayyaad ibn Zaman [Human, Artillerist Artificer]:
                  Son of a watchmaker (the man known as Clockworker Zaman), Fayyaad pursued the vocation of the scribe, as well as the passion of poetry and calligraphy. For indeed, he considered words and their forms as being equal and dependent arts. He honed his craft to such a degree, it could tap into the primal forces of the universe. In this way, he developed skill in Artifice.

                  His spells are literally spelled out on a page, the magic released when the pen left the parchment with an artful flourish. When he wants for expediency, he turns to the pocket watch he built, built from his father's example, each inch and mechanism etched with his own flowing script. As his expertise grows, he'll come to imbue his poetry with a touch of truth, writing a genie servant into reality, to act as his weapon and shield.

                  A gentleman and scholar, Fayyaad's life working and studying in the Sultanate courts of his homeland are disrupted by troublesome activity abroad. The Sultan - whether thinking highly of Fayyaad or wanting rid of him - sent the Artificer on a mission to distant lands, to act as aid to diplomats and a "trouble-shooter". The interests of the Sultanate abroad must be protected, and good relations maintained with their native "barbarians". Fayyaad himself sees the trip as an opportunity to spread his country's scholarship and calligraphy to those sorely lacking in them.


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                    With the release of the full Revised Artificer UA, I would definitely make #105 an Archivist rather than an Artillerist. The Archivist is exactly the sort of concept I wanted from the Artificer: a character who channels magic through the power of the pen, and through language. I'm imagining Fayyaad's Telepathic Adviser to come from a richly ornate glass lamp/bottle - the surface covered in artful script - from which a genie-esque apparition appears and attacks on his behalf.
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                    • 106) Isabella Lukresh (Vampire (Ixalan), Undying Warlock):
                      In the land of Stanislavia, regents and governors of occupying forces come and go, but there is only one lord: Count Gorek. This has been so ever since he walked the earth as both mortal man and vampire lord. For undead autocrats, his reign was comparatively gentle, if indisputable. A wizard and scholar, he largely left the Stanislavians unmolested, preferring to remain in his castle and the laboratory contained therein. He asked only for a tithe of blood, collected in special urns that preserved their potency (and which all able-bodied citizens were obliged to contribute to), and from any criminals condemned to death (who were transported to the castle and seen never again). It was severe matters indeed that roused Count Gorek from his castle, which made his retribution all the more terrible both for its rarity and that it tore him away from his experiments. So long as Stanislavia's people remained loyal, they had little to do with their lord and master. So when Count Gorek in time grew weary of the world and sank into the earth, the country's people still look back upon this era with a mixture of mild dread and nostalgic fondness. Gorek was a monster, but a monster who left them alone. And so long as Stanislav continued to bleed into the ground to feed their land-melded lord his due, they do not have to suffer his ire.

                      Isaballa Lukresh knew all of this full well. Remembered the days of her youth when he poppa and brothers would cut their hands and let the blood drip into the ground (and how the soil absorbed the blood rapidly, almost hungrily). When she enlisted in the then Emperor's musket companies, she carried two handfuls of Stanislavia soil with her on her tour of duty. And when the battles brought her back to defend her homeland, she knew that every felled soldier fed the earth. Nonetheless, the war in those days left bodies so thick on the ground, even Count Gorek was hard pressed to drink all the blood spilled.

                      So when the dame Lukresh lay dying, memories of the Count filled her mind. In desperation, she called out to Gorek, her one and true noble lord. Offered her fealty, in exchange for the power to survive and slay her enemies. In that moment, Count Gorek answered, and bid her drink from the rivulets of battlefield blood, which had soaked in Stanislav soil. Isabella obliged, becoming Dhampyr. A living vampire, ageless and with a hunger for blood. With it also came the pact - that pledge of fealty to Slanislavia's rightful lord - and all the magic Count Gorek could teach.

                      Of course, having sworn a literal blood oath to the old noble meant the undying Lukresh had to part ways with the Imperial army. The Count allowed them to occupy the land, but their interests were not one. Moreover, Isabella's blood thirst made her pariah in that military, and even Stanislavians - nostalgic for the days of lenient Gorek - trembled at the presence of the Count's servant walking among them. Isabella Lukresh wanders the world now, carrying out the enigmatic purposes of her master. Two fistfuls of Stanislavian soil in her pockets, to which she sacrifices blood to every night.

                      (Isabella Lukresh focuses on spells and abilities that replicate vampire myth. Gaseous Form, Spider Climb, Hold Person, Vampiric Touch. With the Pact of the Blade, she uses either a Rapier, or a Musket, using a modified Improved Pact Weapon Invocation to allow her a firearm as a ranged weapon.)


                      • 107) Back-Crack (Goblin, Weapon Master): As one of the most esteemed overseers in charge of keeping the tribe's slaves under control, Back-Crack has spent years honing his mastery of the whip. Combining this experience with the Goblin's love of cruelty has endowed him with a disturbingly artistic level of martial prowess, which he is always eager to show off whenever he has the opportunity to do so.

                        108) Silit (Lizardfolk, Fiend Warlock): In the past, Silit (meaning 'Slave') might have been venerated as a priestess and wise woman of her tribe. But when an ecological disaster struck their lands, she made a desperate bargain with dark powers in the hopes of saving her people. The lizardfolk who followed her did not appreciate the gesture, and exiled her from their tribe before her new master could doom them any further. This would ultimately prove to be a futile effort, as without the support of her patron, they had no chance to recover from the crisis without performing a lengthy migration. Now forced to wander the land without the company of her own kind, Silit desperately tries to satisfy her patron's demands, and postpone her descent into the lower planes.

                        109) Thwack (Kenku, Open Hand Monk) Raised from birth among the monks of the Raining Fists dojo, Thwack's name is derived from the many blows they received from the disciplinary staves of their instructors. Yet even if they did need to be corrected at times, the Kenku's natural aptitude for mimicry allowed them to accelerate their training much more rapidly than the other students. By the time they were ready to leave, they graduated top of their class, being able to defeat any other student within their respective age group. Thwack no longer attends the dojo anymore, but instead chose to continue their training on the road, hoping to find a more productive use for their skills than spending all day in a class room, hitting children with sticks.
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                        • 110) Sagittarius Swiftnib (Aarakocra, Way of the Kensei Monk):
                          Possesses the long legs, black and white plumage, notable eyelashes, and head crest of a Secretary Bird, Sagittarius Swiftnib maintains a day job as an actual secretary. But with a loving wife and four kids, it's difficult to maintain an acceptable lifestyle in the big city, even when pushing parchment at a big legal firm. To ensure the prosperity of his family, Sagittarius takes time every few months to go adventuring for big treasure scores.

                          It's a hazardous side gig, but the Aarakocra is served well by martial arts knowledge passed down from his father. Sagittarius favors the longbow at range, dominating the sky and raining precision death upon his enemies. When close quarters are required, he prefers to use his spear defensively, in lieu of deadly flurries of kicks.

                          In his short and sporadic career, Sagittarius has acquired a nemesis: Sirius Squamata, the nefarious snake man treasure hunter who will screw over anyone who gets between him and his prize. They came to blows when Sirius betrayed the rest of the adventuring party on a mission. Sagittarius kicked the serpentine humanoid into submission, but left him alive. A favor Mister Squamata will repay with blood, one way or another.
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                          • [How about we talk about a more experienced DnD character? Someone that can act as an NPC, or even a legendary character from a campaign's history.]

                            111) Laret the Levitationist, Archmage [Human, Transmutor Wizard]:
                            Tale tells of five wizards who studied in the Royal Arcane Academy, who boldly declared that they would each choose an aspect of reality they would thwart utterly with the power of their Will. In the case of the Archmage Laret, his aspect of choice was gravity. Never again would the pull of the earth daunt him.

                            When he arrives on the scene, this venerable old man with the long white beard and mustache glides over the ground, as if the very act of walking were beneath him. He has mastered many Transmutation spells honed towards defying gravity - Feather Fall, Levitate, Fly, Telekinesis, Wind Walk, Animate Objects, and Reverse Gravity - and has authored more than a few of his own (such as "Laret's Flying Weapon", which animates a melee weapon that floats around and attacks as a bonus action). In his adventuring youth, he held great foes in place, levitated into the air, while his fellows mopped up other threats. He came into possession of both Boots of Levitation and a Ring of Telekinesis, saving his spells for pressing situations; if he is ever brought down (pun intended), these will make mighty prizes.

                            Those wishing to assassinate him have the work cut out for them, however, for his tower floats high in the sky, guarded by griffin knights and harpy warriors sworn to his service. The inside of the tower has no stairs, for Laret needs them not; his apprentices scale the walls with Spider Climb and Jump spells (or magic items that replicate them, loaned for the duration of their education).

                            The coat of arms of Laret the Levitationist depicts a tall, bearded man with piercing eyes on a blue field with white clouds. His right hand points dramatically up and his left hand points resolutely down. Favored gestures of Laret's, when he cast gravity-controlling spells.


                            • As I seem to recall, we agreed Pathfinder characters could also be on this list, yes? These ideas are based on characters I made for Kingmaker!

                              112) Dewon, Tiefling Sorcerer (Demon Heritage, Abyssal Bloodline):

                              Many tieflings struggle daily against the impulses of the fiendish taint which spawned them, and then there are those like Dewon, who give themselves over to it with wild abandon! Few individual mortals can match the wicked brutality with which Dewon handles what he considers to be problems in his life, and it is perhaps because of that brutality that he often bullies his way into becoming the leader of the group. As if his demonic strength were not enough to intimidate people, he's also got a natural talent for magic, allowing him to dispense wide spread devastation in a fraction of the time it would take those of a more martial focused skill set.

                              Like all demons, Dewon is primarily driven by his own base impulses and selfish desires. He wants nothing more than the freedom to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and be answerable to nobody. The best way to accomplish this dream, he feels, is to become the ruler of his own country. Unfortunately, Dewon's method of leadership amounts to little more than a glorified bandit kingdom, who's soldiers ruthlessly abuse the innocent commoners for personal gain. Yes, Dewon prefers to rule through fear, rather than love, and the people of The Stolen Lands have begun to wonder if they were better off paying taxes to an alcoholic druid, than a demonic sorcerer!


                              113) Crorain, Aasimar Eldritch Scion (Angel Heritage, Infernal Bloodline):

                              The mixing of blood between the forces of good, evil and structured order have resulted in the creation of a being who falls in the middle of the two spectrums. Crorain was fortunate enough to have inherited the heavenly beauty of his angelic lineage, but unfortunate enough that his magical abilities stem from a more devilish origins. Crorain has no idea what circumstances lead his creation, for neither side of the family seems particularly interested in sharing the details. All he has to go on at this point is speculation and theories, which benefits nobody without hard proof to support them.

                              The beauty of Heaven, mixed with the powers of Hell would undoubtedly corrupt lesser mortals to exploit their gifts for personal gain. But Crorain has better self control than that, and has found a way to balance the duality of his existence. He has established himself as a tough but fair ruler over the previously chaotic Stolen Lands, which he has since renamed Crorainia, after himself. Though he is only a simple baron at this stage, most of his subjects would not be opposed to the idea of making him a proper king, after seeing him bring order and stability to a land with a violent and unstable history.


                              • 114) Florian, Falconer Knight [Wood Elf, Beast Conclave Ranger (Revised)]:
                                A member of the illustrious Falconer Knights, a company of mercenary falconers who served nobles both on the battlefield and with their falcons. Florian served with distinction for years, as all good Falcon Knights should. His great accomplishment was in capturing a clutch of blood hawk eggs, and hand-rearing them. Intent on establishing his own tower, from which he could train and deploy his own Falcon Knights and their trusty hawks.

                                That is, until a mad Beholder (redundant, yes) decided, in its twisted paranoia, to kill Florian's blood hawks, lest they ever be used against the aberration.

                                Florian ventures forth with Geraldine, the only surviving blood hawk from the massacre. Determined to accomplish two objectives. First, to find the one who killed his birds and make them pay. Second, to fulfill his dream of establishing the next generation of Falcon Knights, operating from a tower all his own. Finding new blood hawk eggs will be necessary, as will diving into the seedy criminal underworld, in search of the Beholder who ordered a hit against his first clutch.

                                When the time comes, he will personally see Geraldine peck out all of the Beholder's eyes. Peck them out, and fed them to the chicks.