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    Originally posted by Cinder View Post
    Throne: We don’t know where Kagook’s Throne is. There’s a portion of the Realm the ice walkers call Horn Lands that are mostly inhabited, growing more and more unhospital the deeper one goes. During sunny days, it is possible to spot a chain of sharp mountains in the distance and most agree the Gigas considers them his home. Travelling there is extremely difficult and all our expeditions ended badly so far. That said, it is reasonable to suppose the Throne is somewhere in there. [/FONT][/SIZE]
    UN inhabited I assume.

    Awesome write up

    I'm imagining People searching out parts of the Gigas to try and become magical. The swords made from bone/ Cloaks from fur being some sort of Artefacts that can channel or direct power instead of Mages per se.
    If they aren't horrendously mutated


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      Could this lead to an elite few who hunts Gigas in a MH-like fashion?
      Or are the Gigas in fact too powerful for even the strongest human?

      My English sucks. Sorry.


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        Sorry if this took a while, but I was away from home and could not write well.

        Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
        Maybe what some of the more “civilized” groups of people, compared to the icewalker tribes, look and live like?
        Seems like a good idea, I'll get to work

        Originally posted by Illithid View Post
        UN inhabited I assume.

        Awesome write up

        I'm imagining People searching out parts of the Gigas to try and become magical. The swords made from bone/ Cloaks from fur being some sort of Artefacts that can channel or direct power instead of Mages per se.
        If they aren't horrendously mutated
        Yes, my mistake there. Thanks for pointing that out.

        Many people would try to do that, but the odds for the magic to linger in any sort of reliable way (if at all) are extremely low. But some would say it's worth the risk, even if you have better chances to get killed by something while scavenging or regret whatever effects magic has on your body. Part of it is because of the genre, part is because of my personal tastes, but Gigas magic is primal and physical, with drawbacks and good chances of body horror or derangements happening to all those who bathe in it. Keeping with the Siegfried example, in this setting he might get invulnerable (save for a spot) but would also probably start to think as a cruel dragon would and grow more insane with time (with scales and fangs optional).

        Originally posted by ToreadorGentleman View Post
        Could this lead to an elite few who hunts Gigas in a MH-like fashion?
        Or are the Gigas in fact too powerful for even the strongest human?
        I'd say that Gigas are indeed too strong. People can defeat other monsters, but Gigas are out of their league by far. Not that it stopped people from trying over the ages, with some putting up a fight, but overall it's like trying to hit an earthquake with a sword.
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          Hey there everyone, since I have a tough exam tomorrow and I needed to chill somehow, I decided to write something out of impulse. Inspiration (and the Godzilla trailer) brought me back to my Fantasy Kaiju setting. Since you people were important for me when I turned the idea into something more solid and you gave me the first precious feedback, I thought that sharing it here would not be a bad idea. I also post these on a blog, but I honestly care to show this stuff around here as well (though I know it's wildly out of place). So, here's another entry for that tapestry of mine.

          Historical Figures 1: Ur-Neshar and the dawn of the First Era

          Dao, one of the nine architect-historians of the Scribes of the Broken Swords, speaks to the class;

          “Sit down, please. I’m too old to give lessons while walking. Though I can tell you I miss those days, that’s for sure.

          So, of all the Schools from which our order is formed from, the one I’m proud to be the head of deals with matters not commonly associated to the Scribes. Yes, because instead of concerning with the wonders, destruction and mysteries embodied by the Gigas, our duty is to record the lives of those who perish and prosper under the shadow of those titans. Several people, including far too many Scribes, consider this a lesser task, but our primeval duty is to protect people and preserve civilization against the catastrophe, something to which the knowledge of the human history is as important as that of the Gigas.

          Savona, being the wisest foundress one could ever hope for, knew this to be true. In fact, it was due to agreement over this very truth that Savona allowed Priamar to create our School, back in the early days of the First Scriptorium. People forget it, but the Priamarite School was the first one of them all, and our work never stopped ever since.

          Where other Priamarite teachers would start a course while speaking of Savona herself, that’s not how I do things. As I always say to my disciples, Savona might the beginning of our order, but the beginning of our history is Ur-Neshar.

          By this point, most of you will know that we make a distinction between eras based on the rare Gigas that die of old age. The First Scriptorium agreed on the year of the death of Garlen, the Lion Whose Roar Melts Iron, to be first year of the First Era, almost twelve-thousand years ago. With our order being born forty-six after Garlen’s demise, the Scribes had the opportunity to establish a solid base for recorded history as we know it and, with time and hard work on our part, that became the common convention all over the world. To use something else, to go further back…was not an option. Too much had been lost to the fog of ages and the rampage of the Gigas. Take this as the most important lessons I can give you; never think that knowledge cannot be destroyed and forgotten just as easily. Never let our achievements fool you: wisdom and memories must always be protected not because they might be menaced, but because they will be menaced.

          What matters to us for the topic of today is that Ur-Neshar is said to have been born the same year of the death the Garlen. We can’t be sure, of course, but a legend surrounding Ur-Neshar was that the warlord came to this world the day after the Gigas died. Ur-Neshar himself proclaimed that he was nothing less than the might of Garlen reborn in human form. Records aside, Savona was there and she attested as much.

          While that’s nothing more that self-aggrandizing propaganda, the result of a conqueror building a legend for himself, there’s no doubt that, for those who lived back the, the idea that Ur-Neshar had inherited the power of a Gigas might have sounded plausible.

          Neshar was born amongst one of the warrior clans that inhabited Garlen’s Realm. We don’t know the name of the clan, since Ur-Neshar erased it from history once he gained command of it and renamed the tribe after himself. What we do know is that the man was the son of a chief and killed his own father in ritual combat. A fearsome and mighty warrior, Neshar was said to have no equal, quality that allowed him to quickly rise to power in those bloody days.

          Neshar led his clan into battle against several others, triumphing each time. But, unlike other warlords, Neshar saw each victory has an opportunity to force his opponents to join his clan or perish. With a simple proposal, to renounce to their identity and become part of what he called “The Sea of Swords” while abandoning anything else, Neshar managed to build a powerful army in quick time. The lack of a living Gigas in the area played its role in this chain of events: without having to adapt his plans and movements to that of a titan, Neshar eventually managed to unify all the tribes of the Realm under a single banner in a mere handful of years.

          That’s when Neshar added the “Ur-” prefix to his name, proclaiming to belong to the same legacy of the mythical kings and queens that lived when mankind was young and the Gigas were restless in their rampage, the Age of Nightmares. We barely know anything about those people, but, even after tens of thousands of years, the name still carried weight. It was a declaration of intent, an act of hubris where Neshar announced to the world his plans of conquest.

          And, to his credit, for years nothing came even remotely close to stop those plans. Ur-Neshar won battle after battle after battle, the Sea of Swords growing stronger with each victory. Ur-Neshar led the horde to other Realms and forced all the cultures he met to become part of his war engine. “Everyone wields a sword or dies by it” was Ur-Neshar’s mandate, and the tyrant forced countless tribes into war, whether they liked it or not.

          It was around this time that Savona’s tribe was absorbed into the Sea of Swords and our foundress rose amongst its ranks, but that’s a topic for another day.

          Eventually, Ur-Neshar and its nomadic horde gained control over the population of several Realms, becoming the single largest human kingdom of recorded history. The aggressive campaign of war and cultural dominance spearheaded by Ur-Neshar led dozens of civilization to disappear, either by joining the Sea of Swords or by being destroyed by it.

          At this point, Ur-Neshar effectively ruled over half of the central continent, but his ambition and the Sea of Swords’ own nature did not allow him to stop. The horde owed its existence to war and it needed a constant state of conflict to sustain itself. Ur-Neshar pushed the army further

          Believing to his own words, Ur-Neshar was convinced that his right to rule came from a divine source and did not allow anyone to oppose him. For the first time in human memory, people from several Realms joined the forces to to fight back a single menace. Some of the empires and kingdoms of this alliance don’t even exist anymore, but those people, coming from different cultures and places, united as one. After several minor skirmishes, the Sea of Swords and the Alliance faced each other in the black canyons nearby the Blasted Coast.

          The battle lasted for two days. We have many sources stating that the bloodshed was so terrible long that several soldiers lost the perception of time, Savona being one of those.

          What matters is that Ur-Neshar and the Sea of Swords still triumphed. While that was no doubt the most terrible battle the warlord had fought in, to have won and having broken the Alliance, its various parts forced into a panicked rout, meant that Ur-Neshar had virtually conquered most of the central continent. Ur-Neshar knew it, the Sea of Swords knew it. Tired but victorious, the horde celebrated for days right on the battlefield.

          The story does not end here, though.

          After the celebrations, with a full moon high in the sky, Ur-Neshar, Conqueror of Thousands, Born From the Lion and Scourge of the Meek, the one who achieved what nobody had ever achieved, received a grim reminder of his place in the world.

          Kokurah, the Skybreaker, the Gigas who inhabits the waters around the Blasted Coast, entered the canyon. The steps of the Gigas made the earth tremble, but the army had been too exhausted and drunk to notice. The ground was already covered with the bodies of those who died in the battle, but we know that it seemed nothing in confront to what happened when Kokurah arrived.

          By the time the sun rose, the Sea of Swords was no more. Hundreds of thousands of men and women gone, slaughtered like ants trapped in a corner. We estimate less than a hundred survived. Ur-Neshar was nowhere to be found: the fury of the Gigas left no corpse behind.

          Savona woke up when a ray of light managed to penetrate the pile of bodies she was buried under. Covered in blood and wounds, several of her bones broken, she found the strength to survive within herself and managed to dig a way out

          It was then, by witnessing the devastation caused by the Skybreaker, by acknowledging that all the war, death and pain caused by Ur-Neshar’s ambitions (to which she had been an instrumental part for years), meant nothing, that Savona realized her own mistakes and had the epiphany that would lead to the birth of our order

          Where Ur-Neshar, and many before him, killed and destroyed to fuel their own dreams of conquest, Savona would protect and build something. A way for people to preserve their own lives, spread the lessons which required so many sacrifices to learn and know enough about the titans that rule over our world to avoid other meaningless deaths. That is, with the risk of sounding too prideful, us: the Scribes of the Broken Sword

          But, as I said before, Savona and her side of the story, how our order came to be and our early days are topic for others days. For now, it’s important for you to know that without Ur-Neshar’s folly, we would not even exist”

          Cinder's Comprehensive Collection of Creations - Homebrew Hub

          I write about Beast: The Primordial a lot

          This is what I'm working on


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            Just read all this, great stuff, gave me some ideas what might be going on behind the curtains. Makes be think of the Dark Sun setting a bit (the dragon kings) and all the Godzilla movies

            Before the beginning, there was Genesite (as in genesis), it had no one form, but it leaned towards many concepts, war, peace, beauty, rebirth, and pain... and it decided to change. There was little 'life' as we know it at first, but we would have recognized some of what first appeared, stars, planets, mountains, rivers, oceans, and even echoes of the Genesite still remained (concentrations of Genesite are also what we now call 'Thrones'. In time, things grew and came to be wherever concentrations of Genesite were strong enough. The first 'gods' began to coalesce, and they became self aware, and began to create things after themselves. Elves, Dwarves, Humans. Ugly things began to come from the Genesite as well. The Elves tried to stop this, to give order to creation, to guide it instead of raw chaos just appearing without purpose... and that's when things went mad.....

            (you talked about an ecology, I'd say the concept of a food chain is important here, but it's just just about who or what preys on another. The Thrones are a big factor in this, Googling a bit, an average person eats about 1,996 pounds of food a year. so call it 12-15 other creatures their size a year since you won't be eating 100% of another creature. So smaller creatures can each regular food, but after you get big enough, you need a source of food beyond mere biological matter. The Thrones, the Genesite become a source of nourishment, and bigger Kaiju need bigger Thrones, and if you can't take over a Throne, you'll never get much bigger than your regular dragon)

            Thes Kaiju are always hungry, and hunger brings pain. So anytime a Kaiju grows a bit, he needs a whole new level of food and might go on a rampage to sate his hunger. Such hunger can never really be sated, but they can find some relief from the hunger and go back to sleep for a time. Fights produce 'food', destruction creates food. Basically, 'kicking over an anthill' releasing some of the primal energy you can otherwise get from Genesite and relieves the hunger pains these creatures experience)

            (Some of the monsters in a 'regular' D&D game, might be the 'children' of Kaiju. Like Medusa might be reformed humans worshiping a Medusa like Kaiju. So some such monsters may come and go like their Kaiju progenitors)

            (A Kuaju wants to possess a Throne so it can have relief from it's hunger. So in our movies, Skull Island with King Kong might be a throne os level 2 or 3, Monster island is low, but the whole island is a throne, so many kaiju can do okay there and not much to fight over since they're all feed the same no matter where on the island they are. there's some level 5 thrones around Japan which is why Godzilla likes it there. And poor King Ghidorah is like a level 6 Kaiju with no throne, so no wonder he's always trying to take Japan from Godzilla)

            (The source of most Kaiju could be humans that start to gain too much "magic" and take on the madness and hunger of the Genesite. So the way to end this Age of Kaiju would be to kill all the little ones, let the bigger ones die of old age, and destroy the thrones, or keep them off limits. This could be where we are in the Godzilla movie-verse, but we can't do anything about the deep sea Thrones just yet)

            Anyway, just some ideas that could be in the background. Might be how I use this in a game of my own someday. But I really liked this workable Kaiju world, makes a neat change from the usual selection of our Earthly fantasy monsters