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    It can be WoD, ChroD, D&D, FATE, what-have-you. Does anyone else have game ideas that they've always been dying to run but have never been able to? May never be able to?

    Talk here about your weird passion project games that you know in your heart you will never find either the time or the audience for.

    This musing was prompted by what I've inspiringly called My Ultimate Changeling Game TM. I've had this outline boiling in my brain for years of a chronicle-length Changeling: the Dreaming game set in an somewhat surreal retro-future planned community about Wilders on the cusp of Grumpdom coming to terms with the darker parts of their Childling reminisces, confronting the secrets that the Grumps before them covered up, and then ultimately having overcome those challenges and taken control of their story forcing them to deal with strange new actors from a Dreaming that is turning into something they no longer recognize.

    Problem is that I am unlikely to actually have the time to run such a game to completion, am less likely to find enthusiasm for a C:tD game of that length, and even less likely to find players who love C:tD enough to play but who will tolerate all the shit this game has to say about it. So into the filing cabinet it goes.

    What have you guys got?

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    I did about a month straight of research for a Requiem game set in 1750s Montreal that my group insisted they would love to play... then they showed up with a Celtic priestess, an opium-addled pirate, and the most generic Nosferau I’ve ever seen, had no idea what to do, and then told me they hadn’t really wanted to play a historical game but didn’t want to say no to me.

    I didn’t run a game for another two years after that one.

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      I have tried, a number of times, to convince my friends to run the Heroes of Destiny saga for Dragonlance. Promises were made, a number of times- but in the end, it never came true.

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