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Evangelion: masterpiece or fuckload of shit?

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    Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post

    This though, is something I struggle with accepting.

    Getting completely away from anime:

    When we take something like the Mona Lisa, we don't see art historians trying to "rank" it against other portraits of the same style by contemporary artists. We see them try to explain what makes it unique and thus enduring in its appeal. There are easily dozens of similar paintings (and even more if you get away from that specific style) that are better in one or a few criteria of judging such things... but that hasn't detracted from the Mona Lisa's ability to captivate more than them.

    Masterpieces aren't a zero-sum situation where there can be only one masterpiece for a given subset of art/expression. One masterpiece doesn't gain that status by taking it from another work, but by demonstrating it's own strengths to be considered in the same category. I consider the Marilyn Diptych by Warhol to be a masterpiece - despite not really being a big fan of the pop art movement I think it's more compelling than the Mona Lisa too - but it didn't need to boot the Mona Lisa down a peg on the famous art of a woman's face to get that status.

    I don't think its consistent with the intention of the word masterpiece to have criteria based around competition between pieces. I don't think it's consistent with your own assertions. How can FLCL, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and RahXephon all be masterpieces just for doing some things better than Evangelion? You clearly don't think they have to battle it out with each other so only one is left standing.
    Fair point. I'll mull it over.

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