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  • Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
    Even experts can be shown things about their field they weren't aware of, that they never would have discovered on their own.
    Wow! What a clean and truthful counterpoint!

    You are very right, that was a shallow argument to make. I got carried away in trying to be funny and ended up weakening my stance.




    • Anyway, so interesting thing recently: I was acquainted with the trailer for the upcoming new Devil May Cry game, in which the new supporting character of Nico was introduced. She's apparently a gunsmith and engineer.

      ​She's kind of absurdly sexualised, with skimpy clothing, lots of tattoos, and a moment in the trailer in which she catches a cigarette in her mouth, in slow motion, while driving a van that is tumbling over.

      ​I considered it a bit, and found that I'm sort of... okay with that? It's not really out of place in the overall over-the-top absurdity of the game series. That's not saying that there's an equivalence between her and some of the male characters, just that when all is said and done there is some place for priorities like that, and I feel as though something with the tone of that series might be it.

      ​Mind, my perspective might be influenced a bit by my having looked around other parts of the Internet reacting to the character, and seeing some of the bro types and Gamergaters who hate her.

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      • Had to look her up. Anyway, wouldn't call her absurdly sexualized.

        Sure, she is thin, white and half-naked, but she has tattoos and glasses. Oh, and from what I could see from the trailer a personality. So, eh, while there's definitely room for improvement, like wearing actual pants or something, could be a lot worse.


        • At some point she demands payment for her services/product, which means that she's expressing a power over Nero, and those bro types hate it when women dare to exercise any sort of power (in this case, having something the male character wants). Obviously she should just offer things up freely and submit herself as a servant to Nero/the (presumably male) player, because that's the only role those kinds of players believe women should occupy.

          EDIT: I say "presumably male" not because I think that gamers are presumably going to be male (I don't respect anybody who tries to defend their entitled, sexist beliefs with "But only males play video games!") but as part of the strawman that I created to represent people bitching about her.

          It's totally possible that somebody might find her grating. I'm not sure how I feel about her accent, after all.
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