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I wish that White Wolf/ Onyx Path would do X

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    Originally posted by ArcaneArts View Post
    I'm thinking more like three arcs in a season. Course, I'm also thinking 26 episode seasons, dunno what the standard is for American media anymore.
    There isn't an exact minimum anymore due to the immediate ratings they can get, but a new show usually gets 13 episodes as part of the contract and at least 10 more if it makes it thru the November sweeps. Then they need 100 to lock in a syndication deal, so they usually need 4 seasons plus a renewal for a season 5.

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      All the American Horror Story seasons have been 13 episodes. Which would make doing more than 1 splat focus at a time difficult.

      As to American standards... it's in flux really. Papa covered the basics, but as there's more flexibility in things like digital distribution of major shows (ex: the American version of House of Cards) and the premium channels getting more prominence (ex: Game of Thrones) there's less pressure to conform to the old standards.


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        I would love Exalted prints. Not just maps, but cover art and interior illustrations.


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          Hire Cokesakto as Ascension writer and make him write a Japanese splat/KnK one.

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